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Are your wild [destructive?] pigs of TX edible, CGA?


MtRider --- bacon :feedme:


I must tell this story...when we lived in Louisiana they drug tested the high school athletes, almost the entire football team kept testing positive for steroids,they finally figured out it was because they were eating wild hog. If you feed them out it is a different story, but to catch a boar and eat it is considered dangerous because of the testosterone. Plus it taste awful!!!! Ds has already killed three this year not he deer lease, thank goodness I haven't seen any yet, I am terrified of them!!!!

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It was a large boar I caught in the trap. He got my gilt pg. She went in the freezer before she was too far along though. They don't usually come into the yard until the geese start setting. Then I have a lot of trouble with them because they want the goose eggs. I'm going to have to get hot wire up this yr before the geese set, but I have to rework some fence first.

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Testosterone levels elevate.....? :blink: {don't let the word out or y'all will be overrun with rhino hunters..... } :grinning-smiley-044:



That would make survival days a bit more like a Rambo movie, eh?


MtRider --- CGA, what kind of result would that pregnancy have had? Are the wild ones bigger or smaller than domestic hogs?

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We have picked up some "pretty" prep items. Dh brought a nice quarter horse (gelding, 16 hands) home for me last week. I now have one to ride, and let me tell you it feels soooooo good to be in saddle again. It is a little hard hauling my self up there but sooooooo worth the effort. We had to buy feed bales this year just for the horses.


Extra Transportation!!!! We have been told to keep our school buses filled at all times because of a fuel shortage


Secondly, we bought a pair of cow hides. People asked us WHY Cause they are pretty, (they are useful and warm, and don`t look like a prep item.)


I added a considerable amount to my pure essential oils - all kinds of uses there.


We purchased a new bed for dh, hoping for a better rest and less pain for him.


Bought some prep minded Christmas gifts in the form of mandolin slicers, and upgraded our own to stainless steel.


We are stocking up on extra dog and cat food. We feel it keeps better through the winter months. Of course, I have a running list of extras for the house pantry too.


My Christmas wish list will be for essentials only now.

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Congrats on new horse, Lovinit!!!! Wouldn't it be fun if we could ride together???? :woohoo:




For my prep of the week.....I've decided to try exercises. :o OK, in my life "exercises" is a bad word. I have so much to do that is manual labor, the thot of going to the gym or following someone on TV or video, just to work up a sweat/lose weight/gain muscle tone doesn't seem logical. .....did I mention boring? :whistling: I'd rather multitask by getting something done while using body.


Except this back spasm problem isn't going away. The only real way to stop the spasm is to lay flat......are we talking about boring again? Yeah, I'm not fond of "boring". So after talking with DH [ok, whining: "WHY is this not getting better...I'm so tired of this....etc] I asked if {shudder} EXERCISES might help.


:blink: Can't blame the man for doing a double-take. :shrug: Yeah...me saying that word! But therapeutic exercises make sense to me. Albeit, grudgingly. During this past year, something in my back is not strong enough to hold. I've been able to resume walking with the dog nearly daily. I've been finally increasing the horse riding, which will really help. But sheeeesh!


This morning all was well. I started pellet stove. I picked up dozens of ripped up catalog pages from all over the living room floor... [ahem...Koa likes getting mail too! ] :lol: Did a few things and I felt fine. Then before going out to let goats out of goathouse, I reached over my head to do a maneuver I do several times a day. I slip the hair band off my wrist and twist it into my hair for a ponytail. Except the danged thing caught on my watch and in those seconds that I frantically tried to get it freed, my back went into spasm. I hurried out to let goats out and, coming back into house,...threw off coat, boots and made a dive for my bed. OWWWWW!!!!!!! That fast. That simple. :motz_6:


This has got to stop! If God allows my choice in this, I'm going to get this under control. If it is within my choice....I chose to try therapeutic exercises.


Cuz if the Hooey Hits Fan...this 'trick back' might be deadly. 'Nuff already!


MtRider - pray for my diligence and perseverance please. [i hate exercises!....did I mention that?] :busted:

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Sounds like you are all good and busybody. I got my leather mittens and fisherman's wool yarn for a wool sweater. Working on other knitting for Burgundy pullover and some Multics Dolores mittens too and figuring out savings budget for a small truck I think. To build a ( bugout) camper home on it for me and miss Macy.

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Hope you can get the back under control, Mt Rider! Mine isn't happy but I've been WAY overdoing it lately. Today I got out and whacked mesquite and finally got that last length of 2x4 wire cut and dragged from the barn yard to the goat shelter and put it over the south end of the tarp. It has been loose and blowing back every time the wind is from the south for months. I got the north side done a while back just ahead of a big storm front. I still need some more sand hauled in there but the tin I put up a couple days ago blocks the north wind and they are much more comfortable.


