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The Old Bear's 3 Days of Fun and Tests

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Ok folks. I’m back even though you did not knew I was gone.


I was at dialysis on Wednesday. Suddenly had a sharp pain across my chest. Felt like a football helmet hitting me full tilt. I was immediately taken off the machine and put on a EKG machine and taken to the ER. Nice place to crash, right in the hospital.


Wednesday continued with CAT Scan, Echo Cardiology and X-Rays of heart and lungs. Results- negative damage. Then a fine breakfast of latex scrambled eggs, lousy coffe, a really nice blueberry muffin and a bowl of pretty good oatmeal. Daughter brought food.


Thursday continued with a second full Cat Scan focusing on lungs. Results - negative damages. Full dialysis after. Lunch tray called for at 10:00AM, 11:00AM and 12:00 Noon. It arrived at 1:45PM ten minutes after I got off the machine. I told dialysis staff to feed it to the pigeons, but then realized that the ASPCA would be all over them. Supper was a slice of some kind of dead animal covered in a brownish mucus and veggies. Wife ate veggies. Mystery meat returned. Wife and daughter both brought food from then Free World..


Friday was a Heart Catheterization. Sticking a camera on a long sharp device to peek around arteries and inside the heart.


They made me stop eating at 9PM. Woke me at 5AM to get ready hurry-hurry. Laid there in the room for 8 hours. I am diabetic and started going sour. I got mean and miserable. Finally got my doctors in range and reamed them a new one. Threatened to leave AMA. They ordered some D5W for me to get blood sugar up. Then they said they would rush things along. NOT! I finally went down at 3:00PM ( 18 hours no food no water) and finished by 4:30PM. Results - negative. Had a little plaque but generally only had a small amount.


Wife brought food. Supper was veggies and something resembling a slice of medical waste. Wife ate veggies. I am a carnivore, but medical waste returned


Doctors promised to be there by 6:00PM. They then called Nurses station to let me know it would be 7:00PM. I had room nurse call Family Practice at 7:30PM and a doctor finally showed up at 8:30PM.


Nurses then got paperwork done quickly after Doctor signed me out.


Apparently the only entity in a hospital that works quickly is the Billing Department.


Nurses were SUPER. These RN and CNA/NT’s work hard and always with a smile and caring attitude. They worked hard and I appreciate their efforts.


In the end no real diagnosis. Thousands spent running me through several machines. No answer.



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Hiya Bear! Sorry to read you have been having such a "fun time" caught in the medical system! Glad to hear it was not your heart. BTW, gallbladder attacks CAN often cause referred pain that mimics heart attack symptoms VERY closely. It can be worse in diabetics. DH is an insulin dependent T2 diabetic and had exactly this happen to him. Nowadays, every day is a HAPPY DAY without his gallbladder! So, if you still have your GB you might consider asking your doc to check it out with an ultrasound...



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:pray: that they find out what caused the pain and that it is something simple to cure.



:yuk: hospital food, love your description of the mystery meat and gravy. I've had my share and never ever want to experience it again, God willing.

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