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Ack....I've been SO busy I haven't opened the computer since Thursday.


DH and I set up 2 [of intended 5] potato towers. No more DIGGING in our concrete-like soil for those tater...and find that the voles have gotten them.

:frying pan:


Also hauled up 2 'dead' [read: shouldn't have paid for it cuz it was already toasting] hay bales and many straw bales (since we'd been given the straw for freeeee! I will post soon about 3 new methods of gardening that will solve [hopefully] our aging/health issues, rocky soil issues, perhaps some arid climate issues, and lack of nutrient for gardens issues. :darlenedance: Anyway, we're trying potato towers, straw bale (or hay...really!) gardening, and soda bottle tubes for smaller plantings (lettuce, herbs, spinach, peas(?), etc.


Turning a 10X20' chain link 'dog kennel' into a garden...keeping out the deer,etc.


:bounce: This could be one of the most important things we've done...if we're ever going to HAVE to survive [the food prices or :smiley_shitfan: ] here on the mountain. This gives hope....tho how we'd get hay bales PostHooey I don't know. Get out a sythe I guess.


More improvement in garage too...but I've had to slow that down for the push at gardening. :0327::lois:


MtRider [ :clothesline: <---catch up on THAT tomorrow tooooo! ]

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Mercy, Mt_Rider! Hope the garden does well. Maybe you can figure out how to wrap the dog kennel in plastic for a greenhouse?


I've started gathering all the loose fuel I can from the woods near the house. I can't do a lot on any one day, it hurts my back, but a couple of feed sacks a day is doable. I'm piling the stuff on some mesquite that needs killing and burning it. All this is in hopes that if a wild fire strikes, there won't be enough fuel to make the fire so hot it burns up to the house and takes out our home.

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I picked up a cloth clothes line. I swore we had one that was plastic coated when I was young.:huh: Picked up 8 packs of toothbrushes for the kids (2 pk for $1), floss sticks, toothpaste and a container for all of it. Dental floss and floss sticks for us. 3 packages of buttonhole elastic on clearance. Took my first knitting class and started to teach DD how to sew (brown paper bag and yarn tied to a paperclip but she did it on her own and did a GREAT job!!). Picked up a pattern board for half off at Joann's.

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Inventoried body soap and body wash...... and put it in the cupboard , boxed to keep it neat, in my room, instead of leaving it all under the bathroom sink I was clutter clearing and cleaning today.

Left only enough for the next few months and have room to put some more toilet paper under the sink too.

Clutter cleared the extra stuff on the sink top too, and it looks much better now!

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1 waterproof watch good down to 3atm (I think thats just over 90 meters), it has a stop watch, alarm the usual.


1 pocket guide to dogs by gem



Clipped one side of the Bay tree I just need to do the other.



Brainstormed my medical room list, BOL wants just to see if I come up with anything new.


Recieved the notification that my dog is due his booster shots so I've got to arrange that this coming week. I may just pay for the taxi fare as my brothers driving always makes me car sick and I dont get car sick lol!

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Recieved a collar and lead that is flourescent so shines out at night, along with another grooming book.


I've re-brainstormed my medical room list, BOL and also BOB Misc kits. I just like to do them from scratch now and again to see if I've forgotten anything.


This week I've watched videos on book binding, coptic stitching and then medical stuff like lancing and basic bandaging.




Do any of you know if a Shih Tzu's fur can be spun into knitting wool? I have read somewhere that any fur that grows to 2 inches or more can be used, so that would also mean dogs like maltese, poodles etc could be used. The only thing is that Yorkis and Shih's have hair and not fur but I guess there wouldnt be any difference.



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Another month is almost gone and we've paid down some more bills. I'm also stocking up the pantry again. My goal is to add a couple of extra months worth into the pantry. We don't generally stock for the grandkids, but we always know that there is a possibility of them staying with us in an emergency. Their mom now stocks up too, but there isn't a lot of organization to her methods yet. By adding a couple of months worth of food to the pantry, we'll be better equipped to help them out, if need be.


I made a up a good list the other night and we just happened to be near a dollar store last night, so I was able to stock up on Hunt's Spaghetti sauce, shelf-stable soy milk and Heinz dill pickles. All three items were on my list so they have since been checked off...Only a million more things to go!


