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(((Stephanie))) Mark and I just watched your "test" video. Wow! We are so excited! This is going to be great! Would you mind if we tell some friends about this, as they may want to watch too?

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A bit of an update! I set aside several hours this afternoon and went to a quiet place while the kids were occupied. (This is quite the feat) :)


I managed to do four of the videos being very careful to keep them under 15 minutes and happily began to down load them when a message came up from YouTube saying that had to be 10 or less!! I nearly fell out of my chair! :sad-smiley-012:


So.....we shall try try again tomorrow. Being a Southern Belle, ten minutes is going to be quite a challenge. I'm not sure I can say hello that quickly! :008Laughing:


We are sticking with an open channel at this point so that we don't have the limit of a certain number. I am so happy that this is working out. God never ceases to amaze me!! :pray:

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(((Stephanie))) Mark and I just watched your "test" video. Wow! We are so excited! This is going to be great! Would you mind if we tell some friends about this, as they may want to watch too?


That would wonderful MomM! We must have been posting at the same time. I intend to post several 10 minute segments tomorrow and finish them off over the weekend. Praying I'll not run into any more hurdles. But, if I do, we'll just figure it out.


Much love!! :hug3:

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I'd like to be added also if you still have openings.


Intro video worked fantastic. I'd have no clue how to do this, limits on private channels, or anything.


Yay Henry!!! :bighug2:



There will always be room for you my friend! Jesse said he and Tyler chatted today on FB. Glad they are staying in touch. :hug3:

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One more update. This morning, one of the ladies, whom I loved dearly, who was battling with cancer, went to be with Jesus this morning. Oh, how, she loved her Jesus.


This is one of the ladies that I was doing the recordings for, as she could no longer attend. I've been with the family this morning and will be available for them. They have asked me to be one of the speakers at her memorial service on Sunday. It is an honor to do so.


As you can imagine, the plans for how I'll be spending today and the next few days have drastically changed. On Monday, I hope to get right back on this project. It is even more important to me to do so now. Much love.

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Stunning. Absolutely stunning.


Little did any of us realize, when you shared at the MrsS gathering this past October, that He would be leading you to do what He's presented before you with this study.


His Spirit was flowing through you that morning you shared, touching our hearts and leaving His print permantly on them forever. That was the precursor to what you are doing today.


As you share what He is showing you about battling with the enemy, may His hand of protection continue to be over this work that you are doing in His Name, because as you said, the enemy will surely try to thwart your service to Him in this.



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Thank you all for your kind words and Darlene, thank you for that prayer. The attacks have already begun, from every direction. That is actually one of the warning that is given to Nehemian in our study, that they will attack from every direction.


Thankfully, I have identified the enemy, recognized his ways and have developed a strategy (prior to the attacks). Instead of being discouraged, I am just more determined to press on. I must be doing something right or the enemy wouldn't be so blasted mad at me! :D


And yes, yes, yes! What a happy morning it was that Sunday that we were all together at your home! Remember you and MtRider had discovered it was World Wide Communion Day? And there we were dividing the BREAD (Word) and drinking deeply of the SPIRIT (wine) together, it was absolutely lovely, in every way.



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Wonderful intro, Stephanie! May I just say how wonderful it is to hear your voice and know what you sound like after all this time? :) I cannot wait for your study so that I can go more in-depth along with everyone else. Thank you SO very much for putting the time and effort into making this available to us. I am so very grateful! :bouquet:

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I'm proud to announce that I was able to sneak in recording the first four mini videos! We had to redo them multiple times but we perservered and I pray that you will enjoy them.


Remember, at this time there is no need to subscribe to view them as we decided to leave them open (hoping not to encounter any issues with that). You do have to be signed in to YouTube in order to leave a comment there. Otherwise, we should be good to go.


So....here is the first one and then once there, I've got them labeled into parts. I will hopefully post more tomorrow and you can watch them at your own pace.


My prayer for these studies =


I pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us as we study together.

I pray that your appetite will be increased for the Word of God

I pray that your eyes would be open to His truths

I pray that your ears would be open to His voice

I pray that your mind would be open to understand

I pray that your heart would be tender and receive!





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I see that I do not need to tell you I want to be a part of this but I wanted you to know anyway! I am super excited and look forward to hearing more. Really hearing as well - I looooove your accent :darlenedance: Thank you for giving of your time to bring us this teaching!



