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Build Your own Manual Washing Machine


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I don't know if this has been posted before but I have never seen it here.


Lehman's sells a manual washing machine for 500.00....650.00 with the wringer.


You can build your own much cheaper.


My husband will be making one for us.


I have the scrub board, rapid wash plunger and mop bucket with wringer, but this is sooo much nicer..and looks like it will work alot better.


Here is Lehman's model:



and here is the one we can make:




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I've actually seen the Amish out in their front yard using these in northern Indiana. There were two or three females gathered around the machine at each house. As much laundry as they have I assumed they were taking turns. Good job for the older kids. One machines I saw had a lid on it. Probably to help control the splashing? Be sure to post a picture when your DH gets it done!


Living alone, I'd need a ringer and a plug.

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Let me tell you.... I own a washer like that listed at Lehman's... mine's is called an James washer from S&H Metals from northern Indiana... it is 32 years old. Paid $250.00 complete then.


I have used it many times over the last 32 years when the wringer, regular washer, or just wanted to be in the pioneer spirit.... and you need one strong arm and 5 minutes is an eternity when you are washing clothes for a family of 9. The wringer isn't the best but better than wringing the clothes out by hand. Running heavy jeans through the wringer is a challenge as the wringer will slip. To get the best cleaning action, one can not even put a complete set of queen sheets in it.


Yes you want to put the lid on to prevent you from getting as wet as the items in the washer. Because if you get that baby going... no lid.... you get your bath at the same time.


Still have it... use it for really dirt rags or oily ones.


Prefer a wringer if I can't use my Staber washer. And if I need to... and I have many times before I'll use my agitator http://www.lehmans.com/store/Home_Goods___Laundry___Washing___Breathing_Hand_Washer___1138390?Args= in a big ole yard tub.


So needless to say... I have no problem sitting my Staber washer on 5 minutes to wash, cuz if I thought clothes were clean enough with 5 minutes and arm time.


After a while my kids found out that the washer wasn't fun... :clothesline:

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