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Good to be back Jeepers :) I bet the frozen blueberries would kinda be like little popcicles! lol I got 12 lbs a week ago an they are half eaten. By just my husband and I. Or maybe just mostly me...

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I've been going a bit potty buying things for a DIY kit, so its been like an archimedes drill and bits, a 3 inch long chisel, blades and an art knife etc. I've also got a cooler box today which is going to be very handy. Most of my purchases have been organiser messenger bags, I've also found the Bible covers/bags can work as well with organisation so I've ordered one of those to put in my home made prepping manual.



I tried the new Wellies on and you can't wear them with the trouser tucked in :( so they will have to be a Summer boot rather then winter. It is the first day without rain here, we've had a lot of flooding in Wales in the UK, and I was watching for it here as our river was very close to breeching its banks. The water boards have at last lifted the drought restrictions.

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well so far no flooding this year right where I am but folks in parts of Florida and along the Gulf Coast have been getting some bad flooding. Way too much rain all at once.

Sorry its been so soggy, Purdy.

Well, looks like I got laundry runs and walmart runs this summer with my ICW from the VA system here started now. Went to walmart and bought the biggest bag of catfood, some gauze pads, big bandages and some cloth tape for first aid kit bag, even found HP for my mouth for the next month. It was completely out in the stores in town.

ICW and I tried tracking down the hospital dental clinic. Nobody knew anything. Luckily she had the number and the address so we drove over to another medical building. Not there. I suggested she use her mapquest. Sure enough, another two blocks away and as long as appts are mid morning, I can probably take rural bus route if really necessary, but the ICW's will drive me instead most of the time.

So set up first exam and determination of problems, which are really bad, so probably 2nd appt will be total removal and then for molds and fitting of dentures . I think its a bad idea considering the other health problems to not just do a clean sweep. I couldnt sit through all that work and then still watch it keep crumbling at this point. From my younger years I have PTSD when it comes to dental work, so just knock me out and yank and stitch. Puhlease! ( at least they will do that) and its not that far from hospital in case anything goes wrong.

Due to knowing I will have a massive copay for my income, I had to ask for a July appt. but it starts that process, so it will be July 19th. should have everything done in several weeks hopefully from that date and thats just before Fall, when if chaos hits then I can be ok with that.


If I didn't have that big a copay I could have managed Friday this week...... but had bought preps and such things already so that took that money.


( this only one thing I need to juggle, lol).

It was a big relief to see lower prices compared to my local store on regular items like bleach and cat food. Coffee was 3 or more dollars lower than my store for the large cans. so I got one :)

I did pick up a couple bars of fels naptha soap too. It was only 97 cents per bar. I thought that stuff was much more money.


Got some food too, and a 10 lb bag of white potatoes. Should I slice and blanch and dry them? I need to preserve them in the next two days I think. Then will store in jars or vacuum sealed bags.


I am working on reestablishing other things in VA healthcare too and hope to get hernia surgery done before summers end if possible..... pray for me on that. Thanks!


found out they can do some telecommunications on some stuff too and ICW team will set up an appt and that takes care of some of the issues due to budget cuts and restricted transportation and the waste of time.

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Good luck with your choppers. I have a July dental appointment too and I'm probably as afraid of dentists as you are. I hate to go. I don't sit in the chair until I see "Mister Happy Nose" come out of the closet! I might have one cavity but I'm not sure. I need a few lower molar implants but all of my spare change is going into the house this year. And preps of course.

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Mt. Rider, thanks for the reminder of the DPT. I went and got mine. Tetanus was past due. Now I am good for another 10 years. I also got my shingles shot. BIL had shingles 3 years ago and still has residual pain. At least, if I do ever get shingles, hopefully it won't be so bad. Next on list is dentist--NOT my favorite thing.

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Arby - Thanks. It is still pretty soggy here but the temperature is slowly going up so we may still get a Summer of sorts.



This week I've been working on the Filofax system I've decided to use. The one I have is A5 so I can type up, print off and use my own designs. :)


I finished my first home made thick 400 page A6 book which took days to make. I'm definately going to make more as they are fun and I feel a lot cheaper in the long run then spending money on the equivalent in the shops.

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PS: Did I mention that I passed the Fast Track English level 1 exam (City and Guilds), so now I have to arrange to do level 2 in January.

