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Uh-Oh. I just found another Super K-Mart going out of business. Part of me hopes there is not much left and part of me hopes there is still a lot left. Sigh. I'm off to check it out though...

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Uhh...I'm hoping this is not "catching" ... we enjoy our K-Mart because sometimes it's so much quicker to dart in to it and pick up something than face the masses at the WM super center :-) We also noticed at our local $Tree store that they now have signs posted that they offer "bulk" ordering online :-)

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Uhh...I'm hoping this is not "catching" ... we enjoy our K-Mart because sometimes it's so much quicker to dart in to it and pick up something than face the masses at the WM super center :-) We also noticed at our local $Tree store that they now have signs posted that they offer "bulk" ordering online :-)

According to the girl at my local regular K-Mart, only the bigger Super K-Marts with the grocery stores in them are being closed down for now and not all of them. Don't know if she knows what she is talking about though. I asked her if our regular one was closing and she said it wasn't. Wouldn't hurt to ask at yours. I made another haul at the one I found today. That makes 3 I've cleaned out! :D

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Hey Jeepers, I love to hear about bargains. What kind of deals did you get? I'm jealous, no K Mart here.

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Hey Jeepers, I love to hear about bargains. What kind of deals did you get? I'm jealous, no K Mart here.

I don't remember the prices but everything was between 40% and 50% off. Plus I used my Discover card and will get 1% back. Yee-Haw!


I got:

1Coleman table top stove and 8 bottles of fuel

1 box of fat sticks wood starters

6 small bottles of 2 cycle oil

1 box (90) of vanilla/lavender scented trash bags

2 water fountain diverter things for the bathroom sink

6 big bars of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate bars

1 plastic pan scraper I'll use as a knife

1 wire cutter

1 bolt cutter

1 roll of 'caution' tape

2 (35 lb.) kitty litter

1 universal chuck

2 sun hats

2 pair of swim goggles

1 Bushnell 16X binoculars


I'm sure there is something I'm forgetting. I also got 1 memory foam bed topper and a Sherpa throw to use now. They had a little grate thing on short legs to use over an open fire that I almost got. It was $32.00 before the sale price. I figured if things get that bad I can use the rack out of the oven over an open fire. I'm still thinking about it though. I THINK my garage prep is now finished. I have enough tools and car supplies to make a grown man cry. Of course they are all over the garage floor. I need to get them organized. Probably need another shelf. Oh, I need a paper towel holder out there. I forgot to get one of those.


I also got a pool toy called 'eliminator x'. It shoots water but that isn't why I bought it. The outside of it is foam and I'm going to try to take it apart and put the foam part on my bed's headboard. I have a short headboard and when I sit up in bed (lounging) it hits right at the back of my head and hurts. Hopefully it isn't glued on. I wanted a noodle but they didn't have any.


It was a good shopping day...until the charge card bill comes in. <_<

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Reminded me of the children's toy that we bought about six of ... they're water shooters. You dip the tip into water, draw it back like a seringe, and then when you plung it, it shoots out water.. Why? So we can buy some of those blue 5 (?) gallon water jugs or any water source, and keep them stored, and use these whippersnappers to draw out only what we need when we need it. We're keeping our eyes open for the large pump that will fit on top of the water jugs though. Thought Harbor Freight had them but they don't. Will keep looking. Ah...sounds like you made quite a haul Jeeps! You'll enjoy your Coleman stove! We have one (it's a 2 burner) and we used it this past Sunday on our picnic to heat of the speghetti sauce. We also have the little oven that can sit on top of it.

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Here is one type for 55 gal barrels:





This page at Amazon shows lots of models...manual or electric for 5 gallon jugs:






MtRider ....if you are concerned with the 'toys' not being "food safe" plastic. But post-hooey-hits-fan...anything that would work! :thumbs:

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Thanks for the link...got it on our Amazon "wish list" :-) We've got three of the "stands" (2 large ones and one counter top sized) but want to be able to just pump out some if we want to.

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I plan on just gluggging water from my 5 gal blue jugs into a smaller, easily-handled container. But, the siphon or pump would be nice and neat!


We got the dying pellet stove fixed. Property owners are gonna be happy that it only cost them a service call/cleaning. I'm happy but annoyed. When we moved in, no one informed us about the pellet stove at all. I took the initiative to look up this model and print the How-To sheets. Those sheets did NOT tell me that there is ONE MORE METAL WALL TO REMOVE....and clean behind. The stove was chock-full of ashes back there! The repair guy nearly replaced the blower motor that was still good.


OK...so now it will be even MORE fun to clean out that beast... Whenever I get near it, I get soot/ash ALLLLLL over me. Like 'Pigpen' in the Peanuts cartoon lineup. Sheeeesh. But wow! That thing might really put out the heat again. Save on propane but go thru more pellets. Found out we can get a discount if we can buy a ton at a time at a local store.



MtRider ...Winter Cometh....and I guess we're getting ready.... :unsure::( ....reluctantly.

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Just strung up a grocery bag full of jalapeno peppers for drying that was given to me...love freebies!




The jalapeño plants in our garden are beginning to produce. MIL has requested some for her freezer. She has finally used up all the ones she froze from FIL's garden, 7 years ago.



Haven't been able to do any prepping, unless you count taking care of DH's arm. Been too busy doing everything around here.