I also placed my order for firewood this morning. It won't be delivered for a few weeks only because I don't want to deal with it yet. Ten cords should see us through the winter just fine. This past winter, we didn't order any and relied just on what we gleaned at the curb or had stored already. That worked out okay, especially with a mild winter. I don't think that we'll be that lucky this go round, so I wanted to have a solid supply. We did have a lot of wind this winter so I was able to pick up a lot of twigs and sticks in the yard to use to get the fire hot and hubby still has a few opportunities to bring home scrap lumber that we use for the same purpose. I am going full out this year to make sure that we are prepared.

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It sounds like we are all already looking at next winter since this one was so mild. It's always interesting to see what we do in the spring and summer and what sheeple do during the spring and summer. The Ant and the Grasshopper.


I planted more onions and thinned my chard and lettuce. Continued my beginner knitting class -learned increasing and decreasing, and binding. I signed up for my next class - hats and scarfs. Cleaned the deep freeze so I should be able to pick up and fit 50# of both bread flour and rice.


I sorted through and organizes the kids clothes totes. I need to pull DD's long sleeve shirts, leggings, and boots and get them in a tote (should fit this fall/winter.

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You just reminded me, Jori... I need to order up some warm pj's for the winter. Hubby and I have worn some of ours until they are almost threadbare. Tis the season to find a bargain on them! I'm also planning a few more trips to take photos. If I have enough photos of "things" that I can write about, I can mostly stay home during the winter. This year was really wonderful for that and I'm looking forward to being able to do that again.

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Recieved a collar and lead that is flourescent so shines out at night, along with another grooming book.


I've re-brainstormed my medical room list, BOL and also BOB Misc kits. I just like to do them from scratch now and again to see if I've forgotten anything.


This week I've watched videos on book binding, coptic stitching and then medical stuff like lancing and basic bandaging.




Do any of you know if a Shih Tzu's fur can be spun into knitting wool? I have read somewhere that any fur that grows to 2 inches or more can be used, so that would also mean dogs like maltese, poodles etc could be used. The only thing is that Yorkis and Shih's have hair and not fur but I guess there wouldnt be any difference.




I THOUGHT I saw on the craft book club website a book on this. Since I couldn't find it I googled crafting with dog hair and found several, but Knitting with Dog Hair was the top one. http://www.amazon.com/Knitting-With-Dog-Hair-Sweater/dp/0312152906


There is one on felting with cat fur http://www.amazon.com/Crafting-Cat-Hair-Cute-Handicrafts/dp/1594745250 .




God must be trying to tell me I need to learn what to do with pet hair. This is the third time in a week the topic has popped up in my life. I'd never even thought about it except the one time on Good Morning America or some such when they had dog hair swimsuits. :yuk: The first time it came up my friends daughter got bored and finger twisted cat fur together to make a "rope" and then made a braided bracelet from it.

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Picked up 2 nice size blueberry bushes at Kroger for $5 for both. (one already has green berries - YUM!). If anyone is in the south near a kroger might be worth a peek to see if yours have any if you would like blueberries. I've had trouble finding a variety that says it will survive according to the USDA growing zone chart. Even the ones at the local stores don't match up to our zone if you research them. These have Texas in the name so I'm hopeful. Just wish I had more room. They said they'd get 6-8 high and wide.


I've also got some more fruit trees from the mail order places coming. They were on sale REALLY cheap. I know they will be stick size, so I hope they make it.

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I ordered some Corelle ware dishes, 8 settings. Seems over the years my dishes have all done a disappearing act and I won't have anything to eat off once the disposables are gone. I've used disposables for yrs and yrs, but I'm getting a dishwasher and realized I don't have dishes!


I also ordered some nice pleated shades to help keep the sun out and still look nice when I show the house.


AND I ordered some Bible reference books because when the grid goes down I won't have access to the computerized versions any more.

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I planted some tangerine seeds, from the tangerines we were given, and 5 trees have sprouted and are growing good. Praise God. Selected the areas where they will be transplanted.


We are going to have our galvanized water pipes replaced and our water heater relocated outside. The cabinet the heater was in, is going to become a new storage area.

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I'm having a dress rehearsal week - half the electricity out in our house. Since Sunday but this is Day 4 of hunting down the mystery of WHAT is causing this. The PRO [master electrician] is coming today.


Baby ducks arrived yesterday [4 of 6 survived the postal trip :( ] and NEED the heat lamp. Did I mention that it's nearly 11am and hasn't yet reached 40 degrees? :frozen: So I dropped a good outdoor extension cord out the upstairs living room window and over to the big garage door. Under the rubber bumper and ....ta da! Heat lamp for the babies. <_< Simple, jah?



