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Even tho my supervisor used to chastize me for unauthorized equipment, I saved him having to call a tow truck when all he needed was a battery jump. After that, he just shut his eyes to my 'unauthorized equipment' though he told me more than once he did not believe I 'needed' to carry all that stuff....but I used to be the one at work that everyone went to if/when they needed a whatsits. Man, sometimes I felt just plain used, but i had to work with those guys.

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DD found this site and got me hooked several years ago. I prep because I've always had the desire to have a "magic closet" that would never go dry. As a single mother, it was difficult to make that happen. I stocked up when I could, but I ended up wasting food so often that I eventually just stocked up on things that wouldn't go bad and household stuff ... as an adult, I've always had the dream of doing my grocery shopping once a month. It wasn't until I found this site that I finally saw how everything I wanted was possible .. and even then I struggled with putting my dreams into action. Things are starting to come together now. I realize that once a month shopping won't happen for awhile because I need to shop the loss leaders weekly to take advantage of bargains and pick up produce when needed. But it's not like it used to be. During the time of Mama's illness and death, I was on the road constantly making 12 hour one-way trips to see her while she could still remember me. My preps, thin as they were, kept us going. I tried to replenish as I went along those 2 1/2 years, and in the last three months while I was either driving or by her bedside, we didn't have to buy any kind of paper product, cleaning products and the such. The only meats we bought were because one of us was at the store and found it on sale. We bought only the fresh stuff. It was such a relief to know that DH wasn't going to do without while I was gone, or have to run to the store for one thing to get supper on the table, or yell down the hall for kleenex because the tp was gone!!!! Peace of mind, best use of resources, a sense of accompishment, knowledge of a job well done, knowing the DDs could come home in an emergency and we would be okay ... all reasons that I prep.

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Dr Who rocks.


I read a book in my early teens about dust from a passing comet binding up everything with a motor.Although it was fiction it did get me thinking early. I also hate to run out of things.

The big problem with my Dh is while he thinks its a good idea I have to fight him for space. 99% of my storage space is filled with useless junk.

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Looks like this one's been around awhile...LOL Why do we prep? We really don't consider it to be that. We enjoy saving money & not having to throw foods out since there's only two of us. We enjoy eating good wholesome foods when we're out RV'ing. We enjoy knowing that if an emergency popped up, we'd have our "ark", at least for some period of time.

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