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Thanks for all your suggestions I will definately use them.



I have started a relaxation thing, I do the housework in the morning and relax on the sofa in the afternoon. I got the boils just before my exam so your right it could be stress, and with Dad going into hospital again the stress is still there. I am also decluttering and reorganising my bedroom so hopefully when that is finished the stress should be some what less.

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If you can eat liver, that will boost your immune system. Best I've found is organic free range chicken liver lightly braised in organic butter or lard. Don't cook it too long, needs to be rather pink inside.


If you can't handle the liver, try getting mega dose vitamin c down.

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Oh my gosh CGA, I haven't had chicken livers for years (no organ meat for me anymore :gaah: ) but there used to be nothing I liked better than those home grown and cooked chicken livers my Grandma used to fix for me. I miss her as well as the livers.

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I decided to fry some chicken livers for my brother last week, and I don 't remember ever having liver pop like that before! It burned me in several places. I just rolled it in flour and dropped it in the deep fryer. Some of it even popped after it was taken out and put on the platter. Ever had this to happen to you?

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CGA - guess what I've got for lunch - yehhhhhhhhhhh Liver. I have it because my ferritin levels tend to be low, I'll make sure I don't over cook it - I usually boil it in water.

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I just tightened the cinch on extraneous bills like fancier cable because if I have a box its better quality and more channels than what runs through to my apartment from my landladies business down below. Yes, thats one of the reasons she wanted me to take this apartment when I moved in. Also cancelling phone through cable but keeping Internet.

Hardly anyone is calling me anyway on that phone so I might as well just buy minutes for the tracfone instead. There are too many state and fed fees on phones these days!


The govt is now serious about collecting their student loans on folks who are on SS or SSD. I got my first bill and if I want to keep it simple and voluntary at only 49.99 a month for the next 8 to 10 years I need to pay it and keep paying, so what I was paying for the cable bundle will go to that. I also have to use civie medicaid and dental doesn't use medicare so that means I have to pay the whole spenddown. Its alot for me to manage.

I was sitting here thinking, how do I eat and yet stay in communications and get information of a grade higher than the regular tv media? Internet .... and if I write , which also means with less low grade tv available I can focus better. Which means as I assimilate my other things, that gives me time and focus for basic stuff around here and maybe getting more of a schedule for writing.


I am retraining myself to just scan FB wall a few times a day, trying to get away from that attachment and although I am keeping up with political and world news and economics I am trying to reduce how much attention I actually give it cause it upsets me too much and now we are down to months or so , if things are going to fall apart soon. I had quit all games several months ago. I also am trying to limit my time on the site here although ya all know I like to write my thoughts ......still trying to tone that down. It takes practice to develop new habits and thought processes for me.


But at least I am managing my budget a little better and lol, this will infuriate the one jerk company who is a collector. I am already paying back some uncovered medical care from emergencies or bungled billing to local medical here and the student loan has to be paid and food and stuff is just expensive... especially with the spenddown copay thingy for dental right now and probably a few other specialists over time because the VA is falling down on the rheumatology consults and I have to find one I think if the Pain clinic doesnt refer me there to one at the VA because of a nonchalant general md I have to deal with here locally. Making judgement calls without all the past information doesn't help much.


All those trips down there cost some too even if the transportation is free with the DAV there is always food and drink costs if I don't have enough at home to grab for the bag. Usually thats how it is ... things were really ridiculous but at least now I can go to Walmart once or twice a month now as long as the ICW help continues. Local store is highway robbery and its crazy trying to eat right if you just shop there. Much less prep much.


So trying to adjust things to either keep afloat ok.... and laughing at the darn bill collector.... when Im able to deal with them I will, one way or the other. I had to prioritize. Its frustrating because I know I cannot keep up with it all and it makes one feel guilty but I am just trying to be more practical and not make those mistakes anymore.


