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Water cannot be talked up enough in a survival situation, and I know that the vast majority of MrsS readers don't need to hear this. In an suburban/urban environment, however, we cannot simply run outside and dig a latrine trench.


I'm not going to leave when it hits the fan. This is MY home and I'm well prepared to stay put, including provisions and defense. A fellow prepper was helping me with a project the other day and asked me why I was storing so much water in "BAD PLASTIC". The look on her face was priceless when I told her I wasn't going to wash, clean, and flush with my water stored in GOOD plastic and glass.


The only problem with bad plastic is food storage and its subsequent consumption. I am amazed at the number of people I see throwing out and recycling items that could store things that would make a real sanitation difference. Not only do my kitty litter tubs contain plenty of water, they don't leak and when empty can serve a myriad of uses - totes, tool boxes, waterproof storage for all sorts of things, and in a pinch they work fine as a port-a-potty.


All that being said; the chemicals leeching from plastics may well be the least of our worries in the event of a disaster, anyway!

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