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Today they will take care of me.


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Once a year I get a sinus infection that goes into broncitis/astma.I go to the Doctor and get a antibiotc and a puffer and I'm good to go.


Today I have the stomach flu.I haven't had that in YEARS.

It's been so long I forgot what it was like.I hate being sick.


Ok I'm done whinning back to bed.

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I now feel like I might live.

I had it all fever, chills, head exploding. I feel weak and still have a fever.


Dh took care of me all day.:wub:

Although whin I asked for camellia tea he gave me Island Peach Mango.That was a little strong for my tummy.

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Oh shoot, stomach flu can be a real pain in the posterior. No pun intended.

Was it something you ate, a virus (think other household members) or something else?


Hope you soon feel better but let the pampering continue a bit :grinning-smiley-044:

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I'm sure it was a virus. I have felt overtired and achy for a few days.


Dh took me out for my birthday.. By the time we got home I knew things were going bad.

Son is the plague baby in the family.He's fine. Dh said he 's not feeling well . DD2 is a maybe she spent the night with a friend and just might not have gotten enough sleep.

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GoFish, do you think it was a gastroenteritis or more of an influenza? With the other symptoms it sounds like it could be the latter... :( I'm just glad you're feeling better, and will definitely be hoping that some miracle will happen and nobody else in your household will get the nasty stuff!


It made me LOL when I read about the tea...DH's don't always read the box, do they? I guess it's the thought that counts. :)


And I still LOVE your "plague baby" term! hahahahahahaha


Stay well, sweetie! :bouquet:

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Much better today but I'm still not eating much. Fever and all that stuff lasted about 12 hours. I felt like the stuffing was knocked out of me all day yesterday.


Dh was great . Except when he came through the bedroom he said I looked like :gdtmi: .


If it's in the school Son will bring it home but this time he's fine. Dd2 has the sniffles.Dh and DD1 are fine so far.

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