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I had a Strawberry Mango salad from Wendy’s tonight. It was good. There are two sizes regular and half. I got the half and it was plenty. But I wasn't real hungry. I wasn't used to that dressing but t

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Last night was leftover night. We had reheated meatloaf with gravy, ginger honey carrots, fried leftover baked potatoes and the last bit of a cake.


Tonight I am making baked flounder, mac & cheese and fried cabbage.

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Thawed some more of the turkey breast, sliced it and sautee'd it in browning sauce and smoked paprika, mashed potatoes w/turkey gravey, pork-n-beans and dressing. Sorta had a "Thanksgiving" dinner again! LOL

Oops..almost forgot. Put together a red velvet cake today so we had a slice for dessert :-)

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"Pin Feather's Anyone"? :24: Just finished off the last of the turkey breast we had for Thanksgiving. Perhaps other's have done this, but I sliced it into strips, rolled them in flour and deep fried them until they were crisp. Oh my...wonderful! Wanna see?


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I made something today I haven't fixed for maybe 20 years. :rolleyes:


DH & I stopped in to check out a new local meat processing/food store/deli yesterday on the way home after his medical checkup. Our area has numerous "Amish" stores. This one seems to be another, might be what we call "car Amish" (similar values, but drive cars and some have electricity at home).


A couple of guys came in while we were there and bought a bunch of frozen sausage, telling us it is the *best*. So we picked one up. And then DH saw frozen beef liver and decided THAT sounded good! :shakinghead:


So I cooked up liver and onions to make DH happy. I had to look up a recipe, it's been so long! :whistling:


And I cooked up the brussels sprouts I had in the fridge, and served them with butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.


He liked it, so it was all worth it. :)

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Funny Cat. We had liver and onions two days ago. :happy0203: Tonight we had black bean soup, Dakota bread (lots of different seeds incorporated in the homemade loaf), and kale salad. The warm winter has made for a great kale crop in the garden. :hi:

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Opened a pint of the tenderloin I canned a while back, then put some mixed flavored pasta in my pressure cooker. When finished, I dumped in the shredded tenderloin and added some alfredo sauce. Done!

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I found a good deal on "to use right away" (getting near the date) cube steaks.


And I got all 3 packages, giving us 14 pieces of meat. :o


So I made a family favorite - cube steaks, floured & fried, then baked in a "gravy" made with cream of mushroom soup thinned with milk. I serve it with mashed potatoes. And veggies - this time a salad.


But I know we can't eat all of these steaks at one time, so some must be frozen for later. Usually I just freeze them raw in the package, sealed up.


I wanted to see if I could cut preparation time *next time* by going ahead and flouring and frying them as I do normally, then cooling and then freezing them. So that's what I did.


I'm hoping that I will be able to pull them out, thaw them, then bake them as I usually do in the soup gravy mix. I can't imagine it being a problem. Even if they're "mushier", it won't hurt the dish. :shrug:

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Thawed a 5# package of chicken breasts, dumped them into my induction pressure cooker and added some chunks of potatoes, and 20 minutes we've got a dandy supper with lots of chicken left over for several more meals. Just put them in freezer :-)

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:wave: Hi there!


Been busy with a climbing (on me) toddler(she'll be 2 in May).Hard to get on the internet with her pushing buttons. Homeschooling the boys,too. On top of that, we are losing our home.So, I am packing here and there. My dh lost his job in December 2014, then never got permanent employment until July 2015. So, we got behind on the payments. Mortgage company said they were working with us all along. Well, they lied. I think they meant "working" us out of our home. My dh works out of state. So, we'll be moving anyway. Whenever that may be. We'll have to rent but it may be a blessing.I am looking forward to a smaller home and smaller rent payment.

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I'm making chicken soup. It's snowin' and blowin' outside. We just had a couple whiteouts. I like making soup on a day like today.


blessedhomemaker, :hug3:


I also have a 2 year old here :cloud9: who is the reason I'm rarely able to get online. Apparently banging on the keyboard is just as hilarious as completely shutting the computer off. :scratchhead:

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Thawed out a package of my BIG meatballs that I baked up and froze (2 in a vacuum sealed bag) and added some 'taters w/butter-milk-chives and some green beans. Then indulged in a quickie dessert that I made today...I took half of a carrot cake mix, reduced the add ons by half and then put my muffin liners in my microwave muffin pan and we got 12 (6 in a batch) that were just hunky-dorey! Each batch (6) took 4 minutes :-) and I still have the other half of the dry mix for another two batches stored in the frig.

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