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From 5pm until 12 minutes ago, I was :cele::bounce::woohoo: I'm back fully in the 21st Century! The PRO guy was great...tho he had to work to figure it out too.




Then I tried to turn on a lamp that had formerly been working..... :shakinghead: Found TWO OUTLETS that are NOW not working.


Pretty sure these two are actually on the same circuit that we've been dealing with BUT..they were before the problem on the line from the breaker box. Meaning our solution to reroute that line has now...cut out these two outlets....that we hadn't figured out were even ON that line.



Well, at least we didn't have to empty the waterbed in order to move it far enough to reach a different outlet. That had been a horrid possibility for a while. :o



And my frying pan incident....that was an ungrounded lamp with the iron pan making the arc. ....However....God protected me from being a part of the huge shock. I was holding that pan when it happened. :unsure::amen:




Gotta be a Purpose but oye, I'm so tired. Just think of what a major energy drain a full-ON :smiley_shitfan: would be?????



MtRider [...sorta making progress and then I can get on with gardening and stuff :lois: ]

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Mt. Rider, I also have problems with corelleware because it is so light in weight. They 'slide' so well, lol. Wheeeeeeeeeeee, crash.

It is difficult to sense the fine, thin, corelle dishes. For me with my disorders. I have some challenges hanging on to dishes and such things..... heavier weight ones seem to be much easier for me to use and serve up meals with. I often just use a sandwich plate that is ceramic based or a bowl that is, too. They are a comfort to hold , when I am dealing with my stuff.


I loved the baking dishes but they were easy to hold, solid.



I always wanted a set of Corelleware but I know that hubby would break it. Our everyday dishes are plastic ones that we bought right after we were married. He just broke a saucer the other day and another saucer has a crack, so I use it to cut up poutlry treats.


I do have a nice set of Syracuse China that was purchased when Syracuse China was actually made in ...Syracuse and not CHINA! From time to time, I pick up single stray dishes aat Dollar Tree or a yard sale to use as props for staging food photos. My sister in law has at least 8 sets of china, so I also borrow from her from time to time.

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CGA and Windmorn - Thanks, its something else Im looking at for the next woofy.



I had class yesterday, so had that all done and dusted, I've just got to do the homework and write up the notes later.



I've been looking into paper making from recycled paper today, so I hope to get a biginners kit soon. That way I can make journals out of recycled stuff which is going to be excellent. I love it when things are dirt cheap. I use a journal every day and they are so expensive to buy.

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TMC , lately I have been working on collecting a piece at a time, enamelware. I have enough ceramic plates. Not worried about a set of china these days although I appreciate them.


I dont like plastic at all. I have a few small camp items that are however and stuff to contain food in frig and freezer, but really dislike plastic and the odd colors and sizes of cups and bowls and such they make. So dollar store plates and such that are ceramic based or glass items, that works. A couple plastic tumblers that are not huge. Canning jars work well too for tea brewing and drinking. More solid than plastic.


I would love a nice set of dishes but not worried about it for now since I am in no position to entertain anyhow. I did grow up with basic and nice dishes too and do know how that works.


For now I need durable and wanted to increase my camp dishes because I had so few that were truly durable. They don't go in the microwave either, but they wont break if you drop one either. Or melt if too close to fires edge or woodstove.


I am more concerned that things wont hold together now than I was 4 yrs ago too. Or our vulnerabilities will be struck upon by those who really don't like us as they are more and more capable.


I am trying for durable mostly, but probably would take a few other dishes other than camp stuff if I could manage it too for a place I set up.


I see no reason to collect a lot of special stuff, it all is very utilitarian for now and no great loss if I have to leave it behind. I hope one day I can have a nicer place and be able to furnish it more nicely again but for now, I have no need as I am not having family visits or visitors to entertain. My needs are not much by myself.


If I did I have good taste though . Just haven't had the money to practice it that much , and this area is so used to having people live rustically , that unless you go to the larger cities South, you cannot find this unless you go to a fancy place to stay, or down state to purchase your own. Or special order it.


I am ok with what I have for now.


I don't have a lot of room for baking dishes and don't cook that much either that way anymore, so even baking dishes like corelle are not all that necessary for now. But if I found one or two smaller ones I would be happy. I grew up using it and had some in my younger adult years.


If anything it's time to go through and take out stuff that I am not making use of again. Sort of like that closet yesterday. Its better for me to minimize and get only what I will absolutely use.