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Oh, cool, Purdy, congrats!



I received the 25# bag of organic buckwheat flour I ordered for daughter. Made some progress in learning how to cook for her new diet.


Today I ordered some fresh spices and herbs since much of what I have is old enough not to have much taste to it. Really haven't done a lot of cooking in a while. Have to remedy that situation and try to make some better tasting groceries around here.

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Got some flour I snagged for 99 cents (5lbs) stored into buckets today.


Organized the "pantry" again and identified one too many holes. Restocked the pasta when I found a good deal. Here's hoping for good deals on the list of needs!

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CGA Thanks. I'm pretty pleased!



Reporting in as safe. The flooding etc has been up north to us in the Midlands, Dorset, Wales and Ireland. I heard today that Russia and Poland have had substantial flooding as well. A lot is flash flooding, so I am watching the clouds. I saw a huge torado type tube come down from a cloud yesterday but luckily it didn't start twisting nor touch down and soon disapated. We don't normally flood until September time here, so we shall see. As you know we have been in drought so a lot of the water has just filled up our lakes both above and below ground. It was only a few weeks ago the hose pipe band/drought was lifted for us here in the SE but we were still expected to be cautious with water. This maybe the reason why we haven't flooded as everywhere was just so very dry.



As far as my flood preps are concerned, I have both food and water, dog food, my BOB kit upstairs. The only thing that isn't up there is the meds of which one needs to be refigerated for Dad but that can be moved quickly. I even have a life jacket for my dog on top of the BOB, which also has stuff for him in there. For sometime I have been thinking of getting an inflatable dingy but I don't have anywhere to hide it, nor the excuse to have it as I think it might be a little bit hard to sneek past my sheeple family into my room.



This week I've been to the Drs, I don't have Diabetes but I do have an infection so I'm on more antibiotics, plus awaiting more results.


Kit wise I've got two swetshirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 T-shirts, a second spelling dictionary so I have one downstairs and one in the bedroom. My main theme is looking at military BMT exercise routines to get a good over all daily routine.

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I've been a slacker over the last year, but the last couple week's storms have rekindled my desire to prep. Picked up new boots, new first aid kit, new glasses and cheap backup pair of glasses. Cleaned out car trunk and made sure it was stocked up with jumper cables, blanket, etc. Need to replenish the antibiotic stash and canned foods.

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My parents gave DH and I a deep freeze for our anniversary! I am so excited! We got it moved over here yesterday and I'm starting to fill it now. DH was also talking about getting a generator for us for emergencies so we don't lose all our food. Now I'm just waitin on my tomatoes to ripen so I can get to canning!


Because of the heat wave and drought, I have been thinking about what we would do in a SHTF scenario for water. Or even if it's not a SHTF scenario and our water supply dried up. Dad is talking about putting in a lake, and although it involves logging a portion of our woods, I think it would be a wise idea. I'm also planning on getting rain barrels set up to collect the water off the barn. We would also like to eventually get a well drilled, although it's pretty pricy...

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Finally taking the plunge to move permanently into my new house. It is hard...of all the places me and my late hubby lived, the one Im moving from was the longest (16 years!!). Landlord was a gem and only raised the rent once in all that time when taxes went up. I'll miss the place.

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oooh i needed the encouragement. was there so long the place is packed full-o-preps. good thing is now i can find the extras and barter them off to other preppers in my meeting group...i have requests in for handcuffs, saps, duplicate military manuals, and survival knives. next barter night should be interesting...

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oooo, bartering preps! Splendid. I don't actually know IRL of anyone who preps, though there are 3 families in church that I have my ideas about!


This week we have frozen over 100 pounds of beef, and 15 pounds of butter. Wrote out a list of what is in the freezers too.


I asked DH if he could have the camper hooked up and ready to move in 20 minutes or less. He said probably but he could cut that way down if he had the crank tool that is actually make for taking down the jacks. He had his own improvised version. So we invested the $15 to purchase the tool! Packed a few extras in there this week too! The camper is for fun, and is part of our BO plan too. I bet having half a tank of water in their would be a good plan too. Hubby doesn't like to keep it full, because of the cost of pulling it when it's just for camping.


Organized the food products in the storage room.





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Waving from the wet and windy UK!