If I get the decent sort of VA disability percentage that would help straighten things out later, or work on the writing that would be for a used vehicle and monthly use and repairs for it, insurance and a decent apartment or saving for land and I could probably arrange to take care of the other debt in time, as I said there are a few options but at this time I just cannot address it with the student loan and medicaid spenddowns and cost of food and gee a decent pair of shoes or two that I really need. Already needed them far too long. I am sort of stuck with this for a while. Bein in the lowest percentage here, yep, thats real fun when you want to be able to take care of things.


So, since I dont want to do damage to my hair by pulling it out of my head the next several rounds of bills I did this. Well, might still get a plug or two but told DS that I will not be travelling down for holidays as I know this situation is not going to improve anytime soon and it puts too much stress on the wallet to do that even when he pays for the ticket and sheesh... I dont have the energy to deal with it all right now.


Later if I can get a good used vehicle I can go visit, if the nation holds together but I am not encouraged these days very much that that will happen with any consistency , lol. So, just trying to keep afloat here the best I can and actually eat and buy that pair of boots before it starts getting cold.

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Ordered some Milk Thistle seed meal today. Having more problems with my liver and need to get that under control. Also ordered Irish Moss Flakes and Xantham Gum and Arrowroot powder for daughter's diet, apple pectin, nutritional yeast and of course sassafras root to make non-alcoholic homemade rootbeer.

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CrabGrass - which company do you use for apple pectin? And does the apple pectin work like regular pectin? Do you purchase it in bulk and is it cheaper? I was hoping to get enough apples this year to experiment but my trees didn't produce at all - I have two measley apples out of 6 trees.

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What do you do to get your liver problem under control? Husband was told his counts are too high and had another blood test yesterday but no one has said what to do for it.


Get some of the milk thistle seed meal (powder) and give him 1 tsp 3x/day. You can sprinkle it on his food. It has a pleasant taste. You could get the extract capsules, but those can interfere with medications and detoxing the liver. The whole seed meal will give better all round support.


Get vitamin C and give him 4-5 Grams a day in 3-4 doses. This will detox the liver and help prevent and remove plaques in the blood vessels as it helps to heal damaged spots that cause the plaques to form.


Dolomite 3 tsp/day. This is good in smoothies. It is too dry and gritty to just eat. Balanced calcium and magnesium. It detoxifies the liver and improves muscle strength and blood vessel wall integrity.


Take him off veggie oils and margarine except for olive oil. Otherwise use butter and lard. It is much, much better to use organic, pastured animals for the source.


Obviously if he is drinking alcohol, he needs to stop. He should not use any artificial sweeteners or msg. Sodas are really bad too.


If he doesn't have gout or kidney problems, try to get him to eat some liver at least once a week. I like poultry liver from pastured, organic birds best.


Get the junk out of his diet and get him as organic as possible.



My problems are from the lymphoma but I figure I can give my body the best support possible. That and prayer has kept me kicking for 20 yrs after the docs gave up on me and said I was dying.

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I can finally say, I have reduced my coffee consumption (addiction) from 3 pots a day to one cup a day. No more headaches if I do not have enough. :woohoo:

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WAIT! You can get pectin from citrus?!?!? I have tons of citrus! I'm off to do some research! THANK YOU THANK YOU, CrabGrass!

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I finally found a beginner's book on knitting at a yard sale. :woohoo:

I've picked up other knitting and quilting books at yard sales this summer that are obviously not for beginners, so I'm glad to have found something for beginners! I got the booklet and 13 pairs of knitting needles for $6.

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Purchased some assorted canned meats: a ham, some chicken, corned beef, and roast beef. Crazy prices, wish I had focused in on those sooner. :(


Found a nice belt for the husband who has been loosing a bit of weight at Goodwill for 99 cents. Also restocked cat litter.


Inventoried the deep freezer and we're working on making a list everything we use and would need for the next year in order to stay out of the stores as much as possible as well as save money. Silly me has never thought to do it that way, instead of just buying things here and there that I think would be good to add.

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