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Finding huge holes in my medical preps, I guess it's better now than later. I had no benadryl, adult or children, in the house (I have a iodine/betadine/shell fish reaction & DD had a reaction to the dryer sheets, different scent, but she had a reaction to onmifec before. DD is also low on iron, haven't had a problem since she was 8 months old and she nearly died. She is normally a pretty good eater preferring fruits and veggies but she is now 5 and her tastebuds are changing.<_< So I'll know be stocking the off-brand pedisure to make sure I can keep her where she needs to be.


Oh, picked up more clothes a couple of different size up for DD and DS1. Now if only I could find winter coats and boots, maybe a garage sale this summer.

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We bought and froze 50 lbs of white rice.


I finally "had it" with store-bought beef. The bland, flavorless, stringy, top round roast I made for dinner was my breaking point. Supper is less and less appetizing which leads to not being full and snacking more. It's time for me to see what's available locally and if it's gluten-free (the part that makes me very, very nervous--cross-contamination with any gluten during processing/packaging).


Bought a mini-maglite for a BOB.

Put exam gloves into a ziploc bag and into our car's First Aid Kit.

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I've been using excess milk to make bread and freeze it, but now I've got about 2 months worth frozen. So I've started making queso fresca and freezing that. Giving the whey to the hens. I am bringing in over 1 gallon a day and DD and I cannot drink that much. Already froze more than we need.

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Happy - The weather is still bonkers. Last week it was 20 degress in Scotland and they were all sunbathing, the same place is a foot in snow this week. How weird is that!




I've finished putting the preps in the bedroom under the bed. They are in black tote boxes so can't be seen with a quick glance. All the books that wont go on the shelves have gone in rolling vegetable wracks and that works really well. Iv still got a pile to go on the top shelf once Iv removed the videos - to go on to DVDs.




Working through my pet preps. Iv recieved a couple of collars, and a lead, all in leather. I've already got most of the grooming stuff I need except the electric clippers - you can get battery operated oones.



Finished knitting some things for the Dog, so my next project will be some hats I think. I want to practice doing some cabling and work up to a gorgious cable knit hoody Iv seen. Heres the free pattern of it (its a free pattern from Knitting pattern central so I hope its OK to put in):





Its above my ability but I hope to get good enough to do it well.

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Purdy Bear I have to order a bigger carrier for my cat and a dog harness of some size as I measured my Maine Coon Cat who is now full grown and very filled out. Shes huge , about 19 lbs? She sure 'Hmph'd" alot while I wrangled her with measuring tape in hand last night, lol.


I just finally ordered my wonderwash , the original type of crank, gallon size, type little manual clothes washer.


Went and bought the five for 24.99 meats at the store today and came home to the Dallas Ft Worth area tornado news going on the Weather Channel and went " Oh my gosh and texted my son who was in lockdown due to the tornadoes with highschool kids at his kid and getting fed up with the incompetence of the principal who was in total panic mode on the intercom about it ..... that story is on the thread about the tornadoes today. "


He was able to call me after he got home and settled there after making sure his wife is still kicking and at work having to do damage assessments on all the area recruiting offices in person before she can come home tonight...


so, ordered the wonderwash after getting all that settled in my mind and working on the finishing touches of a good beef stew right now, thinking about guerilla gardening and trout fishing the creeks here as soon as I can get a license. Because the produce sucks and is way expensive with gas prices and long time miles to deliver here...... and I have been told to eat fish as much as possible by my doc........

thinking out temporary mini worm farm to maintain worms between fishing dates, lol.


Got some other stuff for the month and I know a couple of those things are prep stuff too but can't think any more of which is which just now. Been a busy afternoon! Spent some time working on caseworker needs earlier away from the home here and came home to all this.

Figuring out the next things I need to do for shopping and what will also work as preps and what to get to dehydrate and do some canning with as I go over the next week or so here....... so mind is trying to figure all that out then I can break it down and do something each day or every other day in between other things too and if I can buy a license to fish, start fishing again now that its starting to warm up.

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CGA - I hope you enjoy it and it works out well. I suppose I could try making a kiddies one first and move up from there.


Arby - Iv known a giant Main Coon and they are totally gorgious cats, more like a medium sized dog really. My current dog is about the same size lol!


Iv started to catalogue all the inherited stuff, so taking lots of pictures and documenting them all. Its going to take forever.



The digital TV has started to zone in where I am, so Iv lost four channels which I cant pick up on my freeview. It may mean I will need to get a new aerial set up. I should have only lost one channel, so Im hoping by tomorrow they have sorted it all out. :beat_deadhorse:



Shopping wise, Iv recieved a few more doggy bits, and then another fishermans vest. I already have one as part of my Bob kit, and this one I wanted to use for general use. Its a body warmer so its going to be nice when its a little bit warmer (yep its gone cold again). My original has 18 pockets this one has only 14. In one article I read last year a journalist went on holiday with everything he needed for his trip packed in his vest so he overcome the extortionate baggage fees.


