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Hello, I am new to this site and to prepping in general but I have started to get things going. I guess it's better to have a little bit than nothing at all but I feel so unprepared right now and living on my husband's pay to support us and our two toddlers makes it difficult, but still worth the insurance.

Like I said, I am new, new, new and I am serious about becoming more prepared and self-reliant. I am interested in long-term food/water storage but I'm still uncertain as to what foods last the longest and the best ways to store water and was wondering if any of ya'll had any advice you could possibly share with me.

Basically my preps so far are similar to the LDS food storage plan which is great for us, but I still want to store food for a "SHTF" moment with a long shelf life. Any information would be welcomed and appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Welcome PreppyMomma! Always room to set another place at the table here at MrsS. You've obviously got some good ideas on where to start. Getting done what you'd like to is a universal problem. We're all in kind of a 'hurry' mode due to what the economy is doing to our buying power.


One tip is to remember that prepping is stuff [food/water/shelter/tools/etc] but it is also knowledge and attitude. A prepped mind is usually available free but one has to put in the labor to train one's mind. Just keep reading here. Read the top "pinned" posts. Read back posts [about a gazillion of them] and you'll get a wealth of data and begin to form your own prepping mentality and reflexes to situations. There are a number of scenarios you can look up and 'play'.


If you need data/advice on something specific, give a holler and you'll get responses. Do you have a BugOutBag [bOB] for your family or even one for each person? Do you have emergency bags in all vehicles...at your DH's work [tho watch the contents ...some places don't even allow a small pocket knife, and don't leave copies of personal documentation unsecured!]? These bags will be your first line of defense against a sudden hooey hitting fan.


Oh...and a warning: Don't broadcast to others that you will be well-supplied. Toooo many people [including 'friends' and relatives] will be knocking at your door...or not even knocking, if the hooey finds them unprepared. Sharing at your own descretion is one thing. Theft or worse is quite something else.


MtRider :wave:

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Crab Grass Acres is on the money - the LDS have the most comprehensive prepping info in one place of anybody, ('cept maybe us...) and it is a good start. If you can get some of Peggy Layton's recipe books (Cookin' with Home Storage) they will give you good ideas on using preps. Prepping is mostly mental. Sit down and ask yourself...If there was no more money coming in, what would I need to have/do to take care of me and mine? Food is a big part, but so is knowing how to make simple home repairs, knowing how to light & heat your dwelling without electricity, mending and making clothing and footgear, gardening...on and on, it seems. The internet has a wealth of information for the looking (for example, I just found out about how to make fat lamps of various types that burn everything from corn oil to crisco, to used motor oil! I am always up to learn something new). Don't be discouraged, you have an excellent start. You can never learn too much, and thinking outside the box is a critical skill if the hooey flies. That skill (thinking outside the box) allows you to formulate backup plans quickly and effectively if plan A, B, or even Z fails. Welcome aboard the Mrs S site...we are a wild a crazy bunch, but in a good way!

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Hello Preppymomma!! :welcome4:



kick off your shoes and sit for a spell... you'll learn alot just by hanging out here.



We like to teach, learn and have fun doing both. :gathering:


if ya see something you like or want to know more about, just jump right on in and say something. We are here to help.




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Oh my gosh, ya'll are so sweet you're making my tooth ache :) Thanks so much! I've been looking around the forums quite a bit and am so grateful that I found this place because the information is endless and you all seem so nice. I am really wanting to learn as much as I can in every aspect of prepping and self-sufficiency and this seems like a great place to learn and share with some great people who share the same mind-set. I can't thank you all enough for your very warm welcome. Made my day!

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Welcome! :bighug2: Start with the basics, with what you use on a daily basis and add long term items as you go. I follow the motto "Store what you use, use what you store."



Welcome, PreppyMomma! :welcome:


BeccaAnne's advice is also what I'd encourage you to use. If you are storing lots of beans and rice and yet you don't eat them, then your preps will be difficult for your family to adjust to in an emergency situation. Rather than worry so much about storing things that last the longest, focus on storing the things that you use and then rotate them into your daily menus. Set a goal as to how much food you'd like to have on hand. If you want to store a year's worth of food and supplies, figure out how much of that item you use per month and then multiply by 12. I originally started with a one month goal and it has grown tremendously!

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