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Yahoo, we are homeschooloing!!

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So we just started homeshooling. It is all new to us. So we are excited and getting a long quite well. We are working with ACE in Australia. It is one of the fastest growing schools in Western Australia. So yes we have made the right choice! :darlenedance:

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WTG Mel. Congratulations on taking the education of your child(ren) into our own hands.

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That's great :happy0203: We homeschool and I've learned so much in the last 3 years. Oh, and I think my two children might have learned a bit too :laughkick: (Seriously though, my public school education was BORING, seriously lacking and most really valuable information I learned was during out of school time. Now that I homeschool I feel like I've had the chance to go back in time and redo my school experience. I love homeschool.)

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That's so awesome!!! :)

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:ashamed0002: Thanks all did anyone notice how I spelt my topic heading. hehehehe This is going to be fun. Lord protect my child. Please:laughkick:

:thumbs: you are keeping yourself in check already!!! It's all good!!

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