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Doctors report from Haiti


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I didn't know where to put this other than in the medical area. There is a good article this past week in Survivalblog.com from a doctor who recently came back from Haiti. Of course, cholera is the biggest concern right now and he gives good info on how to avoid contamination. It is also good to mix up some oral rehydration powder to have on hand. But the surprise info was how washing in brackish water caused so much skin fugal problems, vaginal infections, and parasites. Made me realize I had nothing in my kit for any of these things and began the quest to add them.


Also, if you google Patriot Nurse, she had some good videos on treating gun shot wounds, burns, etc. and what to buy for your kits. Excellent free info.

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If you have Dollar Tree stores in your area, they carry athletes foot cream which is good for many fungal skin infections. It even works on ringworm. We keep a lot of it on hand because hubby's job requires him to wear steel toed boots all day, which can cause his feet to sweat. If you have to be on your feet alot, you really HAVE to take care of them or you will have a heap of trouble now and even more after the SHTF.

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