Even if things stay fine enough for stability's sake, I want less stuff around. If its not being used or cannot be used for emergency living, I don't need it right now. I am an objects person and it will never be smooth glass and steel decor with a rare sculpture in an empty room, but for now, until things get better and I can progress further towards my most civilized goals and improve that way, I just won't worry about it.


So, at this point would be glad to have a set of enamelware that is of decent quality. That is more useful for emergency living situations I could find myself in, or great for going camping with a few friends if nothing else.


I have some large glass bowls I can use if I need to bake a small casserole for myself and they will last a while. Or use in the microwave to do same. I tend to just use baking pans mostly in my oven for baked goods? Not much more room in cupboards I have after basic pans and baking pans and a few containers and jars that are empty to be used daily /weekly. I don't even have room anywhere convenient to put my pressure cooker and dehydrator away in that kitchen. They remain in their boxes to protect them. Its not a woman's kitchen, this one, lol. A single wide mobile home is much better set up for that by comparison.


This whole place is an awkward place. But it is a roof over my head and my kitchen is my own and I don't have to put up with roomies who are noisy or whatever.


I did mean for it to be temporary but with things as they are in this nation, and I need a car or truck again, not just spend what I could save in a year or so, to move since they fixed the roof. So it will be a while. No plans for fancy for a while to come I am sure. If I did get my VA disability that would become a little easier to think about again in time. But they have a major overload on cases to deal with now.


I would rather work on a proper desk being built to fit me to make a good work space for my writing. The writing could pay off and help me in that way to get free of all this stuff and into better circumstances in the long run. I don't need corelle . I need lumber and a few more tools !


This is not anything I am comfortable with or content with ,but making do for now is all I can do and although I am working on the two stories for books, that wont be a solid product for quite some time to come and thats only if the grid stays up and I can stay in a place.


so, I am trying to get prepped for both ways of life, lol.


Because it feels more and more due to serious Officially recognized and Intelligent evidence now to back it up that either is possible.



Visualize Daniel Boone's Grandmother or something like that, lol. But in pants because these woods and ticks are not easy to deal with, or the snakes. Save the skirts for Sunday meetings. :sHa_sarcasticlol::grinning-smiley-044:

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Yea for Corelleware! You CAN break them :frying pan: but ya gotta try really hard. I chipped the rim a bit on a saucer. My parents gave me a set cuz of my lack-of-coordination with MS. Good investment. Other than that saucer, they've held up for years and....they are fairly lightweight! :thumbs:



In other news.... :frying pan: A new CAST IRON FRYING PAN DANGER ALERT!


:o AIIIIIEEEEEE.....I've just had an electrical incident. And it wasn't static electricity. I have a brass lamp setting in the kichen this week cuz those overhead lights are on the non-working circuit. So I'm pushing my cast iron frying pan over and it touched the brass lamp base. The lamp was on.


SNAP/POP Sparks flying everywhere. I quickly brushed off the front of my shirt! Naturally, the lightbulb was the pop. dry.gif Dang, that was an expensive 3-way bulb! But WHY IN THE HECK AM I 'WELDING' WITH A FRYING PAN????? There is a tiny burned spot on the lamp base where they connected. :smiley_shitfan: Aiiieeee...hope the Master Electrician arrives soon.


Until then, I'm not touching anything electric. So I turned over my favorite rocking easy chair and found that I'd broken a spring a couple days ago. So I wired the spring out of the way and it will now recline as normal. Yea! Success at something. I'm sitting here till the PRO gets here!



MtRider [ :behindsofa: Anything more like that and I'm snapping off the main breaker! ]




We broke a corelle bowl in the sink and don't know how. DS went to do dishes and came in the living room and showed me the bowl in 2 pieces. shrug.gif Within a week of that 2 other friends broke corelle dishes. One dropped a stack on a tile floor. I forgot what the other one did. The second one had a friend post on facebook that corelle will replace broken ones and a pic is sufficient evidence. I don't know if this is true or not.


CGA MT RIDER - Glad you got you're electrical problem sorted out!OOPS! I meant Mt_Rider. ( I've got a headache and when that happens I mix things up before hand. I've figured out that's my auroa.)

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I have had a corelle plate , with someone simply trying to cut their steak go sliding off a wooden dining table , hit the floor and crack in pieces, like two or three at the time it happened. They weren't being rough or anything either... it was embarrassing for the person who had it happen too. But all we could do was watch it go, it happened so easily, lol.