PS heres the link for that article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1292933/How-help-17-pocket-jacket-I-beat-Ryanair-game.html

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yep, Purdy, Miss Macy really is a lovely looking cat and shes really big compared to little ole Smokey who ventured out and never returned that last time. Shes definitely going to take a medium carrier or even large , but I don't think I could hand carry a large one. The medium dog carrier I found is sufficient for evac-ing though and would fit into my wagon as well.

The harness is a material type rather than just straps and buckles and I think that's a better choice and actually easier to grab as she runs by once I got it on and had to grab the leash, lol. Probably letting her slip through my grasp. the cloth harness seemed like it was probably easier to grab hold of in that circumstance and would support her if someone grabbed her up quickly to get her contained ( like EMS in a hurry to help.) More comfortable for her and in a contrasting light color compared to her dark sides and back coloring.


And nope, it's not even pink. ( thankfully there were other color choices !)

Still with it being dog harness I know the stronger dog leashes and their larger clasps and such will fit, unlike cat collar fittings that can be way to small to reckon with her sturdy body and strength if she decides to protest or try to run off. Much more secure choice.


With the disruption of an immediate evac situation for her and not ever having been outside and not used to a lot of people I felt these were the best choices since she is not tea cup sized or weight. She would be very frightened with quick handling, so I want to be sure the stuff we use would be strong and durable for her strength and size.


well my wonder wash shipped, could be here by Friday since it was only shipped about 12 hrs away from factory. or tomorrow? I will be testing it out as soon as I put it all together!

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This past week I learned how to made cheese (the easy recipes, so far) and butter. Next, there is to make some with herbs and spices. The info I received here took the fear out of it. Thanks for all the good info and websites.


I took all of my dehydrated food out of bags and put in jars and sealed them.

I am still working on my 'How To' notebooks and marking things off of my to do lists.

I finally finished going through my stock and found several things were really old. I found that the energy and snack bars , crackers , etc. do taste old after expired more that a year or more. I guess it is the oil content. I gave DGS some old peanut butter crackers /12-3-10 not realizing it. He spit for a good while and kept saying 'Nasty Grandma, Nasty.' I bought some fresh ones and had to taste first before he would he them. I guess I got lazy and when I bought new supplies, I would use the fresh stuff instead of putting in the stored supplies and using the older ones first.



Next on list is to find a cord of firewood at a reasonable price and fix crack in firebox. People who owned house before us burned mesquite wood and cracked it. We are trying to get prices.


I feel an urgency to at least to try and 'batten up the hatches.':smiley_shitfan:

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I feel an urgency to at least to try and 'batten up the hatches.':smiley_shitfan:\


DH and I were talking the other night, I was thinking November (elections) and trying to make sure I had additional surplus of staples for then. He is really thinking we are going to have riots in June when the Supreme Court comes back with their decision on Obama Care. He thinks when it hits the fan alot of the changes will be reverting back to post industrial (lots of hard labor, women back in the home caring for children, the home, actual food prep (no convenience food), sewing, gardening, canning, etc. I chuckled and wondered if I should start making bread without my machine.:busted:


I think we are just waiting for something to trigger problems.


DH hopped on the Honeyville site this morning, I opened up the freeze dried carrots and peas to start learning to cook with them and we made the switch to their potato flakes awhile ago (I make them with the directions from the box of instant mashed). So I told him we are about ready for an order and I requested 2 containers of Red Feather Butter so I can try and bake with it (the only thing I really use butter for). He came back amazed that they had freeze dried sausage. :buttercup: I told him it was probably a good idea to pick up a container to try it on pizza and for sausage gravy.

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I ordered that medium sized harness for my cat for emergencies and some mini bread pans as small loaves are really more realistic for me and I can freeze what I want when I make a batch of bread. They are good for holiday baking too :)

2 more handy items.

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More clothes for DD. $22 for a trash bag full. Most of it is for now or this fall but there are a few things for the next size up. I think she is pretty well set for the summer.

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Did full inventory on my preps. Now I realize were all my holes are! I wish I had unlimited income so I could patch them quick. I know I only started prepping a little over a year ago, and I know I have come a long way to securing some measure of safety for my family, but I am still so far off.....

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Jori--I agree with you. It sounds like we all are just 'trucking' along doing what we can. Today, I am starting my sourdough starter---again. I make it several times then frget to feed it. Maybe this I will do better. The recipe makes two large loaves or 3 smaller. It will be good with my new cheese and butter. But first get eggs ready to hunt.



