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I had a Strawberry Mango salad from Wendy’s tonight. It was good. There are two sizes regular and half. I got the half and it was plenty. But I wasn't real hungry. I wasn't used to that dressing but t

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I just have to share... my heart is full. :wub: LOL


I have Monday - Wednesday at home, then I take care of DGS (DearGrandSon) at their home on Thursday & Friday. So those two nights meals can be late and/or hectic.


Wednesday I found chicken breasts and beef cubed steaks on sale, so I baked the chicken with an herb coating and I fried and then baked the cubed steaks in a mushroom soup gravy. Two meals (actually more) with one oven use. With mashed potatoes, the cubed steaks and gravy are one of my family's favorites (also with more veggies on the side, but that's the base meal). And I now have meals ready to just heat up and add veggies and supper's ready both busy days.


So today I took some of the mashed potatoes, beef, and gravy for my meal and DGS's meal. I chopped his up into bite-sized pieces and let him go at it. Had fresh fruit as a side.


Halfway through, this little guy who is just learning to speak relatively clearly stops, looks up at me, and says with gusto... "Awesome!" :huh::blink::blush:


:24: :24: :24:



I think it was a hit!!! :D



(When I told his Mommy, my DD, she said, wistfully, "I think your cubed steak is awesome, too!" LOL )



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I had a little whimsical fun for supper tonight. Lunch was a pretty good roast beef sandwich though, so I went lighter actually for my supper.

I actually found a not so fatty hot dog brand at the store and they are not as big as regular size, so they seemed right for a serving for me and not as salty as regular ones?

Plus the price was right.

Its a new brand in my store and I decided to try them.

I am glad I did.

I wrestled with the idea of buying hotdog buns but the whole wheat ones were 3 $ a package.

I had gotten some shredded cheese and I picked up some corn tortillas, which I have not tried to make on my own yet although I know I can make wheat flour tortillas ok...


so I made a couple corn tortilla wraps with a hotdog and cheese sprinkled on them in the microwave on paper towels ..... easy supper with a bowl of sliced strawberries for desert.

They taste pretty darn good too.


It got me in the mood to even try plain filtered water.........lol.


I am sooo behaving ...... I think I will have another glass! :bev:


Have also decided to go pick up a few more packs of those hot dogs when I go buy cat stuff tomorrow.... if its not pouring rain ......storm should pass tonight? Mebbe??

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Soooo... what brand are these hot dogs??? :happy0203: They sound interesting!


A Mexican restaurant in this area makes (or used to, I don't know now) a child entree that was a tortilla-wrapped hot dog, deep fried. Never tried it, but it did seem popular with the kids.




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Sugardale chicken hot dogs

Total calories 60

Fat calories 45


( whoa quite a downpour going on.. so far no lightening but that may change any moment.)


they were really cheap compared to many brands sold there , which fits my wallet well, lol.

Hoping there are more on the meat shelf tomorrow!

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:yum3: Grass-fed beef burger on the grill and sweet corn-on-the-cob from a local farmer (many years ago, DH was a corn picker for this farmer. He'll only buy corn from this farmer's stands. The "fresh corn" at the grocery store--not picked this morning and trucked in from somewhere-- horrifies him. :pout: )
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White pizza is pizza without the tomato sauce. You brush onto the crust a bit of olive oil and/or butter and some herbs. The toppings are the usual kind. But, you can be a little more adventurous with the toppings because you aren't clashing with the tomato sauce.


Sweetie loves white pizza...another advantage is not having to deal with too much/too little sauce.

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I am making lentil, bean and tomato soup with rye sourdough toast on the side.

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Took me all afternoon, but I have a HUGE pot of corned beef & veggie stew simmering on the stove. Smells great. :)



BigDD can't wait for "leftovers" tomorrow. LOL

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Turn oven onto 350F. Oiled dutch oven. Put 2 cups rice and 2 cups chicken broth in the bottom. Mixed in half a packet of onion soup mix. Put 2 chicken breasts on top, then the rest of the onion soup mix. Put lid on dutch oven, then put dutch oven in oven. Oven was only at 290, so it took 40 minutes for the chicken to cook all the way through. Tasty tasty.

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not feeling so hot so had tea and some clam chowder. more tea..... seems to be staying put. would make toast but need to make the bread for it and would rather just sit still with my feet up tonight. toast tomorrow? lol. If I had my druthers a big tender filet mignon would be nice and creamy mashed taters and green beans. but it was simple soup tonight. After all, no filet mignon in sight anyhow......

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Yum, yum....this is the place to come! Looking for din-din ideas...LOL Last night, as an experiment, I made a big round of Bannock Bread, then in separate pot, put together my makin's for chicken pot pie with a little more moisture content than usual (didn't use as much thickening flour). I put my bread in a large round baking dish, poured the chicken pie mixture over it, topped it with grated parmesan, baked at 400 until cheese browned. Pretty tasty! Saved a bit, and then today for lunch poured a can of chicken noodle soup over it and nuked it. Pretty tasty again!

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Today I pop open one of my jars of canned turkey. We are either having turkey pot pie or turkey and dumplings. Not sure yet.I am leaning towards the dumplings.

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