Its one of the reasons I won't use them any more? They do break.


The bakeware is nice though.

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I caught a sale on sugar for $2.08 for 4 lbs. so I grabbed five. I started a list of items I needed to add to my pantry and stock up on.


I wanted to set up a garden this year but I'm guessing we won't since we are in limbo on moving or staying here.

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Well, those final two pesky outlets are turned back on. PRO hadn't realized I have just two outlets on a single circuit. :shrug: So he'd snapped that one off. Came back this morning and put it back on again. Ooops!



Sooooooo, it's a Modern Conveniences Party at my house. :band: Woooo, look! Lights snap on and off! :cele::darlenedance:


...God goes to great lengths to get us to appreciate what we currently [pun intended] have! :bouquet:



MtRider [...now back to my regularly scheduled LIFE! Pick up my car tomorrow! :wub: ]

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Whew...went back to focusing on the new horses today. [after that week-long detour of electricity focus] Was able to get our farrier [great, talented gal but she lives far away and had our area on her circuit TODAY :cheer: ]. Both horses needed a trim but the Princess was really long in the 'toe'. :(


Then I rode the Princess and DH rode the Lard Butt...er, I mean BBB. :sHa_sarcasticlol: {lets just say one can tell he's getting tidbits of that green grass starting to grow :rolleyes: }


That went well. DH hasn't ridden in years so he couldn't go too long or risk 'saddle sore'. Best to work up slowly. We had also moved both the trailer and the mounting steps so that if we had to pull out fast in an EVAC, we didn't have to back down the driveway. :shakinghead:


Unfortunately then we had to put steps back together again. Loose screws and weathered boards after all these years. It came into three pieces when we dragged it. But, it's good now.


All of this horse business is PREP BUSINESS!


1) I've been a bit anxious to get these horses up to speed. I need to be able to practice loading/unloading horse trailer. If we ever have an EVAC - type Hooey, this needs to be a smooth procedure. :cheeky-smiley-067: Panic in horses make them such nitwits! <_<


2) AND if I ever would have to EVAC ON HORSEBACK, I need to be able to have confidence in their performance. Still too early for that.


3 ) AND *I* must be in better shape physically than I've been the past couple years [with insufficient riding] if HooeyHitsFan. So all this riding and the workout it is to take care of horses is getting me there.....slowly. Right now it makes me feel :faint3:


But....eventually, we'll all be back up to speed again. [baring weeks off for electrical problems or some such.



MtRider [...back in the saddle again....**literally, no bareback yet!]

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I've been thinning out the family wardrobe this week. I cut up a lot of rags and put aside some outgrown clothes for the grandkids to have on hand here. I also dehydrated some cherry tomatoes that were in danger of getting ugly.

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Started making bread instead if buying it. I'll give myself until the end of school and give up using the bread machine most of the time. We'll be picking up a grain mill and looking into buying bulk grains. Practicing my knitting stitches and have found a few patterns thanks to interest :-)

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Martian, did you save some old clothes for bandages? We might be back to the Civil War type if our modern, lovely-sterile-packed ones are used up. :( Boil them; dry them; put them in ziplock.



:thumbs: Jori


:sad-smiley-012: Our dearly-beloved and much-used breadmaker died tonite. It started slipping gears [clunk*clunk*clunk] last week when I made pizza dough. We've had it a long time but ...tonite was it's final gasp.



However, after we bought this one, we gave my folks one just like it. They've used it a few times thru the years but not lately. So likely they'll give us theirs. :wub: Especially if we bribe them with DH's cinnamon rolls sometime. :feedme: Last ones, he forgot the cinnamon but they were so good, no one noticed. :P



Anyway, he can make them by hand easily. We both baked a lot of bread by hand when we were growing up. I was in 4-H and he learned from his Grma. But...breadmaker makes it easy....just get it started out with right proportions and wait for it to beep at you much later. [we only use the dough function anyway] Get the dough into pans or whatever and bake. :yum3:


Good prep skill. Make bread by the fire too. :campfire: Dough wrapped around a green, shaved stick. Make sure you can make pancakes with anything you have to hand. That's the next most basic 'bread'.



MtRider :cook:

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I didn't save any for bandages, Mt. Rider. Not this time. The truth is that we have so many old clothes that I'm nowhere near finished. Some of the things that I cut up for rags haven't fit my daughters in 8 years... They just left them in their closet for some reason. I did sort some out to go to charity, too.


