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Please pray for us

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Hi Everyone


Well, again, I am back, I flunked out of school so I won't be going back, that's the bad news. I don't have a job and things are not easy here but we are working hard and surviving, even though I am spending any extra $ I have on our wedding in August. It will be small, only 20ppl for lunch.


I finally told my mom last night, she was hostile to say the least, she wants a pre-nup so he can't inherit anything she may leave me, not that either of us want anything from her. . . but she is very controlling.


Both of my boys are living away from home. My younger son is in Residential Treatment and doing really really well and will be home in August, just a week after the wedding.


My older boy, 15 has been making me crazy with almost a full year of truancy from school, thousands of dollars in fines (all in his name), drug use, stealing my car, having an accident while driving my car, flunking out of 9th grade, and now in Children Services Custody and starting a 30 day wilderness program today.


We are planning on moving to Texas next year when our lease is up. My FH is from Florida originally and has been here for 3 years in PA and hates it. So, it's a new beginning for all of us. Originally I was planning on saving all my student financial aid so we would have a good start financially to move, but since I am not going back, this throws a monkey wrench into things, especially since I don't have a job right now.


I plan on starting a business with a company called SHELF RELIANCE which is all about food storage etc. . . and I am praying it takes off. I also got my degree in Bridal Consulting and my advertising starts next month so I am hoping that will kick in too and even if I only get 5 weddings, it will mean we can do all we need to do and pay cash.


So, there is my update and my prayer request..Thanks for reading this.

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Please understand that I mean this in the most gentle of ways.


With the amount of obstacles in your path; with the way things are not happening, are you sure this is the path you should be taking.

In my experience, when life gets as far off track as you are writing about, I am not following the Lord's plan.


The roadblock after roadblock you mention; would be the reason to examine the road trip you have planned.


Just be very sure who is driving your car.

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adding you and your family to my prayers

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