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Passed a garage sale yesterday and picked up a brand new clothes drying rack for $5. Now is a great time to garage sale in my area because the graduating students are moving on and want to just get rid of their stuff quickly. Have also been decluttering at a slow pace... Will pick up the pace at the end of the week. Last day of school is Friday! Woohoo!!!

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CGA - I hope so, it's going to cost me £50 to resit it if I fail, so I prefer to get it this time round.


I finished another home made journal yesterday and I've started another today.


The rest of the time I've been watching all the Queen's Diamond Jubilee coverage - total decadence!



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I just went through and finished a couple of my own personal chapters in life, I can only describe it as "closure much needed".

that was important.


I can now get some of the little physical and materialistic preps done that I have meant to sort out here and work on. :grinning-smiley-044:

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Good for you, Arby. :thumbs:


OK...I have a :wacko:D E A D L I N E



It's a good, goood, goooood, DEADLINE....but still a deadline.


Countdown: One Month



My DD's and Grsons are coming for a visit. :band::hug3::wub::cele:



But that means:


---further work on clutter clearing must be accelerated [tho they'll be actually sleeping in the finished basement of my friend 'next door']

---find and secure all....all things that need to be found and SECURED.

---it truly would be nice if we could find and steam clean the carpet.

---continue on with regular duties; finish integrating almost-grown baby ducks in with adults; repair topper on truck so it will open/close/lock; GARDENING; ....



---Oh..and rest up for their visit!!!




MtRider [but hey, :shrug: Most of those goals coincide with my long-term Life & Prep goals anyway. ]

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Good for YOU, Arby!


Mt Rider, I hate deadlines, but sometimes they help push us a little, that is, if they don't send us into a full blown panic attack and make us totally useless.


A dear friend just suggested pineapple for daughter so I ordered 44# of dried pineapple and 44# of dried papaya to boost her carbs and help with her digestion. She's lost weight and I suspect fat malabsorption with the celiac disease.

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CGA, can your daughter take digestive enzymes with her meals?



The package was delivered containing the sight glass spigot for the Berkey, replacement parts and a few more buckets with gamma lids. It's amazing how quickly we fill up those up! And it's a good way to store ammo!



I'm glad we bought the Berkey before I found out we were buying a new washer. I would have just put it off longer.

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Made a tiny start on 1000 piece TP again, bought some baby wipes for the BOB, hmm, well managed to remember trash bags and a roll of papertowels.

Will have a small list I can do walmart prices at again for next weeks trip with my new VA ICW .

We will also go see about arranging dental work I need terribly with hospital clinic, civilian teaching program........ its like would you PLEASE pull everything and just give me dentures. The last gum infection and injury about killed me because of diabetes situation. Thankyou, and she or another ICW will make sure I get there in a timely manner and make sure I get home without worrying about the rural bus route which would take me 12 hours start to finish and puts me in the boonies most of that time, IF I even got done and could get back to busstop in time to catch it for the way home ( 2pm?)


so, its a start and they will help me get things straightened out for other medical with VAMC , or try. They understand exactly what a night mare that has been. If I can get the hernia repaired this summer, that would be good. Not sure about shoulder replacement...... but new teeth I can actually bite and chew with? abdomen repaired, that would be most helpful especially if we go chaos central nationwide in Fall or Winter due to political situation etc or economic complete failure.


things have been utterly deplorable around here, maybe I can actually get a few things done now??


I forgot to mention laundry, but can get that scheduled too , later. Its extremely difficult to wash and rinse and wring out blankets, etc .... in a five gallon bucket and narrow shower stall. Not to mention all else. And that's not even worrying about nice clothes one would want for a career. Or sheets or towels. I am so tired of that stuff.


its one thing if you are stuck in primitive conditions, but right now? :duck 1:

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CGA, I hope the papaya and pineapple help your daughter.


I used to take chewable papaya tablets with meals to help with digestion. I think they had bromelain (pineapple) in them, too. My doc had me switch to non-chewable ones that had more than those 2 types of enzymes in them. I haven't taken any in a long time, though. I recently tried NOW's Super Enzymes. Those worked a little too well digesting my meal--I was hungry again after supper!

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I wish I could figure a way to have poi. There has never been anything better than poi if I'm in a season of digestive distress. Yeah POI.... that purple/grey Hawaiian paste stuff. Made from taro root. YUM!!! :yum3: ]


Ya think Emergency Essentials would carry dehydrated poi? :sHa_sarcasticlol:



MtRider :feedme:

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:bounce::cele: I was KIDDING but....there really IS dehydrated poi!! Cuz I really prefer 1-day (fresh) poi. After the second day, gets really sour.