My new 150qt/7 day cooler came. Planning to use it when I brine the hams and bacon. Smoker should be here soon too, I hope. I also ordered one of those hunter's gambrels to hang the pig and make it a little easier on my back. Eyeballing a tree limb over the drive and wondering if it is strong enough.

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I'm so with you Mt. Rider. Its like a vicious circle. The exercises are uncomfortable and definitely no fun to do...but, if I dont keep up doing the exercises the back spasms come back. I'm supposed to be strengthening the core muscles...and I'm finding it to be really difficult at my age. Unfortunately it's necessary.

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Actually, they make them larger than that, Amber. This one was on sale for cheaper than the smaller 5 day one though.


Would it be too Redneck to put the cooler in front of the couch with a cloth over it for a coffee table? LOL I don't really have a good spot in the house for it and don't want to stick it down in the storage trailer.

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Actually, they make them larger than that, Amber. This one was on sale for cheaper than the smaller 5 day one though.


Would it be too Redneck to put the cooler in front of the couch with a cloth over it for a coffee table? LOL I don't really have a good spot in the house for it and don't want to stick it down in the storage trailer.

We used a cooler for a coffee table for a couple years. (DH and I started off with very little.) I didn't have a cover on it. It was one of those older Coleman ones with the metal sides.


We lived in this house for a couple years before we had a coffee table. I just used a plastic tote. Both the tote and the cooler were good for storing things inside. And easy to clean the top.

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:lol: That sounds like a great "coffee table" ! If the top isn't flat enough, add a piece of plywood on top and cover all with cloth. :thumbs:





I'm supposed to be strengthening the core muscles...

That's exactly the words DH used, Dogmom. So....you're saying if I'm ...ahem, waving at 60....I might find it harder to rehab than when I was decades younger? :yar: Bummer! ;)


Oh well....so far DH hasn't come thru with those exercises yet. Oddly, my determination is increasing.




Want a funny story? I believe I'm one of the very few folks who can manage to royally wrench their back/neck ----WHILE LAYING IN BED! :scratchhead:


How did I manage? I listen to Scripture on audio tapes every night [MS has sleep disruption and this cures it! ] . :) I have a pillow speaker. Not ear buds but a flat set of speakers that lays on the pillow. So last nite I was laying there...calmly drifting off to sleep. It was on the 2nd side of the cassette so it takes a while to wind up to where the speaking begins. :sheeple::offtobed::sheeple: Welllllllll......at some point yesterday the volume button got bumped. Suddenly I heard a voice in my ear at FULL VOLUME! :runcirclsmiley2:







DH had to adjust for whatever I did to my body by leaping outta bed and clinging to the ceiling........so to speak. :rolleyes:



MtRider -- but I was taken out to lunch today by a friend and that was fun! :cakeslice::bev::balloons:

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:008Laughing: @ Mt_Rider. You gave me a smile in my heart. BTDT. It is definitely a system SHOCK! Doesn't that count as exercise?


DH loves to listen to his R&R so loud he has burnt out several sets of head phones, [i am even able to hear his music 3 rooms away!], anyway, he will turn off the stereo, unplug his head phones, after listening but he won't turn the volume down. I will innocently come in and turn on my music and be wiped out of the room! :imoksmiley:



Honestly, he has gotten very good about making sure the volume is turned down now.



Prepping... we are working on our finances. It has been a real challenge, but, God willing it will make a big difference in a very short period of time. And I am trying to walk more to build up my body to handle any situation that requires us to walk out/bug out.

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CGA....I use a special cassette player loaned by the Talking Books program for Visual and other impairments. [tho they're switching to digital now, they still have some books recorded on cassettes]. So it doesn't CLICK off. Just stops when it gets to the end of the tape. But I do know what you mean cuz other ones would do that to me. :blink:



Yeah Annarchy. I get into our vehicle and .....well you know that scene from Back To The Future with Micheal J Fox? It's not that he likes it so loud but the last miles he travels to get home are noisy gravel roads and you can't hear if you don't turn it up. But no, he never remembers to turn it down when he's arrived....and lures me in..... :rolleyes:



MtRider - :bounce:

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Redneck??? CGA???


Naw, she butchers chickens on her front porch just to show her neighbors she can. And what ever else they might conjure up in their own minds. Grown men fear her knife wielding blood stained hands. They are often seen in her town walking bent slightly forward gently clutching their most 'precious possessions' cradled in their hands. Cooler on the front porch? Pfffft. Childs play.

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Got down in the storage trailer and dragged out some rice and wheat to rotate. While rummaging found a 50# bag of milk in one of the totes. thought I had already used it, but I'll start rotating it. It is good to have when the does are dry. Blew up my electric grain mill (used it for 13 yrs pretty hard) and found the back up electric one so got that out to use.

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