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That's true, Michael. I keep an LED lantern on my bedside table. If I'm in the living room/kitchen the computer screen lights up enough to find my way to my room. It is on a UPS so it stays on a few minutes till I shut it off.

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oops, posted in the friday thread, but I received my leather scraps, my mini loaf pans, my cats medium sized dog harness I think should fit her just fine and its nice and sturdy and the color I ordered was available, Yellow, which stands out against her darker coat and white chest, has some red webbing on it too.


Miss Macy turned out to be a rather sizeable cat so I had to definitely go with the dog sizes.



and might just be able to wrangle a small garden spot to grow some veggies in a legit effort! Close by too, so it would be very easy to attend to anytime! :eclipsee_Victoria:



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Great to hear you've got a harness for Miss Macy. I may have a cat adopting me at the moment, but my dog likes to chase them. Said cat is only about a year old and is very vocal, I bet his got Siamese or the like in him.


Iv got the nuts/bolts, frames etc for the paper making, I just need to mesh up the frames and I can start trying to make my first batch. Its soooooooo exciting!

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paper making is something I never did before and yet i have read about the old fashioned way to make it.

When it was nice and soupy and ready, you just spread it on metal screens in a thin layer and let it dry, that way you can make sizable pieces.

but of course your kit sounds a lot neater.

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Yes, that is called gauze here. Lint is very loose fibers, not woven or even compacted. Not something you want on a wound.


Sometimes the differences in language can be confusing.


CrabgrassAcres, Lint here is not the fluff you find at the bottom of pockets or in dryer collection draws,

It is a brushed cotton type fabric that was used as a secondary dressing, ie sterile dressing a piece of lint padding then a bandage.

Lint dressings are not used as often these days, even though they are quite absorbent they have a tendancy to stick to wounds and require the dressing to be soaked off.

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ok, testing the harness on Miss Macy.....

at first, I gently put it on and readjusted the chest strap.... and she just lays there.....

" What Is This, Mom?"


Rolls around, wants her belly rubbin' for a bit , assure her its ok....


Leave her to roll around like a baby first figuring out they can roll over, :shrug:


She must feel like this: :wacko:


ok at about ten minute mark of realizing it won't readily come off and that Look..... " What is Mom dressing me up for?" .....

and " I know Mom doesn't Do that to ME."

Finally, getting her feet under her since the floor didn't just fall away...... she goes to window seat and lays in disappointment.....

I am sitting here wondering if she would even agree to walk at all with that on her.... and thats the point ! With a leash to secure her to me if we need to leave the building....


Is letting her 'wander' cause it sure makes her wonder , and hope she doesn't try to get out of it while she gets used to it some tonight before I take it off.


Her expression now??? :pout:


ok. I need some really strong thread, wishing I had some of that Double EE thread the navy uses on webbing... the back piece needs to be extended between back of collar section to the chest strap and then also once its properly adjusted, to secure the size of the chest strap neatly and solidly....


I can see where other modifications would perfect it for a cat's body ( their shoulders are not like dog shoulders ... I may have to think about this some more now that I see it on her.

It may not work using a leash.


She is staying very low to the ground in her dismay at this point. Holding out her front legs like a stick figure drawing at times and considering pulling over her water dish in protest......

Pawing it like hanging onto the edge of a cliff......


slow motion movements ( its not tight on her. its just for drama ... )


Miss Macy hates to be laughed at, it ruins her affectations...... :laughkick:

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well this was her style of limp, lol.

she did figure out how to get out of it too a couple times. I can see where it needs to be adjusted slightly, if that would work.


It was pretty funny watching her though, she was very dramatic about it without being vocal. Absolutely cleaned her whole upper body as soon as I took it off her too.


I hope with some little adjustments and slowly getting her used to it and introducing the leash too over some time will help her be ok with it in case we need it.


At first she was afraid to stand up and walk with the harness on her, so she would roll over and around to get around the floor here, and stretch out her paws reaching for stuff,as if to pull it closer to her.

It sure made me chuckle while I observed her for an hour or so last night in our first attempt with it. :whistling:

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My cat does similar things when I put on the harness. Reminds me...I need to put it on her again. I try to do that every now and again to keep her less stressed about it.


