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Slings and Triangular bandages


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I have some old sheets I'd like to cut up and make into triangular bandages and slings. But I can't find any size measurements in my two first aid books. Does anyone know what size these need to be or do you have one you can measure and post it? THANKS.

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just in case.................

in a pinch just about anything can be used for a sling:

a long sleeve T shirt works great.

a piece of rope would even hold the arm steady

or wrap the arm against the body with anything that is long like rope, ace bandage, even a sheet ripped into strips.

also if the arm is broken split it useing anything flat and straight and wraping it (but not to tight) like a strip of fabric or ace bangage.

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FYI, these are super for splinting broken bones. You can trim a piece off to splint a finger even. They are fully moldable, and reusable. so you can practice with them. They are not oppressively expensive, and best of all, they are RADIO OPAQUE! Meaning, the hospital can shoot x-rays thru the metal liner, and not have to move the break prior to x-ray!





Note CTD also sells Israeli Bandages, though you might find better pricing on them, at Chinook Medical...

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40" x 40" x 56.5685434949"


Hey - I paid attention in geometry class!

I STILL don't get it? :shrug:


A fabric square is FLAT................. Height and width - so maybe 40 inches by 40 inches.

BUT where does the 56.5685434949 inches go?

Height x width x DEPTH? That doesn't seem to fit?????????



The hypotenuse of aright triangle. A^2 + B^2 = C^2


When the 40x40 square is folded into a triangle, the diagonal will be 56.5"


Depending on the strength of your material is whether you will need to fold it into a triangle, or if you can make 2 triangle bandages from one 40x40 square.

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