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How long did you let your's set, Homesteader? I do mine overnight when I'm going non-electric. Usually I just do canning jars [pts and qts] in my dehydrator [can removed shelves; not the stacking-trays kind].



MtRider ...reading about hydroponics/aquaculture :pc_coffee:

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I'd forgotten about making cheese. :hug3:


I put the first batch in the small cooler was for abt 5 hrs. The second bigger batch in the large cooler was overnight as I had started it in the evening. Both worked great. :hapydancsmil: I wasn't too sure abt how watertight the larger cooler because it was a garage sale find. I put a bath towel under it on the kitchen counter. Glad I did. The towel was wet in the morning. The wood floor wouldn't have liked standing water on it. :sigh:


In Switzerland we used to use yogurt over raw cereals. It kept us from starving but I never got used to it. :grinning-smiley-044:

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I've got 30 new chicks in the brooder. Our current flock of 35 is getting REALLY old, as in some are close to 4-5 years old... So once these little ones are laying the old girls are going to the local amish auction.

Also, got the freezer filled up again with a hog and took inventory of everything in there. Right now I'm searching for deals on cloth diapers to build up my stash before baby gets here. I'm really excited about using cloth, just trying to decide if I'm going to do cloth wipes too. I'll probably start out with them and see how it goes. They say they clean up better than disposable.


It's also countdown till our Nigerian doe kids, she's due this week!

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Stuck our nose in Big Lots and found a really large bag of T-lights very cheap so picked up a bag. They also had small bottles of cranberry juice, six packs...so I bought all they had. Perfect size for us to have in the pantry to keep things healthy in a crisis situation. Then went looking at some "scrub" land again.

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Brought in the dried herbs & vacuum sealed them into pint jars & put them away. Will wash jars that I canned beef & chicken so I can remove rings. Still have 5 large rounds of polish sausages that I need to get canned up. Nice idea CGA to get yourself a backup! We have our desktop that we use & a small ACER notebook that powers our Visio wifi tv setup (we don't use cable etc.) that we watch free hulu, youtube & we're amazon prime members ($79 a year) to watch just about any thing we want to watch :-) But...it's available for use if we need it, and just slip our thumb drives with all our "stuff" into it and we can "function". Our "monster" has been in hock for awhile getting totally rebuilt. We have just about paid enough on it to bail it out! We spent the money because it's got a huge memory and hard drive and is so fast it makes you blink, wondering how in the world it got there so fast :-) This time we'll have complete backup disks. We won't make "that" mistake again :-( Save all your software intall disks also. Many of them will work on many different types of computers. Our Word, Publisher, Paint Shop pro etc., have worked on every pc we've ever bought...and they're not new install disks. We enjoy being "familiar" with these programs and not having to go on a learning curve for a new "updated" software program that somebody came up with :-) We're old foggies...LOL

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When making our "monthly run" also picked up 4 bottles of 91% alcohol to set back, very useful to pour over a few cotton balls in an empty tuna can...for some heat etc. Just finished a canner full of kabalsi (?) (polish sausage type rounds) that we got on sale, 5 pksgs for $19.99. Figured they'd be something good to set aside for the pantry.

ps...when canner is coole enough, I'll put up another batch and along with the chicken & beef we canned, that will be our "contribution" to the pantry for this month :-)

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We have almost finished dehydrating 40 pounds of Organic Onions plus 10lbs regular onions we inherited. We used a little German Mandolin that seemed to be the best price under $150...we paid $40.00 and it works great! Dehydrated onions look so pretty in 1/2 Gallon Ball Jars. ;)


Jungle Hammock modifications are in progress and my BOB/INCH has a small but important upgrade (The Scrubba). It has been a good week!

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I bought a ton of chicken quarters and irregular pork chops. I repackaged them all in good freezer paper for the deep freezer. I also canned a lot of chicken and broth for soup later on.

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Baked up 12# of hamburger, vacuum sealed them 2 to a bag, and they're in the freezer! Also made a bag of hoagie buns for our sandwiches (instead of bread slices) and they turned oyt great. Sharing a pic of the hoagie (along with a plate of supper :-) and a finished loaf of just plain white artisan bread. Crumbled up some of the hamburger & stuck it in some pasta with some corn, tomatoes & okra.




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I sure am, Jeepers! Of course the next time the lard, bacon and ham start getting low, I'll be thinking of doing this again. LOL Maybe next time I'll some of those pot bellies though. Those huge pigs like Ed are just too much to deal with at once. I still have to package the meat, we just put it in trash bags and shoved it into the freezers to chill. Hardly any is frozen yet so I really should get on it today if my back will settle down some. It is so sore.

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Got an electric scooterr. Will get extra battery pack for it too. Just easier than walking locally. Its charged but it is a huge snow storm outside. Darn kindle typos. Should be able to get to Lincoln pond though for better fishing. Once it warms up. Should coincide with fishing.

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Played catch up today...body not feeling real good...weather's messing with my sinus' and ears I think? Two days of 60-70 degree, sunny weather then it snowed night before last, and only got to 45 today. Oh I forgot...it's supposed to have something to do with that weather changing stuff?

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Potential buyer??? :pray:



Philbe.....be careful with "Maybe Sinus And Ear" things. That's what my virus started with. Goes down into the jaw and even tooth pain. I hope yours IS weather changing stuff but this virus has been going around this region for 6 wks now. Kick-heiny-FATIGUE goes with it. And it can come back on you...DH relapsed but only for a day. I fed him GARLIC soup and that always cures him of anything.


Let me know if yours continues and I'll tell you what seemed to work for us. But ...hope you're both well soooon!


MtRider ....going out to lunch tomorrow...... 5 weeks at home and I get to go out to lunch! :hapydancsmil:

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Sold my first dozen eggs today....without even trying. :). I take eggs every now and then to work and yesterday my boss took some home for her elderly mother.....who used to raise them in the Azores....and was so excited about fresh eggs that she had my boss cook them for her right away. Da boss couldnt believe how good they tasted. So she's buying a dozen. The money will go to buying more food for the chickens......

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