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I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this...

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...But I'm experiencing and sensing in my heart that different doors to the 'ark' that comprise my passion and burden for prepping, are closing. Not all doors and not alot of doors but for the first time in decades, since I first started prepping, I just sense that one area that I prep in is done.


Late last week I called my mom and told her that I would be making one more major run to the grain place and that I felt strongly to get what I can. I told her that she needed to do the same and to look at it as if it were the last time she would be doing this so to get whatever she felt she should.


When God puts burdens on my heart like that that make no sense, it always catches my attention.


I told two of my friends the same thing and now I'm telling y'all. I don't say it as a scare tactic, ironically I feel a settled peace regarding this area. I keep thinking in my mind over and over, "I've done all I can do" and I just sense the 'grain door' to my 'ark' beginning to close. There are still numerous other doors open, but for whatever reason this one has closed.


Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm stopping in this area...it's not that I feel 'it's over' or that I can no longer get those supplies. It's just that there's something deep in my heart that echos "It's done...you've done all you can do" in this portion of my preps.


I don't feel alarmed because I have His peace but I sure do find myself saying, "wow". I want to question, "are You sure?" and "why?" but those questions are just not important right now compared to the peace that lies there instead.


So, I guess I'll just write and share all this that I shared with my mom and some friends because this site is important to me because of the people that call MrsS home. 'She' has served all of us faithfully over these past 13 years she's been online and for the past 12 years that I've owned MrsS. I've learned so much over the years, and like I wrote in my post on the Sunporch the other day, I never would have gotten to where I am today without so many of you.


Just the other day I was helping "R" get some goats from "L". L has a small farm and R was interested in how they did things on their farm. We walked around and they showed R "this is how we do this and that" and I stood there in silence thinking, "ummmmmmmmmmmm...no, that's not the best way to do it".


How did I know that? Because I did it wrong too and y'all passed forward your wealth of knowledge and experience as I took each step of my own journey. As we walked the property, "L" began to confess that she was new to 'this and that' and commented several times on how she wanted to come over to my place to see how I was set up and how I did things. Her 14 year old daughter was furiously trying to impress "R" with her goat hoof trimming skills but she was trying to do it with a tool that was not made for that. I'm still stunned that I was able to walk over to my truck (no more fancy cars for me) and in the side pocket, pull out a pair of real hoof trimmers and hand them to her daughter. Her daughter was so excited and began clipping away and this whole thing gripped my heart for a few reasons. First of all, they are trying so hard and still have much to learn (which is good and ok). Second of all, they were struggling, but I look forward to passing all the things y'all have passed to me, onto them.


Most of all, as L shared how her husband suddenly decided one day that they were going to get goats, how she poured herself into goat books, furiously trying to learn all that's involved in raising them quickly. I wasn't really thinking, but I blurted out, "I am so NOT a book person lol...what I did when I just jumped right in was make numerous phone calls to different friends I have and ask 'What do I do now?'". L responded, "I don't have that many friends that know how to do any of this so books was all I had but I'm going to come over next week and see how you are doing everything"...


I told her to come any time and I would share what I've learned with joy and pleasure because one of the things I believe in very strongly is, you can't keep it till you give it away.


There is an enormous need for us to help each other. That need will increase exponentially in the days ahead as we pass forward the skills we've learned in self sufficiency. I'm seeing this role in my life beginning to open up more and more. Over the years we've talked often about how we've tried to get others we care about 'on board' with prepping and how they slammed the doors in our face. I'd like to propose that perhaps "our timing" was not "His timing". Perhaps there was still work that He needed to do in US before He could use us to help THEM. I don't know but I do know one thing...the past 4 years since I moved to the country has been an uphill climb. To go from mainline city life to country life, jumping into all the various projects I have, was impossible. God placed many people in my path however who helped me, taught me, did for me when I couldn't do for myself and that was an incredibly humbling thing. I didn't like that part at all...the humbling part...accepting from others and having nothing to give back. It would often bring tears to my eyes because I was so uncomfortable with it. At times I would say, "I feel so bad because I have nothing to offer that y'all need"...country life was their arena and they knew it as well as I knew city life.


