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Got a lot of goodies today:



1 Hurricane lantern

1 peanut lighter

1 match stick lighter

1 diamond stone cutter pen


I finished the back pack, so now to testing it out with weight and the usual womens kit.


The next on my list is to finish the wool shawl, then make myself a maxpedition type pocket organiser, I just need to learn how to do zips round corners so Id love any suggestion/advice you have. Would extra wide velcro work as well/better?



After the organiser I want to go simple like making zipped pencil cases and the like just to give me a rest for a little bit.


Made up my EDC kit list and started to get it all together.


Revising for my final English exam in two weeks, and then if I pass that I hope to move onto the next level which apparently is a lot harder.

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Ordered incontinent supplies for daughter. Needed diapers and some spray on skin protection. FOund a really super sale and free shipping so got 4 gallons of the spray and 10 bottles plus a box of gloves and a case of diapers. Should be enough spray for just about forever, LOL.

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What kind did you get, CGA? I'm looking at some larger ones out of an animal catalog. Doggie coolers. Cheaper than the Chillo TM pad for putting on your pillow at nite.


OK...I spent the afternoon ripping apart two BOB's for DH. With them laid all over the floor, I began to pack a knapsack as light as I could for a Get Home Bag. ..approx. a 40 walk if something prevented driving. And it's UP and DOWN mountain hills. :0327: So it's got to be light weight. I have a rather large 'rejects' pile. Originally, they were packed with vehicle or horseback in mind, not walking. But there is a better chance of Hooey Happening while he's way over at his office.


Hopefully tomorrow we can go thru it together and he'll make the final choices. This is the first time he's paid attention enough to know what I've done all these years. :cheer: Finally can get him up to speed!


MtRider [Always on the look-out for cooling devices! :knary: ]

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Let me know how well they stay cool and cool you down. I'm thinking of getting one or two.


MtRider [...getting to be that season again ]

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Working on putting soil into all of the raised beds. Will be picking up plants, 1 sq cube of potting soil, and hay tomorrow. One of my aunts and uncles is replacing windows in their rental house. I might see if I can get a few and then ask my other uncle if he would help me make cold frames.


Missed my last knitting class, will call Monday to see when I can make it up. But I did make a hat for DD so I can make hats now.:happy0203:


The neighbor told DH to put a fence in and tie into his so he didn't have to cut the easement the neighbor behind doesn't take care of. Taked about getting chicken then. I found some "cute" coops.:whistling:


Not alot but still something.

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Yeah CGA I'm interested too. How do they get cool and how do they stay cool without refrigeration? Since I'm always ---------> :knary:



Way to go on your knitting Jori. You can do a hat and I know you can do a scarf. Just need to learn mittens now and you've got a whole set.

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1. set up rain barrels

2. put solar film on large picture window in livingroom. it faces south - lowered internal temp of room 10 degrees! so now we went and got more film for all south & west windows

3. purchased some 'soil moist' type crystals to make neck coolers for both people - and pets in family (will probably have to mount those in harness thingies though).

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Yeah CGA I'm interested too. How do they get cool and how do they stay cool without refrigeration? Since I'm always ---------> :knary:




That doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. If left out at room temp, they will be room temp until you lay or sit on them and then will absorb body heat until they are body temp or too close to it for comfort. I put them in the fridge. I think if I didn't have refrigeration, I'd lay them in an open container of water someplace shady as the water will be cooler than room temp.


I'm trying to figure out how to have them against my back while doing chores in the hot summer. They are big and flat with no ties or holes that I could put ties in.

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I went to the site you posted and to sites with similar products like Chillow. The information and the people's comments definitely state that these products chill without refridge. Length of time chilled after one lays on it or whatever, is the variable. That's the only reason I'm interested as a post-Hooey solution.


As to HOW that is possible [we are not talkin' evaporation like those polymer crystals]....who is a chemist on MrsS?????? :shrug:



There is one similar product that has ties, CGA. But you sew so make some pockets on a vest. You could also use an ACE wrap, mebbe? Can they be cut into sections - are the fold lines sealed between sections??? There are MS products with pockets for ice packs. I had to use ice packs to get thru last evening church service. Room was HOT...too hot for me anyway.



MtRider [...ice packs..NEVER leave home without them! ]

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They are sealed between pockets, but not a big enough area to chance punching a hole. I thought of putting a cord across and using hot melt glue to hold it on the pack.


I don't see how they can be cooler than room temp when the room temp is over 100*, which it frequently is here in summer. At any rate, one sitting out at room temp of 84.9 is registering 84.7 on my digital thermometer. That feels cool to me touching it, but if I sat on it for a while, it would no longer feel cool.

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So if they can be cut smaller, can you sew something with pockets?


But it won't help if they do stay air-temperature and you are outside in triple digits. Then it would be better to buy the ice packets to put into pockets of a vest.


MtRider [ :shrug: Dunno either. ]

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I managed to put part of the garden in and to lose my companion gardening book:gaah:. Pinned a sundress for DD, now to have the time to finish it.