Oh delight! THANK YOU, CGA! :hug3: You have gained a skill from not being able to drive to get things. I'd never thot to google it.


MtRider [....also reminds me to put in a request for poi when DDs come. :yum3: ]

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We have been trout fishing, filling the freezer and providing free meals. Well, not really free, less the cost of the license and the stamp, the gasoline to drive there and back (2 hours) and refreshments for the day, not to mention sunscreen. At over 100 degrees, it is nice to get in the water and get the chills. Relaxing to an extent, people floating by can be a nuisance, but ironically, we will usually catch from underneath them or around them. Total caught, so far, 83. The little fishes are looking for treats the people drop, just like we do. Planted all those fish remains in my gardens.


We have picked up, kept, and cleaned; 25 pair of sunglasses - 1 prescription and one decorated with two wine glasses with a lemon and cherry on the lip of the glasses. :grinning-smiley-044: 2 towels, 2 dresses, 1 pair of shorts, 2 t-shirts, a bandana, a silver toe ring, a box cutter, a knife, a blue jean fishing hat, 2 Jack Links jerky, a Kool-aid jammers fruit juice, 2 one dollar bills, and a handful of change. The water is causing a lot of deterioration rather quickly. Long grass is taking over like a weed, stuff settles in the roots and searching in 10 foot deep grass with fishing line wound in, is dangerous. I do not know how much longer we will have that resource.


Those totals do not represent everything we have seen, picked up and removed. Cotton towels and clothes are rotting within a week and an half. The aluminum can line is growing too, but I do not attempt to pick any up. Full unopened cans or bottles of sugary drinks sit on the bottom and bob around, because sugar is denser than water. By fall, the can line is usually three to four foot deep and at least 5 yards wide in places. Give aluminum 3 months and the can will have deteriorated to almost nothing. :yuk:


To prepare mentally, we are doing another study about God. :happy0203: Nothing is more peaceful than going out into nature and meditating on the Lord. :whistling:


Sun dehydrated 1/2 gallon bag of chives in 3 hours.

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I bought DH a new charcoal grill for our first anniversary, although it's not for another week. It was on sale and I couldn't pass it up :) I haven't really been stocking up on much else. I've been listening to Lucifer's Hammer and getting back into "prepping mode" lol CGA - What do you use the canned blueberries for? I just picked 12lbs this week, although we'll probably eat most of those fresh. What we don't eat we normally freeze for smoothies. I absolutely LOVE blueberries and am always looking for ways to eat them!

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Hi Nichole :wave: glad to see ya post.


I eat blueberries straight from the freezer. I freeze some in small portions and eat them as a snack. Pop one in the mouth and let it thaw in there then eat it. They are so refreshing in the summer and a 'real' treat in the winter. Not quite like eating a fresh blueberry but pretty close.

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Hi Nichole :wave: glad to see ya post.


I eat blueberries straight from the freezer. I freeze some in small portions and eat them as a snack. Pop one in the mouth and let it thaw in there then eat it. They are so refreshing in the summer and a 'real' treat in the winter. Not quite like eating a fresh blueberry but pretty close.


We eat frozen berries,too. I especially like raspberries and blackberries frozen--it gets rid of the squishy texture.

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We removed our 1950's in-cabinet electric oven, because it did not work, freeing up cupboard storage space. Which I promptly filled. :happy0203:

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Of COURSE you did, Annarcy!



I field-tested my new-found ability to handle needles WITHOUT massive/embrrasssing reaction. I am THRILLED to report - NO PHOBIC REACTION... :cele: ....but *DANG!* THAT HURT!!!!! Praising God for the preparation for this unfortunate day. Coulda been a lot worse.


I am now up-to-date on tetanus. [plus getting the bonus package of diptheria and pertussus too :unsure: ] If HooeyHitsFan...I'm good for 10 yrs.


Also have bottle of pain killers and antibiotics. Tho I'll be using the antibiotics, I hope to only use part of the pain killers. They are worth their weight in gold when you've got an OWIE that they have to clean out. :sad-smiley-012:


[THAT story in different thread.... :shakinghead: ]



NOT the way I'd have planned to test my needle phobic reactions but.... I passed and I'm VERY excited!!! :eclipsee_Victoria: -- 'V' for Victory!



MtRider [...it was only a small thing...but a very contaminated puncture we needed help to clean! :gaah: ]

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