That pig loading chute that was handmade and looks nice but wouldn't win any architectural awards? Or the automatic pig feeder that allows me to pour 200lbs of feed into it for the pigs that I'm raising for market? It looks nice too...the plans were taken from the agricultural department of one of the state college sites. I certainly didn't know how to build any of this but others did and took time out of there own lives to come over and help me (well help isn't the right word...they basically built the whole thing as I would attempt to help a little here and there), and it was humbling in a way I kind of resented. I haven't walked this road gracefully always, but I've walked it and as these people would help me in these various areas, I would share with them how terrible I felt that I had nothing to give in return...


"oh yes you do", they would say..."someday we just might need some of those skills you have". They were right because as girly girl as I can still be, there are quite a few areas I know quite well and it isn't surprising that prepping is one of them.


So this weekend, these people were a couple of people that lay on my heart as I journeyed to get (maybe for the last time) a bundle of grains to add to my stores. I called them and said the same thing I told my mom, "do what you want but all I can tell you is what I'm doing for myself. Time is at hand so I am feeling Him leading me to get what I can while I can and call it a day. Y'all can do whatever you want but I strongly suggest you do the same".


It wasn't surprising that they were a fish out of water when it comes to this prepping, just as I have been a fish out of water with this country thing. I could sense the worry and fear in them and the confusion of where to begin. When they asked me to go ahead and get what I felt they needed, it began to sink in that for the first time, it was now 'my time, my turn'. I brought back the things that I know they needed...I've been doing this a long time. As they loaded up the truck they expressed their relief at getting started with prepping in these areas. I shared with them that their next move needed to be "this and that" and because of the friendship that had developed over the past couple of years and the comfortability in that, they said, "just get what you think I need".


Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! Not only do I have fun shopping (even if it's for preps lol), but I finally get to give back in an area that I know like the back of my hand. More importantly, I can look back over the past few years and see how God orchestrated the whole thing...putting these people in my life because of needs I had, doing a work in me at the same time and in His perfect timing, is now using me to help them.


I don't know where I'm going with this post...sometimes when I sit and write like this I never do. It's just things that weigh on my heart that I want or need to talk about, so I do.


Maybe this door on my 'ark' is closing because the doors of availability and affordability are closing too. And maybe this ark door is closing because He wants to use me, and us, to lead others up their own ramps of their arks, helping them to fill theirs with the stores they will need before theirs closes too.


I don't know but I do know there will be many changes ahead.

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Yes, I felt a while back that certain prep holes were "full". I've basically been replenishing where I could, but mainly in short term items. Now I'm preparing to move the whole kit and kaboodle as soon as the Lord sells this property and opens the door. While I'm grateful for His provision of the property, He told me when I first moved here that it was temporary. Now some other things have happened so that there is nothing holding me here, except to sell and move. I do need to greatly reduce my livestock first. Y'all pray for me to have strength for that and for the move. I've been having a lot of kidney problems again with the heat. It has been at least 10-20 deg above normal for several months and I just don't handle it well. I also no longer drive, so that is a big major difficulty in moving!


Darlene, I'm glad you are able to help someone else. I've offered more times than I can count, to teach, to help order LTS food, etc and rarely get anybody interested enough to put any of their own effort in it. Still running into way too many people who want to talk it to death but not do anything about it.

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I understand, Darlene. Recently it has been power supply issues that have been our preps focus. I've been letting DH handle most of this, as it is his 'thing' and I don't do electrical stuff. Ithink right now we are focusing on trying to help my sister in Alabama make that journey 'down the rabbit hole' into prepping. She's already SOOOOO close to being there, and the week without power in Hville has made an impression...so I sent her & my neice a care package last week, of some simple lights and batteries, and a small USB power pack.

