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Win real prizes online from the Giant Claw machine!

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Online giant real claw machine that you can actually win prizes from! "The Santa Claw"


Info about the giant claw machine -



The first time I tried, it was more than a 6 hour wait. You can log in and then open other windows to do other stuff until your turn. Just don't refresh it, or you'll lose your place!




You can change your avatar by clicking the green +, and the white arrows change the clothing/hats. But whatever you choose, while in line, just push A, R, D, and with some avatars G works. They talk or wave or jump, etc. Pickle sticks out his tongue.


Yeti with the letter R makes a balloon airplane that floats away! :24:



I think it gives you 30 seconds, so be prepared. Either use your mouse to direct it, or your arrow keys. And watch it for a while before you get there. You can learn from the mistakes of others and go for a better one. Last time I played, one clear prize ball had opened up, leaving the prize *and* the ball un-grabbable, yet people kept going after them both.


I tried to get one right beside the chute. One of the claws went down inside, which threw it off and I got nothing. But apparently the sensors recorded that I *did* get something, probably because of the hit on the inside...?


So now I can play, but I can't win anything else, and if they check the video feed, they probably won't give me anything. :(


One prize per address.

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Five hours and 16 minutes until my turn? Uh..........no thanks. Looks like fun tho.






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Early morning is a LOT shorter. Mine was under an hour this morning at 7 AM.

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Everything I've seen and read about it sounds like it's legit, and clean. They don't even run ads during your time there.


The gifts are donated, which means "free" advertising for the donor when the gift arrives in the home.


The place that made it has gotten TONS of publicity on the internet and their local news, which brings them new clients.


Here's a news story that explains the "why"...




Local company creates Internet sensation with the Santa Claw


By Meredith Moss, Staff Writer, Dayton Daily News

Updated 9:47 AM Monday, January 10, 2011


DAYTON — A local company has combined nostalgia with technology to create a web game that’s become a worldwide sensation..


Real Art Design Group, a digital and print design firm located in downtown Dayton, developed the Santa Claw, billed as the world’s largest remote-controlled claw game.


The game racked up an estimated 20,000 unique visits when it was introduced on Monday. It’s been garnering media attention ever since with players waiting for as many as eight hours to try their hand at snagging one of the brightly colored balls in the machine.


On Tuesday, there were 300 players from Africa. The game has also been a hit in France, Russia and Australia. It’s not unusual to sign up and learn there are 500 players ahead of you.


Players sign in with Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, and control the claw by using their arrow keys or mouse. When they’ve positioned the crane exactly where they want it, they click the grab button, then watch to see if they’ve been successful. Two cameras provide players with the angles they need to win gifts.


While they’re waiting their turn, players can dress and animate their character, chat with other players and check out their Facebook profiles, or see how others are faring.


Winners receive their gifts by mail — one of the brightly colored balls or an odd toy such as the complete Dokken collection on vinyl, Old English cologne, leather chaps, zebra-striped Snuggies, fruitcakes, Alien Workshop skateboards, chattering teeth, and classic horror film model kits. (Staffers shopped for the prizes at Mendelson’s and Traders World, among other places.)


Miami Valley residents can see the machine in action in the front window of the company’s offices at 520 E. First St.


According to creative director Chris Wire, it’s all a reflection of the company’s business philosophy: to build something creative that provides a moment of interest for the consumer.


That’s literally true in the case of the giant claw where all 50 Real Art employees had a hand in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining the steel structure, springloaded claw and Flash website for users. The machine, which measures 17 feet by 8 feet by 12 feet, was created from 2,000 pounds of steel, 700 feet of wire, and 1.5 electric wheelchairs.


“It’s been both fun and grueling,” says Wire, one of the staffers who shows up in the middle of the night to make sure everything is running properly and to restock the big balls.


University of Dayton marketing lecturer Irene Dickey says Real Art Design is on the right track with the game. She plans to discuss it in her classes.


“I just wonder if they will use it to strengthen their brand and business and take full advantage of the buzz,” Dickey said, adding that businesses that can find innovative and relevant ways to engage with people are more successful.


Dickey says media technologies are playing a huge role in “globalizing” society, allowing businesses to connect with people all over the world and making time and distance irrelevant.


“In addition, the Internet connects people with other people who are all spreading the word. This is viral marketing and its very fast and can be very effective for organizations,” she says. “The claw game is triggering conversations in many different spaces all over the Internet.”


For a business, she says, that’s invaluable.


“It creates awareness and engagement. These folks built a great experience opportunity that can be accessed from where people are spending their time — e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. If a company is committed to the strategy, they will use the momentum to develop relationships with some of those people. “



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If you can get up early in the morning, it's much shorter. All the kids are asleep. ;) But there were fewer gifts left, too, after all night.



I had some kid smart-mouthing me while in line. I knew it was a kid because they said I "was gay"... LOL


I just laughed and said now I know how old you are. :D

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