Kappy, I hope the move goes well. I dread to think when I will have to, my family thinks half the house will lift up as most of it my stuff.:behindsofa:



I've carried on looking at Military videos trying to learn how to iron, clean etc things. I've always wanted to know how the Navy pack into those long sacks they have and for the clothes to come out creasless.



I'm still knitting the shawl, its trudging a long and I'm determind to finish it. It goes from my feet to my chin and I've got a bit of wool left to carry on for a few more inches.

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seabags, that is what we call them in the navy,or duffel bag is common usage.

I still have one.

My son's dad taught him a better way to 'fold' tshirts so they come out unwrinkled and creased for the most part before he went to marine bootcamp.... I will have to ask him how to do it.

Believe me you wouldn't care for the navy method when it comes to women's clothing folding. lol. Well, it was precise, I will say that. 34 yrs ago I was in boot camp, lol.


ok, todays prep was going to VA doc, who , of all things , acted normally! He even put a cute spin on it. We had a good laugh and got down to getting things started and done as much as possible.

I have a feeling I will be going to Albany alot soon. But at least they do have a Hoptel in case I have a longer series of tests and stuff.... as to the abdominal lump, he is not sure its an hernia for sure but its harder and painful when I eat..... anyhow, will be looked into with all the other lumps, as it might just be part of the NF lump stuff I have going.....of course there are typical NF lumps in my back and probably one on lower left ab too, so could be they have been having a hey day growing for some years now as they tend to do that once you hit your 40's and 50's , like they do in my arms especially... its all subcutaneous types but other stuff is going on too that could be truly serious so its going to be good to start getting it actually looked into. I wish I could use the excuse that that is why my waist measurement is so big, lol..... but it can definitely affect the spine and for the one lump in upper R abs I want to be sure, as the diabetic nurse went down the list on hernia symptoms and it fit the majority of those, either way it behaves like that. ( I sit here and wonder just how crowded it can get in there and just want to be sure nothing is going to burst or be impaired or obstructed). So, thats looking out for my physical stuff, and the feet will be looked at generally and more care determined because since I realize they do get truly aggravated badly when I walk any distance...... and the bus driver said its about 5 miles one way...... not just 4... to the VA clinic. I got fortune shining down on me and got rides with bus this morning and a ride after my appt by sheer luck.


I pray I get my VA disability started soon. I could really use the funds and then could get wheels again! Take care of things I feel are hanging over my head and go on with my life..... if its 100%, it would be terrific and could eventually have my small homestead and build a cob home if I save for a while after taking care of some more urgent things..... oh, and yea I would find a place elsewhere in the meantime after taking care of the urgent stuff financially. It would square things away for me and that would be such a relief. If its half that, well, maybe I can still, just need to do first things first. I would feel better if I could at least get the first part of the stuff I need to do done, alot better.


That is all if the nation and world hold together of course. Plan B is much different


But at least they are actually willing to do their job now and I think they got enough complaints from others cause it seems they are really trying to put a different face on things now.




I managed to get a ride home early and the appt was done earlier for which I was grateful as I had to get up at 4am.


So now have to keep up with appts being made and get DAV van rides set up for those and figure out trip budgets especially if they have to keep me overnight two nights and a day or two for anything.... as time goes on and this stuff all gets done over the next few months.


oh, and diabetes stuff, says to control it with diet only unless things worsen ... seems to be low enough A1c, but will be monitoring blood sugar and other symptoms.

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I have cherry tomatoes coming out of my ears, so I'm making sun dried tomatoes. It would be so much easier with a dehydrator, then I wouldn't be heating up the oven. That is my next big purchase!

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Any chance of sun-drying those sun-dried tomatoes, Nicole? You're in humid midwest tho, so mebbe not. Just be sure to cover with cheesecloth or something to keep the pesky insects off. And bring in an hour before dark to avoid evening moisture. Or....set up a frame or something in a south-facing window. Or...use a car with windows up. [psst...don't do onions in a car ....whooooeeee, the smell! ]



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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I took steps towards a big prep (are you sitting down?):


I got behind the wheel of our truck and drove it! So it was only 10 miles per hour on a private road for about a mile and we had it all to ourselves. :lol: But this was HUGE for me! :cele:


The thought of driving in traffic is still utterly terrifying to me, but at least I tried and didn't kill us!

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