Thanks!!! I am glad to know who is watching, so encouraging!


And...accent? what accent? :curtsey:


I know, I know....the epitome of Southern Belle! Now, you know why a few around here nicknamed me 'Scarlett" :whistling:

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:grinning-smiley-044: Why of course not!! :D



I see a number of views on the YouTubes, so I guess they are working properly. This is a new adventure for me!


The Memorial Service for my sweet friend was absolutely wonderful. She touched so many lives.


I'll get busy working on more posts and hopefully have more up soon. :wave:

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(((Stephanie))) Mark and I just watched about 4 of your filmettes. Wow! They are great! We are going to try and only watch one/day,so we can think about the message in each one. But, it is hard to stop watching. Thank you so much for doing this for us!!! Mark is going to send a link to his former co-workers (the ones who were in the prayer group at work). They will love them.

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Thanks so much MomM!!! I am so glad you enjoyed them. I had hoped to have more posted but, I'm dealing with the 'only 24 hours in a day' issue :buttercup:


I tried several times this week to slip into my bedroom, thinking surely I can hide for 10 minutes. Well, no, I can't! Either a dog would go to barking, the parrot would start squawking or a kiddo would start knocking, yelling, stomping...etc. :rolleyes:


So... this is going to have to be done on the weekends and then my goal will be to have them posted on or before each Monday.. That's the only time I can slip away and do what I did before, go to our 30ft pull behind camper...where it is quiet!!! :wink (2):


This is quite a new experience for me and slowly but surely I'll work out a system. :unsure:


By the way, I can't think of a nicer hug than for you to share with friends. How great is that! :hug3:

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Stephanie--I know that I am late getting started but would love to be included. What an annointing you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I have listened to has already been such a blessing and this is just what I needed. Thank you for allowing God to use you. Besides , you don't have an 'accent'. You talk just like me. :whistling:

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Of course you are welcome to join us!! :grouphug: The more the merrier.


Today, after church and lunch I intend to excuse myself from my household of CONSTANT MOTION and escape to the quiet of the Camper where I will pray, study and try to complete as much of the remainder of the Nehemiah Study as possible. :pray:


Prayers appreciated from my study partners! The enemy never misses a chance to distract, deter, discourage and deceive. BUT, we aren't going to be caught unaware!


If I am able to finish these up today and tomorrow, I'll be spending the week preparing for the Feb. Study, so excited! That one will be centered around Deborah, prophetess and judge of Israel.

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Please consider making "filmettes" of that series too. Please, please, please!



It will be my pleasure!! :hug3:



Was so happy that I got 3 more complete this afternoon, ran over to recharge the camera and download them when......arrrrrgggghhhh.....I suspected I may have to redo them. Called hubby over and asked his opinion. He sadly agreed. There is a glass picture behind me that caught the reflection of the light in such a manner that it was blaring right in the middle of the screen. Extremely annoying. :banghead:


Welllll....I shan't be deterred. I'm going to take a nap, eat a salad, take a shower and try try again this evening. Please be patient with me as I muddle through and learn! We shall prevail!!! :pray:

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Stephanie! I just wanted to thank you so much for doing this bible study. I just got through listening to the last of the filmettes that are up and am enjoying them so much. I'm also doing an online thing where we are reading through the Bible in 90 days...the pace is really fast. Your study is allowing me to look more in depth. Looking forward to the Deborah study.

Oh yeah...I love your accent...reminds of when I was a kid visiting relatives in Louisiana. My cousins used to laugh at our funny California accent. :grinning-smiley-044:

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I am so glad to be able to do this. "Who'd have ever thunk it?" :grinning-smiley-044:


Seriously, it is such a feeling of accomplishment to tackle something new and work through all the ins and outs until you finally see a finished project!!


I was able to record parts 5,6,7,8!!! They are downloading now, so hopefully here in a little while you'll all be able to see them at your convenience.


Since it's still early, maybe I'll be able to do another batch later. Henry is off on Mondays so, this is becoming my recording day I think!



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I hope you don't mind Stephanie, but I went ahead and made a sub forum for Nehemiah 4 and posted each video so that people who aren't familiar with YouTube can just click on the session they want to watch, and then click on the video box that is contained inside each post.


Besides, I like filling MrsS with God's Word and His presence.



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