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It's that time again.. Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year!

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Hard to believe it's August already... Jo and I started organizing and going through books yesterday. New folders, new binders.. Pencils ready.. When do you all start your new year? Anyone have any big filed trips etc. planned for the year?

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School for us starts on sept 1st. Technically speaking, the kids are in public school, but they are registered this year with the Wisconsin Virtual Academy, which uses the K12 curriculum. The schooling is done at home, with Mom (me), rather than in a brick & mortar school. I'll have a Kinder boy (going on 5), 4th grade girl (going on 8, she's way advanced), and a junior/senior (going on 16), so I'm covering the spectrum. Mousey, my youngest, is in 1st grade math, but the rest is kinder. Mariposa is 4th across the board, and wants to get to HS by the time she's 12. Garrian did his freshman and sophomore years in regular public, but didn't really like it. wanted to graduate the end of his junior year (this year), but the local school said "Why would you EVER want to leave HS early???" (To which he replied "Why would I want to STAY?!") The Virtual Academy will let him graduate, if he wants to, but they actually suggested he continue and just take AP courses and youth options (college courses with dual credit). He's thinking about that...


The kids books and such came on Friday, and we cleaned out and restocked School corner (dedicated cabinet). In some cases, we had to put away what they sent since, especially in Mariposa's case, we're already partway through the course-year. The thing, I think, that I like the best about the curriculum!

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