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I hear you Darlene, you have already given more than you know. This website is a fantastic example of it and now you are entering a new phase and you understand this. You united people who could help each other learn the skills and things in various circumstances to better take care of themselves when Troubles hit, and they certainly are progressing at an incredible speed now. You did it with dignity and grace and yes, it is humbling many many times.

I am so far behind I feel , but I also used my preps I had started on already because of the the grocery costs and now I know I need to labor much more intensely to gather together enough for Fall and Winter at least, maybe sooner.

A lot of Big Events are going on with the powerful ones, we see it now.


My son and his wife bought a house and while we talked about adopting pets,,,,,, they were able to get a bassett hound finally. I got a new cat who is a sweet companion and so much fun after losing my other rather ornery cat to natures forces outside this spring several weeks ago. My son has always wanted a bassett hound, btw and they had fostered some bulldogs and such for military friends gone over to the Middle East while they were stationed in Camp Lejeune before the recent transfer to FT Worth recruiting. P, my sons wife is from TX so they are really happy to be there.


But in this conversation which was also alot more compassionate and healing in personal ways for us both after some real problems over the winter that had hurt so very much, I found he was listening more when I explained that my dehydrator was going to be used in force more now. I could store alot of dried, spiced up sliced squash, a healthy snack, make jerky and actually store more dehydrated stuff and I mentioned the farming situation , the flooding , the wheat and corn losses that would really hit us by harvest time, and it was like a miracle, he was not just discounting it or feeling like entertaining my ideas.... they have dropped to just one income now.... so maybe that reality has had something to do with it,, I hope they will start stocking up now and he doesn't have an exchange to shop at anymore. Gas prices and transportation. I think there is a chance he will ask some questions soon on how to do stuff if he is really thinking this way now.


He is doing the VA's voc rehab trying to get into his masters degree education at this point, later he can use his GI Bill, but he was explaining how that may make for a tighter budget with the way it works , unless his assigned counselor works really hard in all the right ways, so maybe this all has jogged him into realizing he needs to use all his resources more wisely than he thought he might have to.


It's a start. Big change to not hear him scoffing at my little efforts. I also said I want to have a more well rounded diet, good nutrition makes a big difference in how I feel , especially with my disorders I have, physical and mental health, anxiety and depression. And actually in eating better I am losing alot of weight now, weird but true. But he was listening...... really listening and that was really a miracle to me... so .... he knows I want him to be a good 'husband', try to make sure they are taken care of in such times and prepping can help him do that better, to be able to take care of his 'family'. So maybe they are starting to limit their fast food mentality some now,getting a more accurate picture of what it's like on our economy and he is starting to THINK maybe Mom is right. :grinning-smiley-044:

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You are not alone in sensing this.


I sensed it over a year ago when we ran out of long-term storage in a part of our house. I've also sensed it in other ways as well.


Like you, I've helped out those who have asked, who have needed some help, but I've also found that I've gotten strangely silent on many fronts, like I've spoken my piece for a while and it's time to keep quiet.


Blessings and hugs to you as you continue this important work.

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There are still things I want to get, but mostly no storage space is the issue. I am giving away all the baby things, like the swing, playpen, etc. that take up room. Don't think there will be more grandkids. The other things to store are more important.

Got dental implants recently. Supposed to be more stable and last at least 2X as long as the bridgework. This is one of my prep items, for me. Trying to think things through, even physically. Should get another set of orthotics made, too. They are spendy, but a must for me to have.

Working so hard at teaching, too, so others will be prepared, at least with knowledge on how to preserve foods. My dh thinks I am working too much. Who else besides us will be able to help people with this ? If we all teach someone, then it can grow from there.

He also thinks my candy storage is stupid, but wait until later when we have that stuff. He will love it then. I want to buy some honey. We know it will never spoil.

Think he will buy a smoker and smoke some fish to can for me. He has an old one, but this is much better and more safe temperature wise. Safe food is very important to us.

Want to buy some beef, too. Hope to get tuna to can, as well. I have holes as far as meats are concerned.

As I say " I thank the Lord for the food I have stored !" One of my mottos for now.