Yep, VERY VERY VERY grateful that the whole thing isn't out but it IS wearing me out to tear apart every jam-packed corner of the house so they can take apart an electrical outlet to check it. We'll see what new investigative devices the PRO has today. :rolleyes:



MtRider [...no time/energy to do much ELSE right now... :0327: ]

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It is still cold here from the last cold fronts going through my area here in the Northeast. Glad I did not yet get out to go guerrilla garden . No sense in wasting seeds although they are old enough to already be less germination rate anyhow. Still... it won't start warming up to normal temperature until next week. Low temperature end at that.


I just want to see if it will work at all but the colder days and nights suddenly , not to mention some really good rain in the past week, which helps because it was too dry and becoming drought conditions.


I feel badly for those with blooms and such that have been struck in recent weeks after such a warm early spring and its affected the crops in those areas and personal efforts to simply feed a household.


So much for counting on an early spring being consistent.


I still have plenty of time here to do some bitty walks in the woods and by some of the creeks under the guise of getting some air and exercise... checking out fishing holes.

If anything grows it may be eaten by critters anyhow, since there is little if anyway to protect it like you can at home. LOL. Still, its worth a try and the seed is getting to old to count on anyhow. But, I think its at least worth trying?


I am getting tired of the temp fluctuations, its either too hot or too cold here. Inside! I get chilled and it takes several hours of the space heater on so I don't bother the neighbor... or its hot the next day inside to the degree I have to turn on the A/C..... :sHa_sarcasticlol:


It is a good sign that it is finally somewhat more sunny today, but I see another storm approaching already.......lol.


Next week! yea, that's it.


Well, lets see what I can do inside to get better prepared right?


* toddles off to do that stuff.

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CGA, I've been using Corelle for years. I really like them. Mine are the plain beige ones. I was lucky enough to pick mine up at an outlet store. They had a lot of different pieces so I was able to make my own sets. One of my favorite is a soup plate. It isn't as big as a dinner plate but bigger than a saucer. It also has a rim around it so things don't go sliding off the edge. Handy for spaghetti and slippery things.

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Yea for Corelleware! You CAN break them :frying pan: but ya gotta try really hard. I chipped the rim a bit on a saucer. My parents gave me a set cuz of my lack-of-coordination with MS. Good investment. Other than that saucer, they've held up for years and....they are fairly lightweight! :thumbs:



In other news.... :frying pan: A new CAST IRON FRYING PAN DANGER ALERT!


:o AIIIIIEEEEEE.....I've just had an electrical incident. And it wasn't static electricity. I have a brass lamp setting in the kichen this week cuz those overhead lights are on the non-working circuit. So I'm pushing my cast iron frying pan over and it touched the brass lamp base. The lamp was on.


SNAP/POP Sparks flying everywhere. I quickly brushed off the front of my shirt! Naturally, the lightbulb was the pop. <_< Dang, that was an expensive 3-way bulb! But WHY IN THE HECK AM I 'WELDING' WITH A FRYING PAN????? There is a tiny burned spot on the lamp base where they connected. :smiley_shitfan: Aiiieeee...hope the Master Electrician arrives soon.


Until then, I'm not touching anything electric. So I turned over my favorite rocking easy chair and found that I'd broken a spring a couple days ago. So I wired the spring out of the way and it will now recline as normal. Yea! Success at something. I'm sitting here till the PRO gets here!



MtRider [ :behindsofa: Anything more like that and I'm snapping off the main breaker! ]

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Bought a 12 ft tree trimmer so I can get some more sun in the yard for gardening space. Also bought 5 solar path lights to test for the yard and for emergency indoor lighting. They were $2 at Target. Dropped by the Dollar Tree on the way home and they had similar ones there for a dollar. I'm going to see if the lighting is comparable.

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Mt. Rider, I also have problems with corelleware because it is so light in weight. They 'slide' so well, lol. Wheeeeeeeeeeee, crash.

It is difficult to sense the fine, thin, corelle dishes. For me with my disorders. I have some challenges hanging on to dishes and such things..... heavier weight ones seem to be much easier for me to use and serve up meals with. I often just use a sandwich plate that is ceramic based or a bowl that is, too. They are a comfort to hold , when I am dealing with my stuff.


I loved the baking dishes but they were easy to hold, solid.

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