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FREE Cookbook Give-a-way !

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= = = As Promised = = =

We are giving away FREE a Cookbook!

**** we will even pay the Shipping!!!!!! ***

we have 2 copies so we will like to 'share'.


The Title is :


"How to eat well when the power goes out."

(this is a Library copy but in 'brand new' condition!)


Besides all the great recipes I like the size of the book- it is 7 inches by 7 inches so it will 'pack' very well.

(google title for more information about it)




Here’s the DEAL!

Sign up here if you would like to WIN this Cookbook and in about 3 weeks (last week of July) we will put all the names on little sheets of paper and have Maggie the Black Cat pick a winner! Now we may have to wait a day or two as sometimes she grabs any paper we are using and runs off with it in her mouth and hides it! We have to be careful if we are counting any money (like from the Flea Market) because she will come out of nowhere and grab a bill (or two) and off she goes! Also knewn to take any receipt I am using to pay bills and off she goes!


*** Sending cat food or kitty toys will NOT help your chances in Winning! ***


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My sweet kitty Smokey just told me that her mama would love to have the cookbook. Spell her name T-R-U-D-Y! :cheeky-smiley-067:

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= = = Quick Overview = = =



(How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out)

by Jon Robertson with Robin Robertson.

A practical guide to eating with elegance even when the refrigerator, stove and microwave are rendered powerless. Discover how the right non-perishables and a little creative heat can turn into savory meals.


now here is the best part of the book! :sHa_sarcasticlol:

in the back it lists (with pictures) of where to place each fork,knife ,spoon, water glass,wine glass,all the plates AND napkin! for a SUNDAY DINNER PARTY!

AND in case you forgot HOW to fold a napkin into a Rose or Pyramid ? they show you how to do that too.

Some of the recipes will just make you laugh but most are can-does.



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Niddles will grab any wadded up paper and run with it (she also fetches--sometimes) but is usually good about not grabbing unwadded paper.


Tobie (the wonder-cat) will 'play' fetch with ANYTHING at ALL hours of the day OR night!


sometimes if SHE wants tp play and we are sleeping - she will come to bed with something in her mouth and meaow.


IF you don't 'play' then she will drop it onto your face! and MEOW!

the funny part is if she plays fetch from the bed- I can throw it out the bedroom door and down the stairs. Then we hear a thud as she jumps to the floor, thump thump thump as she runs down the stairs and boom boom boom as she runs back up the stairs. Back onto the bed JUST to have me do it all again! and THIS is 2 am on a night I can sleep?


by the way HOW did wonder-cat get her name?


she can be playing fetch with a play mouse but after a few(20 or so) runs with it in her mouth it will get wet and icky.

So you can say "Tobie this mouse is icky go downstairs and get the ball"..................... and off she goes with mouse in mouth and in a minute she has found the little ball and is back to play MORE fetch!

she knows tons of words - but NO is not one of them!


PS did you want to sign up for the free cookbook? or just report cat goodies?

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Well now, that's one I'd like to sign up to. Felt mice with catnip inside from me for the runner up.

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Oh this is wonderful. Please add my name in the kitty box..er..I mean.. the pick box..um yeah. Please add my name too. Thanks, Reb

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This sounds like a great book. Sign me up too! I hope we ALL win it!

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