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Maybe you had an awkward time of it-- but you took everything you learned and passed it forward. This suburban-girl would still be lost in the woods if she hadn't stumbled across Mrs. S sometime a coupla years ago. I admit, there were plenty of times at the gathering last fall when I felt plenty useless, a dumb city girl int the middle of the forest with people who knew what the crap they were doing. But it was worth every moment of awkwardness. I gained so much in terms of knowledge, know-how, confidence, and even grew a bit in Wisdom, thanks to you and those you gathered.


As for "ark doors closing" . .. that's a very good description of something I've been feeling, but didn't know how to put into words. There's still plenty to be done, but God has been telling me to focus on one thing at a time-- get the veggies in the ground, get the herbs in the ground. I was shocked by this feeling so suddenly after getting the rain barrels were installed and the fruit trees put in. As though God was saying "Look, you did the big stuff. Now get the house fixed and don't worry about the money you're borrowing from your parents. You are exactly where I want you . . ."


My friends from college, almost all city girls and boys, no longer chuckle over my gardening habits. Their comments are now "Well, with the price of food . . ." . They're starting to ask me what they can grow in the spaces they have, to help even a little. When the heck did I become an expert? The year I started learning to grow things.


Anyway, thank you for once again putting into words the strange feelings lurking in the depths of my heart that I couldn't quite identify.


And never, ever underestimate the huge effect you have had through this forum.

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I sure do understand how you feel, Darlene, at least I think I do :americanflag: . We've homesteaded for 15 years, but we've been seriously prepping for 4 years now (wow!), and really started out great at first. I've been sick for many years, though, and was getting worse. Went to the doctor for the umpteenth time, and finally was tested and found positive for Lyme. So it's now late stage lyme and Lupus. That may sound like really bad news, but it's GOOD to know what's wrong with me, so now I can prep for it, right? It's kind of like another hole closed. I don't know how we'll survive (but God does), but I do know that even though I can sometimes hardly walk now, can't go out in the sun withough 110 proof sunscreen (didn't even know that existed!!), and can hardly type this note this morning because I'm twitching :shakinghead: , I know that all the things we've done these 4 years will pay off. I can still garden on good days, we can, grind our dry corn, we have water and filters, all that kind of stuff, but most of all, we have the know-how to do the things we'll need to do. This also gives me time to store herbs and such, if I will have to start my "own" Lyme treatment.

So, in a way, it's another hole closed. Scary, but with the prepping that we've already done, the Lord will provide the rest. I just have to adjust.

God bless you all, it's all going to work out!

Blessings in Christ,


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I've been reading this topic for the past couple of days and while I wanted to post something, I wasn't sure what I would post. Awhile back, I mentioned that I tend to under-react to situations, so even when I should probably feel a sense of urgency, I don't. I have that non-urgent sense right now, but I know that I cannot trust my feelings. In other words, I cannot rely on the fact that I don't feel particularly worried, except for possible retaliation by Al Quaida, which would likely not affect me directly.


Because of my shortcoming (shortsightedness?) in this area, I have been trying to rely on logical thinking to compensate. Right now, I see the price of gas at an all-time high and it is eating into our paychecks. While the government is predicting a 4-5% increase in the cost of food, I am seeing prices that have increased by 1/3. A couple of months ago, our favorite turkey bacon was $2.69 a pack. I am seeing it now at $3.79. On the news, I see flooding, wildfires and freezing weather that has affected crops. $1.50 for one tired looking green pepper? REALLY?!! In addition to grocery store robbery, there has been an increase in burglaries. I'm not quite as worried about this since we have someone at home most of the time.


All of this tells my logical mind that the door to the food ark IS closing. While Darlene sees it as the GRAIN ARK DOOR closing, I see it as the FOOD ARK DOOR closing. As our money buys less and less, it becomes more and more impossible to stock up and prep. I have noticed that in the past couple of months, I have made very few posts about stocking up on any large quantities of anything and we seem to be buying fewer and fewer groceries at traditional stores.