I don't have any non-commercial bandages stockpiled, but I would think that old bedsheets would be best for that. I don't really have any experience with making and storing them, though I do know of the technique that you mentioned. As a matter of fact, even now, I'm picturing the hospital scenes in Gone With The Wind. The bandages that they had all seemed to look like cut up bedsheets which gave every patient a "mummy" look as the bandages wrapped round and round each wound. I try to buy a few new sets of sheets each year, so I suppose that I could retire a couple of sets and turn them into bandages.

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since it was too wetr to work on garden or flower bed, my prep partner purchased a new hi-point 9mm handgun. She was looking for a small one, and the reviews and info on it were good. best of all, the price was jaw dropping reasonable. Now she eagerly awaits pick up on friday...

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Bedsheets for bandages....yeah, Gone With The Wind era.


But they didn't have the nice materials we have now. Think of wrapping up an elbow or knee. You know that twist they teach to keep the non-stretch bandage material from bunching and slipping? With that technique you can reduce dimension as you wrap down a leg (like: calf thru ankle), etc. Old school if you save T-shirt material instead. It's got some stretch!!! :cheer: I learned all those old ways of bandaging back in First Aid while in Jr/Sr high school. It's good knowledge. But I'd definitely use the stretch fabrics first.


And for the sterile, sopping up and stopping blood flow - our supply of modern sterile gauze bandages will last longer if that is the first..[next to wound]...layer and top off with sterilized absorbant [repurposed] material.


So we're looking for 1) stretchy for holding the padding onto the wound OR binding up an injured joint/sprains/etc...


And 2) absorbant for the actual wound covering...



OK, sewing experts? Which materials are best for these two jobs?



MtRider [....not thinking polypropolene :grinning-smiley-044: ]

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Well they seem to use Lint for doing any wadding, cleaning wounds and the like, cotton for triangular bandages. Most of the stuff used on Dad was that tubular bandaging for legs which is stretchy, I should imagine thats easy to pick up somewhere - sometimes you see it as dishclothes.


I dont let the District Nurses near my medical supplies now, they go beserk and chuck it away. They dont like washing things like crepe bandages which is rediculous, as long as its not next to the wound it can be used Im sure, especially if there isnt an opening like a strain or sprain. There is an awful lot of unncessarry wastage in my point of view with the nurses I've seen these days. The funny thing is that they are all hot on their bandages and then go put gloves on and rub their hair/nose when doing a dressing - slap hands or what.


I've been watching some videos about abcess/cyst/boil removal and they use lint a lot for those, and it looks like lint strips being packed into the cavity afterwards. I've found some great tutorials on You Tube by Drs/Surgeons showing you how, ofcouse I recommend you dont watch them after eatting, as those with a weak stomach will loose their food!




I've ordered a rolling backpack in hope to make the BOB smaller, or atleast change over the one I already have to make it easier if I need to drop the larger rolling tote which leaves me with that and a fishermans vest.


I've also done a fair bit on learning to book bind and I recieved a paper making kit today so I want to start doing. That daft kit has a circle in stead of a oblong frame to put the paper on, now what idiot thought of that. Well at least I can make a semi-circular book at some point in time :sHa_sarcasticlol:

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After going off on this bandage tangent... :whistling: I thot mebbe it would be a good thread in itself....sooooo.... I'll go do that.



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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It maybe called Gauze where you are. Its like a fine fabric mesh, heres one showing a lint bandage but ours mostly comes in squares:






On the packet that Iv got here is also called a non woven swob





Some are more lint the gauze, but thats what I mean.




Ok back to today. Iv got a lot of my book binding supplies. I recieved two kiddies paper making kits, the butterfly nuts to go with the bolts to make the press, and the two A4 photo frames to make the paper meshing frames from. I just need to get two bread boards to make the rest of the press.

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Are we prepared?

YES we are!

Tested it out last night..................

We had a big Thunder and Lightning Storm come through late last night and as soon as the power went out (11:20 pm) we Knew were everything we needed was:

Grabed the headlights from their hooks by the door and put them on (cats just looked at Lori and I walking around in the dark with them on- LOL). Grabed the matches and got the lamps going (That I just topped off yesterday so they were ready). Also had flashlights at the ready as backup if needed.

Having things in a place you can find them in the dark, and in working order, makes it a lot easier than running around in the dark, bumping into things LOOKING for stuff.


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