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Greetings from North Texas


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Finally, I decided to join here after being a reader for years!

I am in North Texas, I am in my 40s and have a great husband and 2 great kids.

I am a devout Christian.

I am trying to simplify my life, live a frugal Christian lifestyle, but I want to be prepared for whatever we have to face in our lifetimes, as I don't see anything getting any better until Jesus takes us home! Whether it is finacial hardtimes, economic collapse, natural disaster, or terror plots.

I want to be a positive person and have a postive impact on others. I really don't think that it is negative to say that things are going downhill until Jesus returns...I say it is Biblically founded!

Now that is just a quick snippet of who I am and why I am here!


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Hello Niecy, make yourself comfortable. want tea or coffee=

The cake trolley will do it´s round 3pm.

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Hello, from a likeminded North Texas resident here too! Hope all is well in your area, and no fires!



Nope, no fires in my area this week! Sure is bad everywhere else...I guess that is the hardest thing to prepare for....not a lot you can do if it is heading your way!




Thanks for the welcomes ya'll....I will join in when I feel like I have something good to share...I am mostly here to glean knowledge from you more expericenced folks.

I am sure I will have lots of questions! LOL

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