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What Is/Was For Dinner?

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Last night, chicken burrito's...made from the breast half of the chicken we cooked in the solar oven. Tonight...we'll eat the other half of the breast with some pasta (or rice) and some veggies.

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I had a Strawberry Mango salad from Wendy’s tonight. It was good. There are two sizes regular and half. I got the half and it was plenty. But I wasn't real hungry. I wasn't used to that dressing but t

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Have been on the road a few days so supper was ham & cheese sandwiches and chips. JUNK food and I'm wearing every pound of it :-( Hadn't planned to eat like that but things didn't go right with the little motorhome so we were really roughing it as we finished driving the Katy Trail. Water pump wouldn't work, dashboard a/c started directing condensation down to the heater vent on the passenger side floor board...soaked! Grrrr! Then the refrigerator wouldn't light so had to keep all our food in our 5-day cooler...glad we started out with our food in it, waiting for the frig to get cold. Then on the way home the propane detector went off when a semi-truck rolled by us (we had our windows down because the a/c was leaking) so we had to stop and turn it off, which also turns off the propane throughout the whole MH, so no stove either. The Onan generator never has started so we couldn't keep cool at night and had to open the windows that had screens & turn on the Fantastic Fan. We still haven't found the teensy leak at the far back corner, so we bought a heavy duty tarp and some gorilla tape and completely covered the overhead a/c to see if it that's where the moisture is coming in (at the gasket seat)...and it hasn't rained for us to try it, so...couldn't use it even if we did have electricity to plug in to. Can you hear me shout!?

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Sheeesh WE2, that's a whole lot of stuff going out at one time. I'd be shouting too!


I had a bowl of home canned chicken veggie soup and a toasted cheese sandwich. Also a large mocha frappuccino which will probably keep me awake all night.

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Took care of some stuff today, so I put a crock pot full of goodies and then used the juices to make a nice gravy to pour over the veggies, taters & beef. Love thickening the gravy with instant sure gel :-)

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Had two nice thick tenderloin pieces from yesterday's canning session that I put in the frig, so I pounded them out and covered them with panko and boy were they delicious! Accompanied by ... a package of Knorr pasta/rice with broccoli and some green beans. Dessert? Microwaved once of my little cakes from scratch and put some icing on it. Love my corningware!

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Enjoyed our Thanksgiving supper around 6:00 (that's our preferred time). Turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserile, buttermilk biscuits, stuffing and some cranberry sauce for me (MrWE2 won't touch the stuff). Dessert was pumpkin muffins, MrWE2's favorite. Made up about 18, so we'll have some "left over" :-) Put the left-overs in a plate, wrapped it up and it's in the frig for another meal "very" soon! LOL

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DD brought dinner.... turcken as she called it as it was chicken gourmet seasoned...turnip salad!!! a potato dish,gravy,and dressing...all with her special touch. I provided freshly made cranberry sauce (cranberries were $.79 at Aldis) cheesecake topped with cherries and coffee.

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Been canning all day (turkey of course!)...but we'll have leftovers for supper. Had the big drumsticks for lunch...yummy! Turkey #3 is ine roaster for canning, so we'll have two more drumsticks for another lunch. Lots and lots of turkey stock! Will can what we can...yep, "can what we can"! LOL

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Defrosted one of the turkey breast quarters from the freezer and cooked it smothered in Rasberry/Chipotle sauce. Sides were green beans and rice, and sweet potatoes. We really burn the calories when we're out in cool/cold weather working etc.

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