Don't get me wrong...we are in no danger of going hungry. We are just finding it more and more difficult to find deals and bargains on most of the foods that we eat. At the grocery store last night, we spent $65 and used one of those tiny carts. (With exception of a case of bath tissue) Most of what we bought will not be for longterm storage. Instead, they were simple items that we just wanted and would probably be consumed throughout the course of the week, like yogurt. There were three cuts of beef on a special markdown that hubby snatched up. A year ago, we never would have paid that price for a package so small. They are not even a cut that he would generally buy. He figured that I could figure out something to do to them to make them edible. This is not normal shopping for us, but it is becoming the new normal. In order to keep to our agressive bill paydown schedule, we have no choice but to adjust.


Here it is springtime and I'm forcing myself to think about firewood for next winter... I don't want to think about cold weather, I want to think about gardening and warm sunny days. I don't want to have to buy any firewood, though that means starting early and keeping an eye out for discarded branches and limbs. Maybe that money saved could be used for preps. As I walked to work today (even our bus fare doubled as of May 1), I spied several pieces that looked good out by the curb. Hubby and I will pick them up on our way home this evening.


I'm also looking for a dog... Ours died awhile ago and we just never replaced him. This morning, I awoke after dreaming about my childhood dog. I really want one now to address some security concerns that I have...Namely groundhogs, skunks and the really fat raccoon that I saw the other night. I don't want anything to interfere with the productivity of my garden.


Logic, not a hunch, is telling me that we soon won't have the money to afford many preps...even if the grocery store shelves are fully stocked.

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I am like martianchick, always tending to under-react. Knowing that so many of you are feeling what Darlene is feeling, helps. I get so tired of prepping, watching for bargains, deciding what is next. But the other day, I read a prepping blog, and the woman said "now is not the time to be frugal". Helps me try to get back on track again.

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I fee a sense of urgency to sell what I can and get ready. I know that things are bad when i tried to sell a few extra chickens and I got no response on craigslist. Usually I get more buyers that I can shake a stick at, today, i got not a one, even at 1/2 the price I normally sell at.

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TheMartianChick, you really hit the nail on the head with what I've been feeling when you said "the NEW normal." That is, I think, what has been eating at me lately...the sense that something isn't right, something is fundamentally and subtly shifting, but it's in the periphial, just on the edge of what we can see and prove. It's a thousand little things that add up to one big thing, but the big thing is lurking just around the corner. It's distinctly unsettling, because you can't point at it and say, 'THIS is what is wrong." All you can do is trust your instincts.


My instincts have driven us to convert some of our cash into commodities. Fortunately, DH is fully on board now, and despite his claim that he has no intuition, he's been feeling like something is coming, too. I didn't think of it in terms of closing doors, but that is actually an appropriate metaphor for the motivation that was driving us to convert cash into wheat, oats, and other long-term storage staples. In January, our Costco was selling 45 pound buckets of wheat for $13 and change. Last week, those were up to almost $19. A 23 pound bucket of oats that I purchased there in January for $12 is now almost $18. I could post a whole list of "OH MY GOSH" price increases I've seen lately, but I know I don't need to -- we're ALL seeing them. Maybe that's what finally made our Fed Chairman admit that there IS a wee bit of inflation going on?? :rolleyes:


Darlene, I can understand what you are feeling, because I'm starting to feel the same thing. It's why we've been studiously taking inventory and plugging our rapidly deflating money into plugging our holes...maybe because the longer we wait the less that money will buy? When I first started prepping seriously in '09, I didn't even KNOW what I was prepping for...nuclear war? Pandemic? Zombie apocalypse? (that last one's a joke, btw... :wink (2): ) A little over a year later, having fed my family for nearly six months off what we'd prepped with after my husband's drastic paycuts, I found out what I had been inspired to prepare for. This time, I _fear_ knowing what I'm preparing for...it seems a lot more scary than just a paycut.