LOL for Miss Macy! :wub:



DH and I did our first ride with both horses today...and they did wonderful! They are best companions and were so calm together. [not sure about separating them tho :unsure:


Anyway, I was pleased and encouraged about them both. Had lots of traffic for our boonies due to a garage sale. We took them up to the garage sale; stopped to talk to neighbors; and had to keep pulling them up off the driveway for cars to enter/exit garage sale. They did so well. :cheer:


STILL haven't gotten the garden stuff going any further. Keep running out of energy! :(


MtRider [...need to be asleep already!!! ]

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picked up my prep partners new 9mm hi-point semi auto and some ammo. got extra ammo for the .410 and brought out the blud 50-gal drums i had sitting in the garage to make rain barrels. planted the veg garden, and worked up a bit perrennial garden in front yard.

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got my fishing license and going through my tackle box. One of the old bait jars ( commercially done up eggs) spilled oil from the jar in top so running hot water so I can clean it out and will sort out things and put in some more stuff and maybe set up some leads for fishing. Weather is improving so will hit stream and maybe pond in the next few days and see how I do.

Has :wormie2: :wormie2: :wormie2: as well :curtsey:

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Arby, thanks for the reminder that I need to make sure the husband gets his fishing license renewed next paycheck!


Purchased 25 pounds of oatmeal and another 25 pound bag of rice. Still need to put them into buckets. Did some work in the yard as it has been nicer weather. Glad I didn't start planting though as it got rather cold last night.

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DH picked up a Peterson's Field Guide on Edible Wild Plants.


Apparently he's been wanting a book like that for some time--I had no idea until we were in a bookstore today and he brought it up. There was a full shelf of those and that's one I remembered being discussed/recommended here!

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Started to do a home-made back pack with multiple pockets on the inside. The one I'm using drives me potty as I can never find anything.



I've also started to go through my BOB kit to find any holes still needing attention. I've also ordered some organiser things (similar to the maxpedition mini) to put stuff inside. I just hate it when I know something is in the bag and I can't find it.



If I haven't mentioned already, the dogs has had his innoculation boosters and also some treatment for an ear infection.



I'm still knitting the shawl, and got another 1,000 gms of Robin black wool to do another one if I fancy one even longer. I hope to use it as a blanket as well as a shawl. I just do a few rows every day and I'm getting there slowly. Im on my 4th ball of 100gm Robin wool and its looking good so far.



I've ordered a steam light nano keyring torch after watching a good review on You Tube. I've also started to put all my cleaning kit in a workmens belt round my waste and it cuts down the time I need to stop and go get something when Im cleaning the house.


I blitzed one room in the house today and found £3.50 in loose change :darlenedance:



Found out you can make paper from material, so stored some strips that a ornament came in, so I've got plenty to practice with when the warmer wealther arrives.

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Planted 3 each coffee trees and goji berry bushes, 2 each blueberry bushes, lemon, lime and tangerine trees and 2 tomatoes. Hopefully the goji's make it. They were kind of cooked looking when they got here. The 2 pomegranate trees didn't arrive in good shape and didn't make it to the ground. I think it's too late in the season to ship plants to my area. We used the bushes as a screen for part of the yard between us and the neighbors.


I also found some solar path markers at Target for $5 each that are rectangular and about 2" x 2" x 8". The bottom is flat if you take the spike out so they will sit on a table or cabinet. The spike when stored in the bottom looks like it might fit in a stick candle holder, but I don't have one here to try. I think it would have have a good sized holder though or it would be too top heavy. I've got it outside charging to see how bright it will be. At a partial charge last night, it was bright enough to get around and do things like brush your teeth, change clothes, etc. Right now I have one for each of us. Even if you can't read by them or anything like that, they will be nice in the bathrooms and for the kids to carry around when we have a hurricane or storm and not have to worry about a fire. They might even be good mood lighting for meals. They stack nice in the closet too. They had brushed bronze, brushed chrome and black.


They boys are mostly ready for their hike so that added A LOT. DD and I still need a few camping items, but we're all almost to the point of we could leave civilization and be comfortable. It has also been a good thing for experimenting with dehydrating foods and cooking with them. I love the vanilla and tomato powders. Still haven't tried the worchestshire or soy sauce powders, but we will soon. Orange juice made with powder is a bit bitter, but it works nice in recipes. After I use some of the other powders I'll make a separate post. I told dh that after we get all the recipes worked out I'm going to have to write a book.


