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Went ahead & purchased a canner as well as more lids/rings. Also caught some nice meats on sale so went ahead & picked out a few packages, even though I normally don't shop until the first week of each month and wasn't going to do any grocery shopping this month at all.

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My new canner came today :canning: in full view for the whole town to see. Dh had to carry it across the street. A couple of ladies told him that if I wanted another one to just call. They don't use them. No wrapper on this puppy!!!!!

If only you had known BEFORE you bought one! lol

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Am throwing out the old microwave and replacing it with a small toaster, 4 cup coffee pot I can heat water in and it has a tiny griddle for an egg, its a dorm style small appliance and the cost fit my budget...... because microwaves kill water and kill and make ANY food change chemically to FAT , doesn't matter what its original substance is evidently. ( Read articles on findings this past week........... which means it kills DNA and such of original substance and IF you microwave and water plants with that microwaved and cooled water the plant doesn't really grow and what does if it does is really strange looking and won't produce .... this is my effort to prep my body better and to cut down electric power usage and hopefully increase kitchen safety for me..... and it had a toaster oven and I didn't ever get a toaster so I thought this small unit would be more useful to me and contain things in my small kitchen.


Tip: regularly filtered and boiled water once cooled is fine for plants btw, by comparison and it does not alter the plant like a microwave heated and cooled water does.


I guess this also fits under clutter clearing section as well.... but the preparation is part of whole body and mind prepping, for better nutrition to help me regain a better health which is very important in regards to being prepared.



And its safer to use the coffee pot to heat water for decaf tea and instant coffee reg or decaf , or instant foods, since I prefer these, than leaving a pan on the stove and not having my desk in the kitchen to watch it, evaporation rates and timing are better if I use that daily. It also helps me get by if stove goes out . Plan to experiment with timer on oven and temp control to see if my small bread pans would work and baking bread would work, one at a time if necessary, in case my electric stove and oven went out. So it would be a back up for that. I think it is capable but wont know til I get it from post office and unpack and set it up.

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My new canner came today :canning: in full view for the whole town to see. Dh had to carry it across the street. A couple of ladies told him that if I wanted another one to just call. They don't use them. No wrapper on this puppy!!!!!


Lots of people use more than one canner ya know!?

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I have a convection oven that I really love because I can do small jobs without firing up the big oven on my stove etc. It also broils, toasts etc. I do use my microwave alot for re-heating things...hummm?

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Finally picked up onion sets for the garden. Now, to get them planted!


Put off even buying mine due to the weather. I bought my seed potatoes and they're still in the bag on the enclosed porch because it's just been too wet OR too cold...fiddlesticks! This whole week's supposed to be lousy.

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Thanks for all your kind thoughts. I've found a few free online courses and discussed the exams with others which I may not need if I do an entry test instead. I just need to be able to afford the tuition fees of £5000 a year.


My thoughts are with you in Boston and the US, big London hugs to you all. It can be a very anxious time when bombs have gone off anywhere in your country and yes I do know what that feels like living where I do. Just be aware of whats around you, and don't let the baskets win by making you panic.


This week I've fixed the fence and I want to do the outer door to the lean-to today. I've also got some animal preps (flea comb, harnesses, etc) as well as working on the medical books for the library. If not mentioned before I picked up the Royal Marsden Hospital Nurses manual which is pretty good, this goes along with where there is no Dr / Psychiatrist, and Merycks Veterinary Manual.


Today I had a find, me and the woof had to go a different route on our walk and found two dog collar clip lead things on the path, so I will clean them up and put them in the craft box for lead making. They are the very sturdy type and were on a very small bit of webbing so not sure what that was used for. It was on the side bushes and looked like it had been there for a while. I suppose some idiot could have used it as a knuckle duster but who knows.

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Vacume sealed 3 qts. and 3 pints of chicken & rice soup in a jar. Still had 2 qts of freeze dried chicken so I vacume sealed it and will put together some meals in a bag (ziploc-type mylar bags) Probably not rice but probably some type of supper meals.

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Been doing some serious rest 'n recovery this week. It's working too. Not doing so many fatigue-inspired ditzy things.


{...did I mention walking into the MENS at the hospital? That was on Day 5. Or discovering after hours of waiting in the ER for my dad to be admitted, that I was wearing my polo shirt INSIDE-OUT? .....need I say more? } :wacko:




So in my down time, I've continued to write on this winter's project which is my story of "Short Straw". When my brain has settled down to normal [..ahem, MY normal] I'll glean the lists for my binder of lists for any permanent EVAC. It also kinda lets me know if I'm actually missing any of the equipment/supplies that my character needs in this scenario. (...yeah, I've been meaning to get one of those and more of that!)



:sigh: ...I did mention DH ordered more baby ducks, right? Coming in a week. Gotta set up in the garage with heat lamp cuz last nite was the THIRD night this April that we've gone BELOW ZERO. Sheeeesh!



