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No longer on DIAL UP!

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Well, with limited income and living in a deep ravine in the CO Rockies....I've had to content myself with limping along on dial-up Internet for all these years. I made all the possible modifications like viewing MrsS on Plain Blue and such. But in the past couple months, the old computer plus Netzero was getting horrible. I could barely open an email or two. 'Reply' to same was a whole 'nuther story. :rolleyes::banghead:


Despite being told repeatedly by other companies: "No service in your deep ditch", we tried again. An extra-special deal on price [that *doesn't* increase after an initial period] made it feasible. Guy comes out and sticks a big dish on our log cabin and points it and......GETS SIGNAL!!!! :band2::woohoo::cheer:


I cannot tell you how marveled I am now....today....using it for the first time. DH had to spend days downloading Windows updates so that the virus protection could even be reinstalled correctly. [no wonder we were having so much trouble] So he gave the clear-to-run this morning and I'm having more fun on the Internet than I've had since my dearly departed Mac died a couple years ago. Install a router [gift from my dad] and I'll be able to use my laptop in any location that I find comfortable ...which does not really include sitting at this desktop.


Blessings! Truely blessings! :D


MtRider [now....just HOW far behind am I in reading here? :0327: ]

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Mt_Rider, if you haven't already, set your email messages NOT to show any images unless you specifically click on a button to see the. More and more viruses and trojans and worms are sent through the spam emails with even innocent-looking pictures attached. Those "Oh, you gotta read this!" ones that people send to all their friends are terribly dangerous to your computer health. (And a sign of computer newbie-ness... :shakinghead: )


If you use Firefox as your browser, you can set it so that it shows no advertising, which also keeps unwanted junk off your 'puter.


Just a few tips. :pc_coffee:

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:lol: YouTube??? Hmmmm... :laughkick:



Thanks y'all.



Yep, Cat. We've got it set for that already. I suspect that my computer was so slow that it wouldn't even completely download a virus but now that I'm zipping..... Danger lurks. :darth duck:


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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:yar: I got my first "dropped signal" today. 'Course I had to unplug everything for lightning anyway but... I guess I have to figure out what atmospheric conditions or whatever might lose me the signal. Cuz I really don't know why that happened today.


Hiya, HS!!!! :wave: Don't see you 'round her much either. :happy0203:


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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