Has anyone found the old fashion candy eggs to hunt. We don't eat them and usually freeze them to use again the next year. No eggs last year or this year. I couldn't even find the dye kits. I will use food coloring to do the boiled ones.




Violet this is a better idea. I didn't realize how many jars it would take. At least, now I know what we have here.

Arby, CGA, etc. there are so many here who give me encouragement because of what you all do everyday. I decided a while back to try and accomplish something everyday.

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oh I don't get nearly as much as I would like done each day! Like montanamom wish I had more income, nothing excessive but some more would sure help as prices and such are going up and required bills are more due to copays and such.


I have decided to note down individual items on some bought lists to keep better track of what I am getting month to month right now to see if it will help me figure out my food budget and toiletries needs in particular, also noting what I actually am using as I go.


If I break all that down into food groups , I think it will help me determine what I am really consuming and what I need to be comfortable with enough variety and nutrition generally.


Received my wonderwash today and putting first load through it now :D


( you have to assemble it , but its not hard. I do think they could improve the handle on the crank however)


Got child sized shovel and hoe for gardening or emergency gardening although I do have army shovels too.


Some hand trowels and hand rake are going to complete that little set of gardening tools.

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Pulled out our old backpacks, sleeping bags and all our camping gear. Sewed them up where the seams had raveled. Converting them into BOBs.

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Wellllll, time will tell if the second horse we received today [FREE] will be a good prep. If it keeps my main horse more content [...and he is in LOVE already! :wub: ] then it will be. She's older than I'd like [but FREE is a good word] and an Arabian *sigh* NOT compatible for my therapy riding...not at all! :shakinghead: But DH might enjoy her. Iffen we ever had to do a walking BugOut...I have GOT to use horse legs!


Keeping in mind our terribly dry winter/spring, we also picked up an old horse trailer. [solid; not pretty. Just the way I like it! So you get less admiring glances!!! ] Now we are in the process of rearranging vehicles. DH has used the pickup for his commuting vehicle for a long time now. It went in for a check-up and is still in fine shape. So it will be getting fixed for towing the trailer. It would stay home to be my vehicle. Which would mean I can put all the BO stuff from our dead vehicle [otherwise known as our "shed" :ashamed0002: ] into the back of the truck {under topper]. Then we can donate the dead vehicle to the fire dept for whatever drills they like to use them for. The gas-economy car will require quite a bit of fixing up to go back on the road for DH. But unless there is something drastic, it will be his commute vehicle again. We will gain a lot of gas mileage quickly cuz his commute is a good distance.


All of this is getting us into a better position while the Economic Hooey continues to Hit the Fan. AND....I will be in a much better position if I do have to haul livestock outta here for a fire. [or whatever] I'll have to rethink some of my "15 Minutes to Leave" plan. I'd have to use the dog crates for the goats if I have the pickup. Definitely have to rehearse that one!!!! :twister3: We have a hill right handy to use for a ramp. But GOATS! And the XL dog have to cram back there. Stay tuned for reports on my upcoming 'fire drills'. :wacko::rolleyes:


I'll be doing loading exercises with the new horses too! Was glad to see the new horse looks like an elfin princess next to [my brother's name for BBB] 'lard butt'. OK... BBB IS pretty hefty and wanted to ride a bit sideways in the trailer. I'm not totally sure there is room for slim "Princess". :unsure: Get them settled down with the new place and new roommates and then try it. Then practice it! Horse loading neeeeeeds to go smoothly. Cuz if it doesn't go smoothly...it's not going at all! :banghead:



Repairing fences and this vehicle shuffle has taken up most of the past couple weeks.


MtRider [......augh....I am T I R E D !!! :0327: ...but hopeful! :thumbs: ]

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That's awesome that you got a friend for BBB! And for free too! :eclipsee_Victoria:

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Mt_Rider - it sounds like you've got your hands full, I hope you get your escape plan worked out.



I've taken a day off resting, very rare for me but I guess you can only go for so long before your forced to rest.


I began to knit a lovely thick ribbed scarf today, its going to be short and just go round the neck once. Its just a shame I dont have enough wool for a hat to match.



Found a website that sells wool in the UK at a slightly reduced price, so I'm going to do an order and see if it comes. Looks too good to be true at the moment, but Ive found it in yellow pages and the shop front on google maps so hopfully it should be OK.

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The Easter Bunny brought me a Bird Song Bible. It has all 747 breeding species of North America with a little player on the side that plays the birds' songs. After the Hunger Games and seeing the guy on Doomsday Preppers that was teaching his kids so they would know what birds were around by the songs they heard, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. We already try to id birds by sight, so it learning songs will fit right in.

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