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Guess I will have to go and get my Bible and read the chapter seeing I can't get youtube?

Darn and I bet this was going to be good too.



I'm sorry you can't join the video study! That would have been grand.


I teach a Bible Study at my church and several of the class members were going to be unable to attend due to things like chemotherapy. They were very upset about being unable to be there in person and at their request I started looking for a way to keep them involved. We came up with the mini videos that they could watch at home, and then, others became interested and now, there is a YouTube channel for them so that they are easily accessible to others as well.


The goal of the class is to -


Identify the enemy

Recognize his ways

Develop a strategy of our own. (Hence the name Strategies).


After Nehemiah 4 is thoroughly examined, we will move on to Deborah. :)

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