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I stocked up on cheap bandanas from a local salvage type store. I also buy a 4 pk of CHEAP tp occasionally to store. We won't use it, but if we HAD to, we'd sure be grateful for it.


I've been working on flea control in the spare/laundry/pantry room. It's good, because I'm also organizing in the process. My canning jar shelf is looking amazing! I also figured out how to add more shelf space to them. Yay, go me! :woohoo: LOL

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Way to go Ao5! I got a couple of cheap bandanas a while back too. Actually, men's hankies. I tried and tried to tie a doo-rag on my head and I still can't do it. I even went to You tube for some visual aids. Still can't do it. There is a 76 year old woman on a dog site I watch and she wears a doo-rag sometimes when she is outside working. If she can tie one on...


So I found one of those that have the ties on the bottom. I got it cheap because it was on clearance. I can get it on the head and tied but I can't keep it on. Must have a strange shaped head. I want them to wear when I'm canning so my hair stays out of the way. I think I'm going to have to go the way of the snood.

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You all reminded me... I should work on my quilt. Over the years diving, I collect bandanas, still do. The red, white and blue ones, are set aside for a star burst, antique, hand sewn quilt pattern I've been working on, about 10 years, using the material from DH's old uniform pants for the backing squares. I think I have at least 50 of the other colors. We even have a couple the dog wears as his yard collar, 'cause he can't be nekid outside... lol.


Haven't been able to do much in the prepping realm. Spending too much time at the doctors for DH's boo-boo.

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After my first husband passed, a friend who quilts, took all of his dress shirts and made me a beautiful biscuit quilt and then two small throw quilts. When MrWE2 and I took our 11 day Thanksgiving trip to the Texas coast and back, we seldom used the furnace in the travel trailer, just wore our insulated underwear and climbed under a thermal blanket with the quilt on top and was warm as toast! My sis also made us a beautiful "wedding" quilt with pillow shams...no stuffing, just stitched in various patterns. Thin but very heavy :-) Finished getting blankets and fleece throws washed up last night & folded. Wanted to have them ready if we need them to keep warmer than what we are. May need to turn down the temp if heating bills get too high with a colder winter being forecast :-) Also noticed we could use more vinegar so I need to pick up more (I buy the small bottles because once it's opened it may lose some of it's strength. Also noticed with all this gearing up, that we could use more liquid bleach. I have some of the bleach tablets stored but want more of the liquid. For the liquid I also buy the smaller jugs of the concentrated strength Clorox for storage. The liquid has a shorter shelf life and perhaps the smaller jugs of the concentrated strength will prevent me from losing a gallon if one should go bad. I buy the gallon jugs for daily use now. Gearing up for "trial runs" is good...lets me test the soundness of not only the pantry but other areas also. Also want to pick up a few more rolls of the silver insulated bubble wrap and some of the 4x8 sheets of foam board. MrWE2 wants to be able to build a "warm room" inside our bedroom and the pantry room at the Roost if we needed to have a warm place. The 4x8 sheets would allow him to quickly put it together with tape etc., and still be easily taken down and not damaged too much.

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Speaking of homemade blankets.. if you have crocheted or knitted afgan type of blankets.. lay it under another blanket with a closer weave (like a quilt or bedspread of some type) and it functions very much like a down comforter in holding pockets of heat to keep you warmer.

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I love to crochet throws etc. with the "afghan" stitched panels and then stitch them together. I have several skeins of alpaca fiber that I've been saving back for "crafts" in a crisis management situation along with my scrape booking supplies and decoupage supplies, and I'm not leaving out my acrylics & canvas's. None of it will last forever but it'll be fun while they last :-)

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Just finished washing up my cast iron skillets and re-seasoning them. Haven't used some of them for awhile and figured the oil on them might need to be removed and re-seasoned. Took the monster dutch oven/lid and a large skillet to the Roost, but want to keep my daily use skillets etc., ready for use. Now all I have to do is my "bean pot"...but that will happen perhaps tonight :-)

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Just got back from stock shopping, our save a lot and UGO was totally wiped out on spam,spam spread, barbeque vienna sausages,tuna etc...is this possibly a sign people are waking up? Was talking to a friend of mine who is not a prepper. until now. she said all my preaching to her has finally worked that she has recently started preps.

Today I got:

2 bisquik

2pancake mixes

3 bags noodles

3 spaghetti sauces

10lb. sugar

2lb powder sugar

5 llb corn meal

5lb all purpose flour

1 multi twix bars

1peanut butter cheese crackers

1 chocolate sandwich cookies

1 peanuts

1 cashews

6 barbeque vienna sausages


12each ravioli and chili mac

2 genoa salami

1 shortening

1 powder milk

1 powder buttermilk

1 cracker

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If she can tie one on...


*hic* :D




You all reminded me... I should work on my quilt.


I plan on making a skirt with some of mine! I tend to get a lot of bandanas, NEW, from Goodwill, too, so I keep picking them up, LOL!

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WOW Truckersgal...that is fantastic. Bet it makes you feel a little better, huh!

Thanks for posting your the list. Lists always help to remind my of things I've overlooked or I need to add more of. I don't have noodles stocked away. :sEm_blush:


Oh and pepperoni. I love pepperoni and it doesn't need refrigeration! DUH! I even like pepperoni sandwiches. I use it as a sandwich like I would slices of salami. Oh yeah, that's going on my list now. I do keep it in the fridge but if the power went off unopened packages would still be good. :misc-smiley-231:




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Hey Amber...how are you feeling these days? Hope you are doing better!

Sorry, Jeepers, didn't see this until today. I'm frustrated with the slow recovery, but there is advancement going on. My new vision rehab sessions are doing things I never thought possible.

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Ambergris.....some amazing things have come along in the past decade. It's like they finally took therapy to a whole new level. Not so much disease-based but function-based!





Instead of 1-2" of snow, we had another GORGEOUS fall day. I was able to kneel [not bending back] and pick gooseberries for an hour. Filled a small fake-butter container. :P


MtRider ....now I have to remove the dead-flower-end and any stems before sugaring and freezing. Tedious but :yum3:

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Put approximately 30lbs. venison in the freezer,clipped coupons for next shopping trip. Sundays paper actually had useable ones such as for:rice, baking/pancake mix,gravy mixes,5lb nag flour,yeast,libbys pumpkin,carnation evaporated milk. and of course toilet tissue, paper towels, detergent,cold and sinus meds. yes i will redeem these.and hopefully catch the store on their double coupon day.

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There is a fad going on in knitting circles currently, and if you can find a free download , to make an afghan, throw or blanket, using wool blend yarn left over will work fine...cotton works too if it is size 3 or less. the pattern is commonly called ten inch blanket. You just start in the center. If you can think clearly, Ten stitches across a straight ( regular knitting needle) knitting needle, do a rectangle maybe six inches long then pick up stitches on one side, mitred edges around corners as you go along outer edge of original piece and surround it, etc etc until you have size of blanket you want. Great way to use up scrap yarn and left overs as long as they knit up close to original size of yarn. I have seen very sophisticated examples and great examples of scraps used. Simple stitch that is close knit, not lacy, is appropriate to use. , Non felting turns out very nicely too, from examples i have seen but felting yarns would work too. If you have an electric dryer it is easy to make felted knit items.


Dampen, gently squeeze out excess water, do not use an iron! Block pinned. to flatten rolls and straighten out edges and let dry. And you have a throw or blanket!




Hmmm, missed the original about brandy splashes...... and the dollar store salami would be great grab and n go emergency food.



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