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Looking for some advice please. I planted leeks last fall. I bought the starts from a local nursery in what is usually a "6 pack" of vegetable starts. Actually it was much more than 6, more like 60 ( i didn't count) I knew I didn't have enough room to space them properly so I put them in bunches. They are still growing despite the cold. The Walla Walla onions came in the same type of pack but i have already used those all up. My daughter was told that to get the big store-like onions, pull them out and let them dry and plant again in the spring, do you think that will work with leeks or should I just pull the rest up and dehydrate or give away some? Thanks

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Oh, I wish I were there. I would gladly take some of them off your hands! They are an important ingredient in my veggie broth. :-)


I've never heard of that method of planting onions to get them big. The one I've heard is to let the tops grow tall, then cut them back. Let them grow, cut them back. Supposedly with every cut back you get another layer on your onion.

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