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Flu season is here......................

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OK so it seems that Flu Season is here again in my neck of the woods.

I have a tea that I make up every year and I can't seem to find the post where someone asked about what was in it?

So here it is in case I didn't post it before:

just use equal parts of

elderberry flowers




we have it in a big canning jar and just take some out and put into a tea ball and add it to hot water. Let it set for about 4 to 6 minutes and drink.

Now for me I make it up then pour out tea for 3 - 4 cups (then we drink it hot). Then I add hot water to the pot again and let it sit longer to get another pot of teas that I drink later on in the day (like I am doing now -LOL).


This is also the tea that for some reason helps with my legs - If I can't sleep at night THAT is what I make and drink.



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Oldest DD was the first to get the flu here.... she was out of school for a week. Next was my DH....He works no matter what and he called in sick for the 2nd time in almost 20 years. After 2 days he gave in and went to the Dr. and the Dr. told him he had to be off of work for a week. DH thought he was crazy and planned on being off a couple days and 'sneak' back to work without turning in the letter from the Dr. Then it hit him....he ate almost nothing for 5 days...and was sure he would never eat again. He hurt from head to toe and couldn't stop coughing and the nausea was the worst. So far no one else has come down with it.....Thank God!!!


I used my olive leaf/grapefruit seed extract throat and nose spray (I love that stuff) several times a day while being nurse to them both and sprayed almost everything with a bottle filled with half peroxide, half alcohol.....everytime they went into the bathroom or kitchen I went right behind them and sprayed EVERYTHING.


I will have to try your tea...I love hot tea when I am feeling under the weather.



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Went to our local health food store to buy more elderberry flower and they don't carry it anymore? no yarrow either and I ask what happened? Not many people are buying herbs in bulk anymore was the answer. WHAT!

so now we will be placing a mail order to get them but first need to chec with Amish friends to see who else wants in on this order. That is one way we save because the more we order the cheaper it is and also we all share in the S & H so now instead of being $12 to ship to us it will be only $2.00 each and seeing we re buying by the pound instead of Oz. we get a great deal.


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