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What Is/Was For Dinner?

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Tonight's dinner will be alfredo pasta with peas & spicey turkey italian sausage. I top the whole dish with sharp cheddar and bake it until it is lightly browned. I love one dish meals. I have enough purple beans for hubby and myself, so that will probably be the side dish. I also have a loaf of Italian bread... I could turn that into garlic bread but that is a lot of carbs in one meal!

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We didn't have anything exciting, just ham and cheese with some cottage cheese on the side. Last week though, I put a spin on your typical grilled cheese. It had feta cheese, cheddar, and american cheese. Then I put tomato slices and some ham in it, grill it and your done. It was really good! Quick too!

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Last night I put a whole new spin on something.


I love Bacon-Tomato Dip/Spread and thought...I wonder if this would make a good Grilled Cheese Sandwich...the answer..YES! It was warm, ooey-gooey cheesy, bacony, tomatoey goodness in a grilled sandwich and we really liked it!


Tonight...Leftovers from the week. A lone Turkey Burger and a couple of Bean Burrito's.;)

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JustAPrepper, is that a "store-bought" cheese product? It sounds intriguing!


Everybody's meals sound delicious! (even the DQ! LOL)



We've been eating leftovers, but oh, are they good! I bought ribs on sale last weekend, both spare ribs and baby back ribs. I've never tried baby backs at home and wanted to compare them. I knew there would be leftovers, so I would have one cooking and then meals for later in the freezer.


I found a great "rub" online and made that, then refrigerated them for several hours after rubbing it on. When I took them out, I grilled them for a short while, and then finished them off in the oven with Sweet baby Ray's BBQ sauce. YUM! :feedme:


Buttered and parsley potatoes on the side, which for the next meal I mixed in sour cream and cheese and baked them.


Fresh salad and ~voila~... great meals for a pretty cheap price compared to eating out. And one night when things are crazy, I can pull the leftovers out and be grateful.



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I asked lilDD what she might be hungry for... thinking she might say chili, or lasagna, etc.


She said PIE! Or CAKE! SOMETHING baked! :24: :24: :24:



My whole house smells like pumpkin pie at the moment. And I have a pot of chili on the stove. ;)



Some days cooking to make your loved ones happy is a blessing in itself. :wub:

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We're having the leftover spaghetti sauce over rice for a couple of nights. Gotta figure out how to make gluten free noodles!



Would this help? It's complete with photos!






Many times you can find a pasta machine at Goodwill or the Salvation Army stores.



(Here's a whole search of them for ya! I just checked out the top one.)



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I've got a pot of minestrone soup on the stove right now. DH and I are both sick so I figured I'd try out one of the packages of dehydrated soup mix I bought. We know we like the Bear Creek brand but I've never tried this one before but it's cheaper. Hopefully it's good.

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Hi Cat! I'll have to come up with something else but thank you for finding the recipe. Can't use much cornstarch and no soy--that's about 2/3 of the recipe. I do already have a hand crank machine. Not a nice metal one though, just plastic. I need to get to a real grocery store and buy some gluten free rice flour and some of that xanthun gum and then play. Hopefully soon and thanks again!

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I didn't check the links, but have you seen one of the recipes for zucchini "noodles"?




Thanks Ambergris! No, I had not. Will find it now!




Dinner today is a pkg. of Spanish Bean Soup that mom11 sent in our Christmas box last year. They are in the crockpot and smell great! Will probably make rice also!

Yesterday, I made Coffee Shortbread! Great! Probably about the last of anything I make with gluten for me as I am joining DH being gluten free for the time being.

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JustAPrepper, is that a "store-bought" cheese product? It sounds intriguing!




No, it's a recipe I've had forever. There's tons of variations on the interet. Basically it's just cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, bacon and tomato. You can jazz it up with other things but I kept it simple for the sandwiches.


Tonight will be spaghetti, I think. I've got leftover sauce and noodles in the fridge that need to be used up.

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Pot Roast


1/2 lb Roast

3 diced potatoes

2 sliced carrots

1 slice of onion

sprinkle with salt & pepper

1 tbs margarine on potatoes

Cover and seal with aluminum foil, bake @ 350 for 3 hours.


He likes it falling apart.

Ohhh, sounds good. Hope you don't mind but I copied it down.

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