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I am spending my second week in a motel room. I am snowed in a present.


Even though I could not go to church I had church in my room.


The man next door had come in cursing and angry about the treatment


he had gotten .


But when I started to sing , he got really quiet. You know sometimes people


start remembering the past. They have not gone to church in so long...


and then they hear a song that touches them..


We are the only Bible some folks ever read.


If we are ashamed of Him He will be ashamed of us.


I know God touched me last night and soothed my weary heart.


I will find a home and He will be with me, and He will call


me some day to my long home.


I can never be alone with God beside me, never.





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You are right. We are never alone. I will pray for you as you seek Him. May His strength, love, peace, grace, and protection guide you as you walk with Him.


Proverbs 3:5-6:bighug2:

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