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Bird Flu Movie

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There is a moving coming out in September about a fictional outbreak of Avian Flu here in the United States. The U.S. index case was in Asia for business, and having been infected there, brings it back to the U.S. and begins an epidemic.


Here's a link to the trailer:



It stars Matt Damon, Gwynyth Paltrow, Lawrence Fishburn, Kate Winslet (who I just adore!), and Jude Law...so this isn't a measly little telefilm...this is a film that hopefully people will get out and see, and realize that this could REALLY happen.


Maybe this will be the "wake up" for a lot of people out there. We'll see!


It does look creepy...and it does look fairly accurate, on both the level of the virus' impact on the body and society.

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Ohhh, this looks like it's going to be a good one. I just saw it advertised on TV.


It's coming out Sept. 9th. I usually wait until they come out on DVD but I might have to do a matinee for this one.


I haven't been to the movies since Babe the Pig came out. My D-EX took me. :008Laughing:

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I thought I'd watch it over Thanksgiving. I went to Blockbuster and they didn't have it. I asked them to look and see when it was coming out. I kept calling it Pandemic. Of course they couldn't find the 2011 version.


I came home and looked up Gwyneth Paltrow movies and found out it will be out 1-7-12 and is called Contagion. :banghead:

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