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I don't think they could safely be cut into sections, certainly not with my unsteady hands. I think they should be kept in the fridge and then they would be cool enough for evening milking chores which is when I most need them. Something about having a hot flash in triple digit heat when you are very cozily leaning against a goat that is panting with the heat..........

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Can you just use a couple of sashes. Like the kind on a robe. I'm not sure how big they are but one sash (strip of cloth) tied around your waist and one up a little higher. Maybe in the arm pit area. No need to sew them on. Just tie them on or use velcro?


They may not stay on for very long but maybe long enough to get your hot chores done. The Ace bandage sounds good but would probably be hot.

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I ordered a Berkey. This is a big purchase for us. It's been on my heart more and more, and then that thread "Day Before Disaster" really got me thinking about it even more! I knew I wanted stainless steel, not plastic. DH decided on the size, partly based on how much we spend buying water in gallon jugs (for drinking/cooking).

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Got DH's stamp of approval on his Get Home Bag and it's now in his commute vehicle. :whistling: 'Course I've thot of a FEW more things that I plan to just slip in there too....


This is how they get so big and heavy. :lol: Actually, I think we've made some reasonable choices for the purpose of this emergency bag. If it takes him 3 days to get home with it, I will be thinking of other things he should have for the journey. :unsure: But...I will know that he is prepared and knowledgable while others will not be. Still trying to get better footwear in case those 'unprepared others' force him to take the less traveled path home.


Then too, he'd have to stop at my folks to check on them. See what to do about them. [joining us? they're fine? what? ] That's one thing about a Hooey that would knock out vehicle transportation. How could my 80+ parents GET to our place????


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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Jori, buy a new book. That is a sure way to find the lost one. Works at my house. :D



Found it. It was on my dresser with the seed catalog I couldn't find the other day. :laughkick:

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I got to test one of the cooling pads from the fridge last night. One of the jars of meat in my bedroom closet spewed the lid off and made a stinking mess. I cleaned it the best I could, but the odor lingered and I could NOT close that room up for a/c and sleep in it. Too hot for comfort at bedtime (much too humid too), but a cooling pad covered with a terry towel made all the difference. Room cooled off eventually but I didn't have to toss and turn in the heat while waiting. I just now closed the room and turned on the a/c because I NEED that room cool in the hot afternoon. Hoping the odor is completely gone now.


I was laying on the pad and it was body temp this morning. Felt warm to the touch. It is back in the fridge now.

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A local Whole Town garage sale was today. My DH drives me to my folks; then my mom and I hit the sale. :cheer: Always good deals and I've gotten SO many preps there. Today was no exception. Most things between $1-$5.


--One more dog crate for a goat [i needed one more]

--small hatchet

--"gently used" Cabella's hiking boots in DH's size [difficult wide size] :thumbs: THESE will be in his Get Home Bag

--heavy duty duffle bag

--HUGE-to-small size set of stainless steel bowls

--2 used lead ropes for grazing goats

--dorky saddle pad with a great set of stirrups [intended for when GrSons visit so we can easily adapt stirrup length for younger GrS]

--2 small compound bows/few arrows (children and youth sized)

--few practice arrows for DH's bow [and DANG, I managed to just barely slice my arm with one that had a RAZOR TIP....they ARE razor-sharp! Ow! :misc-smiley-231: ]

--block and tackle

--2 rachet tie down thingies

--a huge hard-sided suitcase that looks like it could be put on a roof rack. Water proof. Wheels and pull handle. Still pondering Prep uses.

--2 camp sleeping pads

--BBQ charcoal starter chimney

--2 ice-cold bottles of water and a hat for my mom cuz ---it was gettin' HOT! :knary:


I use my wheelchair as a rolling walker AND a cart to haul my loot. Works great. But at one point, I would like to have sat down in it! :0327:


MtRider [...one of my two regularly attended big garage sales. :happy0203: ]

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This week I've finished my fast track English course with the exam, so I will find out in 3-6 weeks time if I've passed. I can then move onto the next level which is also done in 11 weeks from next January.



I've got lots of goodies, hopefully I can remember it all:


1 pair of Wellington boots that come up to the knee with side adjustments.

6 different clamps to help make books with.

2 small leather messenger bags to be used if/when I return to work for a small kit to carry on me all the time which isnt always easy in an office. I'm my Dads carer at the moment so I dont really leave the house much..

1 pin vise and I've ordered the drill bits for the same.

2 Respro mask replacment filters.

1 kagool if I havent mentioned that before.

2 pocket survival kits - the credit card type.

1 4gb mini key ring drive if I've not mentioned it before.


To congratulate myself for sitting the exam I've ordered another Maxpedition Fatty. I did look at a brooch but didn't see anything I liked and that is more practical.


I finished the pencil case, which has lots of pockets inside and I'm still knitting the shawl (on the last ball of 50g wool). I really want to do some more organiser bags but also start making my own journals. I simply can't find any journals with enough pages at the right price and size. I have everything I require to do it, I just need to put aside the time.

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