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Puppy Christmas Coats!!!! Finally done!!!!!!

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I cut these out last November when I was in Quartzsite. Then we got busy!!!!!! Ten months later I pulled them out and after putting it off for a few days--They are ready! As you can see, the pups aren't nearly as excited as I am!


Next I am making a waterproof apron from a plastic tablecloth I got from the thrift store. Hopefully will be finished before next May!!!!:sHa_sarcasticlol:








edited to hopefully add photo!

post-45-081976700 1313963377_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Tiger and Jeepers!!!!! I put them on the bed with the air conditioner blowing on them so they did not overheat while I posed them! They still weren't happy!

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I wanted to open photo but just as it started to load Maggie (the cat) jumped up on my lap.

So I had to cover the screen so she wouldn't see the picture............................

AND I am NOT making her a coat!

so didn't get to see but they looked cute.

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PS by the way -

Like the idea of the waterproof apron-

What are you going to use it for?


washing the dogs?


Canning time?


or are you a really messy eater? :feedme: ha,ha





Yes!!!!!!!! And to work at the dairy!!!!!!!

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