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Red star peach tree's

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I am thinking about getting some peach tree's to start my orchard. I visited some greenhouses today and have a question on two different types of peach tree's.


I'm not sure if the place we stopped at knew what she was talking about. Her peach tree's are coming in today, i asked her if she had red haven peach tree's, she said no, the supplier was out of them so she is getting red star peach tree's. I asked if this was a good peach for canning, she said yes. I asked if it was a free stone peach, she didn't know. she has peach tree's that are not dwarf and not semi dwarf.


I stopped somewhere else. These people knew nothing. But, they had semi dwarf red haven peach tree's for $25.00. I would rather go with the red haven peaches, since I know they are good for canning and jam. But, if I can get a full size peach tree a bit cheaper and still suit the same purpose, I think I would rather do that. But, I can't find any information on Red Star peach tree's.


could this be a name for a few different type of peach tree's, and most importantly, could it be a free stone peach? has anyone heard of it? :misc-smiley-231:

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I found several references. Everyone seems to love this peach. Most of the people writing about it are in Ohio and Michigan, it seems.




(F) (USPP #10,546) Redstar® ripens with Redhaven and is a large, round peach with 80% rich red color. Flesh is medium yellow with good flavor. Tree is spreading and very hardy.


Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character

• Self-fertile

• Thin early for size

• Thin heavily for size


Disease Resistance

• Bacterial spot tolerant


Fruit Characteristics

• Freestone

• Large fruit


Growth Rate/Habit

• Average vigor

• Early to bear

• Very productive

• Spreading habit

Harvest Period

• Early season


Other Attributes

• Sweet

• Very juicy


Site Requirements

• Full Sun

• Winter hardy


Skill Required

• Easy to grow


• High dessert quality

• Cooking or baking

• Good for pies

• Canning or freezing



Red Star


Ripens with Red Haven and looks similar to a nice Red Haven. Large, round, very beautiful peach with 80% rich red color over a subtle striped background. Very few split pits, flesh is medium-yellow with a wonderful flavor. The 2 3/4" to 3" fruit are firm but have a slight attachment to the pit. Similar To Red Haven

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