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Problem Potentials and a way out

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DH are planning a 3 day camping/fishing trip mid-Sept. We try to do this as a mini-getAway for our anniversary. We don't go far since we've livestock [including milking goat...no, not bringing her as bear-bait :shakinghead: ] to come back twice a day to care for. But when you live in the BOONIES, "wilderness" is just over the next ridge anyway. If our pond had fish, we wouldn't even need to leave. :lol:


Since we frequent this area for fishing anyway, I was inspired to begin writing a story about an adventure [otherwise known as :smiley_shitfan: ] we might encounter there. Every time we go, I write a little more while DH throws SHINY things at the fish. IF I ever finish it, I'll put it down in Fireside. [no promises...I hardly EVER finish my stories :busted: ]


ANYway, I'm at a preplanning stage and was thinking of what survival stuff I'd want to bring. So...for camping in a CO ravine next to a trout stream in Sept in a drought, the problem potentials are:


1) Freezing to death in the back of the truck.

Solution: I finally found 2 Army surplus SUPER-BELOW-ZERO (???) down sleeping bags. Hmmm, we'll see. :unsure:


2) Bears! This is serious this year cuz the drought has sent them down from the REALLY high country hungry and grumpy and BOLD!

Solution: Obviously keeping up strict food control. Even putting it into the cab is...not really bear-proof. But sure-and-for-CERTAIN, nothin' edible except me and DH are going to be in the back of the truck at nite! We'll have a few defensive items...and I ain't talking pepper spray and jingle bells. If we can have a campfire, will burn off any grease, etc before putting it out. Will be taking Big Dog home to sleep there...not trying to hog space in the truck and barking all nite. [bears and dogs don't generally get along...tho I don't know if a bear would go outta it's way to pick a fight... :shrug: ] And we'll BOTH be riding in the truck home to feed our livestock. I'm not sittin' in that campsite while DH takes the truck... :o


3 ) Wildfire Not sure a campfire will be allowed...might rain some before we go. If not, I have a Coleman 2-burner and ...well, it's not the same as :campfire: but...we will definitely comply. If wildfire broke out, we are camping at a juncture of 2 ways out. We accidently found that back way last week. Good data in an emergency. The stream might be a possible fire break but...the smoke would settle at the bottom of the ravine and...that'll kill ya. Nope, gotta get out in that case.


4) Flash Flood :0327: After all this drought, we still have to worry about *that* one. It just doesn't take much rain to set off a minor one of these. Plenty of high country to send a lot of water down to our elevation. It doesn't soak in around here. It runs downhill. In that case we'd definitely take the back way outta here. Much shorter distance before we begin to climb rapidly. REALLLLY bad roads however, either direction but the back door is worse. Might not get all the way out but can get far enough to be above any rushing water danger.


5) Two-legged Critters.....same as the "not pepper spray and jingle bells" bear control. :shrug:


6) Starving to death.... nah! We're gonna pig-out and low-carb is put on hold!! :feedme: [even if DH doesn't catch trout :lol: ]


7) Getting lost .... Hmmm, well we will charge up the 2-way radios since DH will be down stream fishing. BigDog and I usually ramble around the rocks/hills a bit. But my long-distance rambling days are long over. I keep sight of the truck down below and DH...just comes back upstream. Not really a potential there. Still, I carry some things on my person no matter where I am. Knife, cig liter, headlamp, etc. I never ramble without my 'early-warning and front-line' dog either. Alone - I'l likely run smack into a old mangy bruin! :bouquet:


8) Deciding to stay.... :whistling: DH is probably in great risk of this one. He's working days as Chiro and night job as well. He's gettin' worn out! So a peaceful Mt. stream...fishing...off-diet feasts... :rolleyes: Ahem! Iffen ya don't hear from me for a month after we go..... :shrug: ....it's likely gonna be this one that got us! :darlenedance::cloud9::lois:



MtRider [...and that's how a prepper goes on vacation :24: ]

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Have fun! We haven't camped in ages...Hubby is a wuss when it comes to mosquitos, but he won't use the repellants because he says that they attract the bugs to him. Yeah right...I keep telling him that it is the amount of salt that he eats and that the mosquitos are attracted to it. If he ate less salt then the scent of it wouldn't drown out the repellant! :beat_deadhorse:

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When we were growing up in Iowa, my brother and I could be standing in the same briar patch. I'd be doing the funky-chicken-slap-dance and come in with 18 bites on my legs alone. He might have one...and it would go away after an hour. :frying pan:


So *I* developed a Mosquito theory that says it really just depends on how SWEEEEET you are! :whistling:


:rolleyes: 'Course I move to MN for college and hardly had trouble with their hordes....so I must have gotten more sour-tasting. In CO we've even got a stagnant pond and a dying stream this year and I still never attract the nasty biters. :shrug:



MtRider [what happened to that fun 'fly swatter' smilie?? ]

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That's funny, Martian. I eat a lot of salt, myself, but if I'm outside with other people I'll watch them slap and dance for a while before figuring out that they are having trouble with skeeters. I am rarely bitten.


Hush now, CGA! I'm trying to get him to cut down on the salt consumption. You aren't helping my cause here! :baseballbat:

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What drink is that CGA? Never heard of any anti mosquito drink!


I couldn't remember the name, but I asked over at HT and got a reply:



There have been threads about it before and a lot of people swear by it. I'm rarely bothered by mosquitoes myself so haven't tried it.

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