I have Chinese paper plants all over the place. I've printed out how to make paper with them, but it was a while back and I don't remember how off the top of my head. I also have info on what parts could be eaten if one had to.


@Purdy Bear - I love the nano flashlights. I put one on my day pack yesterday for my and dd's trip to DC in few weeks. I got her one for her pack too. She had one, but doesn't know where it is. DS has one in some of his camping gear as well. I'm thinking about buying so more to keep in different places.

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My DH loves jellies and jams. I used to make them all the time but stopped. It got to where you could buy them cheaper than make them. Well, their prices have really gone up, so today I made Apple Butter. I had forgotten how good homemade was. I could not find my original recipe or the book I kept everything in.


Now, I am making angel biscuits tomorrow for breakfast. The next thing on my list is spiced peach butter I got off off Mrs. S.


Can I use store bought frozen fruit (peaches) to make jam or frozen concentrated juice to make jelly? I don't really want to wait until summer when they are ready.

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Physical stuff like losing weight and exercise to increase strength and stamina, developing a program again on SparkPeople.com www.sparkpeople.com

It is free and chockful of support and information, and support from others there.

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Since I keep procrastinating on buying certain things in the lines of preps, I decided to fill in some of those prep holes in the lines of laundry items. Ok, hand washing in 2 buckets in the bathtub helped make that decision!


I (finally!) ordered washboards. I think I started looking into washboards over a year ago. 2 sizes of Columbus washboard company glass washboards. The place I ordered them from also carries a selection of Rada knives and utensils at very good prices. I ordered a few Rada things. (Their knives are awesome and it's all made in the USA).


From Lehman's I ordered one of those plastic breathing plunger washers and a good drying rack. I kept going back and forth over the drying rack. My current drying rack is always full and it's not a very good one. It always seems near-collapse, even empty. Even though the new one is not inexpensive, I think it will last a very long time.


Gardening-pulling out last year's charts to plan this year's garden.

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I've been very naughty this week getting lots of things from Ebay :) heres the list as far as I can remember:




1000gms of Robin wool in black


1 hammer with screw heads in the handle

1 key ring screwdriver with one end pozie,the other straight

1 Maxpedition Micro pocket organiser :cele:


1 purse organiser that fits in any purse


2 quickl release buckles to finish off the proto-type backpack I am making.




That's only half of it, the other stuff like a Hurricane Lantern has yet to arrive. Me is soooooooooooo naughty. My excuse is that I have worked very hard at the housework and I've got my English class final exam in two weeks so I deserve to mega treat myself.




This week I've concentrated on watching videos about animal husbandery (guinea pigs and rabbits mostly) and also what to put in my Maxpedition Micro. I written down what the others have packed it out with on You Tube and then made a list of possibles for me, put them into a list of needs, musts and wants. Last night I got that list put into a number packing list in priority order. If the Micro works out well I will see if I can get some of the larger pocket organisers, it's a brilliant present idea for Xmas - yes I know its barely May but I do like to get my ideas in early.

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continuing my weight loss and exercise. Been busting my buns on that and am wore out this evening.

Getting in better shape has to be a priority. Not just for general health either.

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My husband bought me a pressure canner, a Presto-my first one! I am so excited! Ultilmately I want the All American, but I have to start somewhere. I cannot wait to start pressure canning, although I am a bit nervous about it.



I also bought more matches, but that is not as exciting!

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If you have a dial gauge canner, you MUST have the gauge tested before use. It can be off by as much as 4 lb. out of the box. It could be correct, but if it is not, then your food could be unsafe to eat after canning it.


That, or you can get a 3 piece weight set and use it as a weighted gauge canner. They cost about $15 for the weight set. I still prefer the Presto over the AA canners. I only replaced my gasket once in about 30 years of use. If you do not oil it, it will last a long time. Years ago the gasket was rubber and it was to be oiled. If you do that with a new one you will ruin it.


I ordered soap making oils and lye. I am going to learn to make soap. Looks easy, just be sure I add the lye to the water. I know that much. Been reading a lot online. I like the idea of the crockpot soap method !

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