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Thank you for the prayers!


Daughter's chair came yesterday. It is really nice. Now I have to take some fences down and rearrange them, finish spreading rock (THAT is going to take a while) and find a way to make the ramp to ground connection smooth. I'm thinking of some of those moveable ramps for lawnmowers. Doesn't need to be long, but the sand washes down to that spot really bad. I have a pick up bed liner that is heavy rubber that I can put over the rock if I need to so she can be loaded into a van. Just trying to be prepared in case I have to get her out of the house sometime and she isn't able or doesn't want to walk. (Just what I really really needed, more work. sigh)

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CGA - is it an option to ask a local church if they have a group looking to do a service project? We've done these in the past thru church or with others and it's always been a blessing to all involved.


I'm also adding our AMEN that you are able to move soon.

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Just realized that this rock (plus the graveled drive to the barn) will give us a really good fire break on the two sides where the house is so close to the property line, plus the pond and drainage on a third side and I always keep the fourth side watered and green. Makes me a bit more easy about fire danger out here. Also, mice won't cross gravel or rock when it is that wide. So maybe that will cut down on the rodent incursions.

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I brought a load of firewood in the house today. I have a raised hearth so I can stack quite a bit there. I also got the window on my patio door washed. Either later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to put plastic on it. Some years I shrink wrap it and some years I don't. It seems like a good idea this year. :shrug:

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I went to an "Extreme Couponing" class hosted by the local paper. I've couponed on and off for several years and always end up frustrated by how time intensive it is. Not with this method! No coupon cutting allowed unless it's a coupon you actually need. Inserts are stored uncut and by date. I've never used this method because the websites I've used to help find deals were all located on the East coast, and coupon inserts vary from region to region. So, I'd find myself never having the coupons listed in the inserts but I'd have other ones that would work, etc. It required clipping and organizing and it was really a pain. But now, I was introduced to a site called grocery smarts and was given the passport number to my area (g96akg if you live in Northern California). What a blessing - couponing is about to become much more streamlined for me, which means even more savings! Woohoo!

Oh, and I won a $10 gift certificate to a local grocery store. Since the class was free, I feel like I was paid to attend! LOL

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BARWAAAK! Finally getting cool enough to butcher?



We got hay.... :sigh: but not much despite $200.




and we hopefully, fixed the ancient, wheezing pellet stove. Keep trying to keep it going cuz propane furnace alone in this drafty old log cabin would be awful!!!


DH took the first turn. Pulled stove insert out and dumped an accumulation of fine soot from the exit pipe (which goes up the old fireplace chimney). That never happened before. Also vacuumed the motor that runs blower [pellet stoves are a forge-type mechanism]. He had black soot up to his elbows.


My turn today as that didn't fix problem of pellets not burning fast enough for lowest auger speed. The second stage of our regular maintenance. I pulled out the firebrick walls around the small firebox. Knocked and banged all over to knock down soot and ash. Found a couple pockets I hadn't discovered before. Black soot up to my elbows.......face....nose itched. :rolleyes:


But it's now burning much more efficiently. Still can't run on anything but slowest auger setting but don't have to turn it off every half hour.


MtRider :campfire:

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Caught 2 of those roosters! Small, but they will taste good. Still lots of them out there and mostly small with banty in them.


Yikes on the hay and the stove, Mt Rider! I'm so very glad we finally got some rain and the grass started growing again. I was wondering if I was going to have to buy hay for the first time ever and where on earth I'd get it.

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Got ya. I thought so but wanted to make sure. I have a SW radio.


I'm thinking about a HAM receiver. I'd like to listen but not talk. I'm not interested in getting a license or the antennas etc. I'd just like to know what's happening in an emergency situation. I haven't a clue where to begin with HAM stuff though.


A police scanner might be handy too for local problems going on. Maybe next year will be the year I get my communications house in order. But there is always that money issue, huh? :sigh:

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You have to have a license to talk. Listening is free. You can even listen online. Your SW will pull in HAM broadcasts. A HAM radio also transmits, but if you aren't going to get a license you don't need to spend the extra money for it. I have not been able to concentrate well enough to get a license so I just got the SW radio to listen.

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It has taken two weeks and LOTS of money, but I am completely restocked up on everything. I had not done any shopping for at least six months, and I was starting to get low on things, so I finally got everything back up to the levels I like to keep it...AND I s, finished with Christmas shopping so I don't have to go back until the first of the year!!! Yippee

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My new freezer came. It is a Danby, 5.5 cf. According to the info included, it needs 248 kw per yr. That translates to 1 1/4 of the solar panels I have now. I still need to buy an inverter and at least 2 of the 6vdc deep cycle batteries (for a 12vdc system you buy the 6v batteries in pairs.) That leaves me solar power to run the 12vdc fan I bought. I can freeze bottles of water to put in a 5 day cooler to keep milk and such fresh and I can freeze some food and have cold packs to help us keep cool. I needed additional freezer space so I can butcher this pig without having to toss out all our frozen milk and other stuff. Pig is just about ready to butcher! Waiting for a good spell of cool weather.

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