MtRider :frozen::knary::frozen::knary: <---- messes with the other ducks laying too! Weird weather!

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Hope you feel better soon, Mt Rider! I still have goslings in the house at night, but outside in the day (yesterday was chilly and wet so they were in all day). Trying to keep them clean but my house is smelling of goslings now. Just gets to a point that you want them OUT. In a few days they will be big enough to go on the deck in the jumbo kennel. Right now they are too small to stay warm and on warm nights snakes are active. I already had to deal with a copper head by the barn. Chopped it in two with my machete so I wouldn't have a bullet ricocheting off the concrete.


I got 50# of mixing salt with my latest feed order. Need to put it in a 5 gal bucket in the storage trailer asap. Ordered a tarp to make a temporary shelter for doelings in a pen with no shelter so they can get out of the tiny pen they are outgrowing. Ordered new drip bowls for the kitchen range for showing the house. Making a little inroad into the housework that got let slide with all the kidding/dairying work. Been canning milk so I'd have it ready in case we move before the doelings are weaned. I have them on pasteurized milk for CAE prevention.


One of my ducks hatched a chick a little over a week ago, but persevered and hatched her batch of 6 ducklings too. So far she is being a good mom to all 7 babies. She has a gander helping guard the little ones. One of the geese has 6 goslings and two more geese helping to guard, another goose is hatching babies right now and her gander is standing by to assist. I love how geese like to help look after the little waterfowl. I've had one adopt chicks too but if there are water babies they like that better.

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The additional 4x4's built, mostly filled with MM's "soil", two 3x8's built for the corn rows & mostly filled. Canned 12 half pint jars of spiced apples, purchased more "soil" compounds to mix more since we're drastically expanding our SFG. Also purchased some additional seeds during the past week or so. Today bought tomato plants, green bell pepper plants & two more thornless blackberry bushes. The potatoes are safely in their buckets (12 with four eyes each) as are the plants. I'll set them out each day for a watering & some sun, then back in the garage until the frost danger is over since we don't have our new "hoops" built yet.

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I had a Drs check up yesterday and all is going well. I've been having some weird dizzy spells, she put it down to dehydration which is probable for me.


I've recieved some more goodies for my dog preps - harnesses, collars and the like.

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Dizzy isn't fun...have that some times and have taken several "spills" because of it. My DR says it's probably an equalibrium (? spell) thing that often comes when one is over 65 but can also be the result of poor eyesight. My eyes are extremely bad (farsighted) and even with contact lenses it's a trade-off between being able to see far away and not within 5 ft., or not seeing as far away and being able to see within 5 ft. Trying so hard not to have to go back to wearing glasses that are like coke bottle bottoms with bifocals...yuk! They've told me "if you had catacts & got the surgery, you'd not need anyting". Well, my eyes are healthy enough NOT to have cataracts that are "ripe enough" (they're words).

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I have been slacking in the prepping department! Took on more hours at work and it seems like all I do is come home, cook dinner and do homework, then go right back at it again.

On the plus side, I do have broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and peppers started. Oh yeah, and last saturday I went by Rural King and found a 4' grow light on sale 50% off! I was so excited about that! lol I was just talking about how I needed one because my greenhouse is falling apart and my plants were getting too leggy indoors.


The garden is tilled, just waiting for it to dry up so I can till it one more time with the smaller tiller and get my plants in the ground.


We're also fencing in the backyard for the dogs, they don't have enough room right now in their kennel, plus it would get so muddy/dusty in their I'm really hoping this will help out the amount of dirt in the house! Once the fence is up, we're going to build a good size covered deck in the backyard too. Soo much to do, so little time. Sigh...

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Small community a bit of a drive away from us was having city-wide garage sales so we went. Bought 10 food grade buckets (pickles) with gasket-type lids all for $20. Then picked up some other little bits and pieces that we felt would add to our lifestyle, and also a nice little bulletin pine board/key rack/white board with places for paper etc., for $1.00 and will have MM put that on the camper wall under my clock. Again, this will get things OFF counters, OUT of drawers etc. Ran onto a really nice generator that we would have loved to buy & it was well worth the $200 asking price, but we just didn't have the money. We have two smaller ones, but this was a step up from our largest one and would be perfect for powering alot of things in our camper or our home, but when you don't have the money you don't have the money. Figure the Lord will bring another one our way one of these days when we DO have the money to spare.

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Thanks for your continued thoughts. Philbe I think we are going along the same lines, I do need new glasses so I'm wondering if that could be the problem.


This week I started the massive declutter, spring clean. Last week I did some great brain storming on all areas so now I have to put it into practice.


Yesterday I rouined another wrist watch with water so I ordered some nurses and pendant watches.

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