I join the others who have shared their gratitude for what you do here, Darlene. I live in a suburb and can't have goats or chickens (legally...but I'm thinking about breaking the law on the chicken front), but I can grow a container garden that has fed us four months' worth of salads. I can't buid a pig chute (that sounds fun, btw!), but I can build my storage. You, and the other amazing people on this website, have encouraged me to do what I can...and that has made all the difference in the world for my family and I. I can't say how grateful I am for that.


Oh, and remember the saying: "When the Lord closes one door, He opens another one?" :) I wonder if there is an open door that we're just not seeing yet? Just a random thought...

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Darlene, in talking about the ark door closing, last week on christian forum, someone said that He felt like God was beginning to close the ark door especially in certain areas. He stressed that we really need to use decernment in these days---start listen closely to what He is saying.


Now today on a christian tv show, there was a man who does has a theater in Branson and Pennsylvania. He has a production about Noah and the ark. In talking about this, he said that he believed with all of his heart that the Lord is beginning to close the door to the ark---"as in the days of Noah----". I really believe that is now three confirmations that something is beginning to happen as He is preparing us for 'such a time as this'.


God bless.

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Darlene (and everyone),


I saw thisa few minutes ago and immediately thought of this post: http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/120890/


Glenn Reynolds had posted about the weather effecting grain prices, and a reader wrote in with the following:

A reader emails:

Your post on grain supplies surging is too polite by half. We haven’t only reached a 15 year low – we’ve reached the historic low (going back to the fundamental change in farm policy instituted by Earl Butts in the early 70s). Whatsmore, the levels of corn in reserve we are seeing now hasnt been this low since 1937 at the height of the dust bowl.


Most of this, btw, is caused by ethanol: which received tremendous subsidies on top of a massive purchase mandate and of course import tariffs to keep foreign ethanol out of the market.


At least 40% is directly attributable to ethanol. The rest comes from changes to grain markets (people planting less wheat or cotton or soy beans for instance) because of ethanol support.


On top of the wet cold spring causing concern now, Texas and Oklahoma are experiencing the worst drought in 40 years. If it spreads to the Midwest this summer, and we don’t have the largest corn yield in history, we will run short of corn in August of 2012 (we may still run short this year too – we have about 14 days to carry us through till the fall harvest).




We can't say we weren't warned. I'll be picking up more popcorn and corn meal on the way home from work today. I don't tend to use corn a whole lot in my cooking, as I try to be on the lower end of carb intake. But if everything else goes pear shaped, that will change quickly. I'll also be planting corn in the next week or two of my own to supplement. Arg, and I need to get the Amaranth in as well . . .



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I am very Thankful for all the info I have found on this site and all the wonderful like minded people who I have met. there is a sense of urgency to get some things in plcace lately that is different in ways I cannot describe though.


Lisa in GA

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"I've done all I can do" and I just sense the 'grain door' to my 'ark' beginning to close."


Being a farmer let me tell you a little about the recent grain market. I think you're right about the "grain door" beginning to close. Soon the price of grain is going to take the "average guy" out of the market for buying grain for human or livestock consumption.


The normal price for selling corn 2 years ago was between $2.50-3.00 a bushel. I just checked before starting this and the price per bushel at our local grain elevator today is $7.32 a bushel.


Soybeans, 2 years ago, were selling for between $5.00-5.50 per bushel. Checking on those right now too they are now $13.36 per bushel.


The market fluctuates, there's no doubt about it, BUT they are NOT dropping back to "normal" prices. They may drop $.60 per bushel one day but be right back up or even higher the next.


It's been quite a ride for we grain farmers and fun to see those checks when we sell. However, tax time arrived and we paid gobs of it out in taxes and it's now planting season and the bills to put the crops in have risen just like the grain prices. I'm not complaining, don 't get me wrong, just saying we enjoyed the checks but in the end stayed pretty much the same as before. :mornincoffee:


From what we read, and you've probably read the same, there is or going to be a global shortage on grains so you're right Darlene, it's best to get what you can now. I really don't think you're going to see much of a drop in prices and it may just continue to increase.

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