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What are you Freezing Today

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I finally figured out to freeze things flat. I used to just pour it in and make bundles of this and that. Now, I lay things flat to freeze. Here's some chicken broth I put in the freezer last night. Yes, I do it with corn, frozen slaw, pretty much everything I freeze.


They stack or stand so neatly and take up lots less room.



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I just did 5 dozen ears of corn, cut off the cob, for BigDD. :faint3:


I had lilDD there to help with DGS, so it wasn't too bad. But my back is sore from standing at the sink cleaning, then cutting it!


LilDD said I can just go rob sis's corn now, since I did most of the work. :happy0203:


Sweet corn... :wub:

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LOL - brought in a huge armful of New Zealand spinach from the garden, picked through it, soaked it, rinsed it, soaked it, rinsed it again, blanched it, drained it, and just put TWO 10 oz packages in the freezer! :laughkick: Sigh, I didn't even put a dent in the patch.

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Update - I NOW have 11 bags of New Zealand Spinach in the freezer (I've used 2 bags). So, I've managed to clear one of my 3 garden beds of New Zealand spinach. :hapydancsmil: Bok Choi here I come!


I also put away 15 - 4 slice packages of bacon, 9 - 1 lb packages of gr.beef and 5 single loaf bags of sprouted wheat flour. I think I'm tired now . . .:groooansmileyf:

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Froze enough peach pie filling for 8 pies. Ugh, what a slimy mess from all of those peach skins! I also need to remove some of the tomatoes I've tossed into the freezer when I was feeling lazy and get them canned up. I've also frozen 2 gallons of figs over the past 2 weeks. We've been tossing them into our breakfast smoothies and they're pretty good!

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Potatoes...15 pounds cut, cooked, vacume sealed in bags & into freezer. Easy to grab for hashbrowns, mashed potatoes or potatoe soup. Last year I soooo enjoyed pre-cooked potatoes that I had boiled whole. This time I went ahead & peeled & chunked them. Either way, they'll be quick food.

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