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I love the freebies I get for my preps.I have a friend who is forever going to roadside stands and farmers markets.He forever brings me fresh veggies such as the peppers in turn I do his laundry.. but also look for freebie preps in areas you normally wouldnt think. our mcdonalds is afraid you might spill something on you. They dont just give 2-3 napkins per order. They give you like 30-40 napkins. what we dont use you bet I bring home and place them on ziploc baggies.my future daughter in law works at mcdonalds ,4 nights a week we go get a coffee while waiting for her to get off work. Needless to say i have a great supply of paper napkins!

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Getting more and more of my test time blood sugars, including fasting between 88 and 99 , by diet..... hurrah! ( Been losing weight, had to go low carb to do it. Higher protein and lean veggies etc majority of time) Still losing weight! Having to add in a bit more carbs some times now .... but I GOT THIS ! This is normal, between 80-110 blood glucose by meter is. ( If you wondered). I am type 2, but with help and support and gee, dropping the sandwich habit because I have to be on less than 30 carbs per day to do this , as everyone is different....... It Is Working. Less pain, more energy, steady energy, clearer head......... amazing, helping arthritis based stuff too.

I can , once in a while have a sandwich or breakfast sandwich or burger and bun , etc but it drops back down to more normal level within hours or next day ( this is very good! ) as long as i stick with mostly LCHF type of eating. I can throw in grapes and such too now and then. I can have one quesadilla, not two ( tortillas).................and I found the simplest corn tortilla recipe.....

moderation and variety . Oh, and water. water water water........... drink it!


So, that part of prepping is much bettah!!!! So for now, my body is reacting well to that type of management. Going down almost two pants sizes , need to go down for sure , one more , then I am where I do well and look good at the same time!

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:thumbs: Sass!


I remember working with my Grandmother & Mother. And, then, keeping myself within the parameters I need to be, without going to meds. Moderation, a variety of diet, with calculated amounts to maintain the "norm" on the sugar tables.


Knowing how my body uses the foods I cram in my mouth, is the #1 challenge with long term sugar survival. My Grandmother was an expert, until her mind gave way. I have learned, what to cook, how to cook it and how much to serve, to maintain a healthy and enjoyable life style.


So, does learning stuff, count as 'preparing'?

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for a while I had gone up from 134 to 167 avg blood sugar over a years time, damage occurs after 140 is steady...... not even willing to let myself go past 200, too scary. Weird thing is I didnt feel bad at 167 level.... scary to me. So, it has been worth the effort and changes. Sometimes I have to add carbs but figuring it out as the body adjusts and hoping can give my pancreas a rest and hopefully it will last long enough. Yep, I dropped a good pants size and a half , so working on the next pants size.



Other than that, just learning more about sock knitting and knitting cables patterns. It's nice. I like it and I can do it! I would actually like to make some nice wool blankets for myself over a long time . You end up designing it yourself usually and that is fine. For now , practicing knitting skills on much smaller things I can use.

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:cele::thumbs::woohoo: for ArbySass! That is one of the MOST important preps, esp. if a person is on or nearing the point of medicine dependence. That is truly fantastic progress!!!


MtRider ...need to do low carb myself but...dang, it's expensive!!! :feedme:

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Learning "how" to manage carbs will do wonders and knowing how your body deals with them is important. For myself...my body loves to store carbs and burn protein. MrWE2 is able to deal with oats, corn etc., and could get by without eating hardly any meats. It's a game for us sometimes. I try to eat carbs during the day when my body has some time to burn them, and I stop eating at 7pm max. These past 6 weeks I've been cutting portions big time so MrWE2 (and myself) can get some more weight off. After the surgery I lost several pounds so said "I'm going to keep at this" and so far I'm down 9#. MrWE2 has lost about 15# which is closer to what his doc told him he had to lose by January 6th or ... he was going to put him on pills. High triglycerides BIG time! I still wear a 12 but I'm feeling more room in them which is good for me :-) When my first husband passed I was a 16. My primary care doc told me I was "at fighting weight" now and has no concern about my weight and neither does my gyn. But...I know I have to watch the carbs...and oh how I love a cold glass of milk with breakfast. But...I'm doing ice water (and have for about 6 years) instead. We keep just enough milk for cold cereal once in awhile ... to splurge.

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couldn't get to the grocery store this week so bought most of what I needed at my nearby Dollar General . Hamburger was 4.50 per pound, but cereal was pretty good prices and I found some good prices on canned veggies. I guess I can get by until my next grocery run,


canned some dry beans that were getting too old, and did my pantry inventory . so glad to get that done.

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WE2 I was referring to Type 2 diabetes. Do you have it? What is a pretty standard recommendation by decent doctors who understand Type 2 diabetes is the LCHF diet. Low carbs. This is generally 30 carbs a day. That is not much.

I am getting my weight down to my fighting weight. For me unless I am working out hard 2 to 4 hours a day, I cannot eat more that that. Some eat up to 80, if they are diabetic that is crazy as it makes them have to use insulin because it either isn't being used from the body organ the pancreas if it is being secreted or cannot burn up that much and it ends up blood glucose, blood sugar way too high.

For someone with a normal active pancreas, you can eat more ..... so I was referring to diabetes, nothing else...... and only Type 2 that is still secreting some........ so far not on meds really .If I gorge on pizza, cake , chips icecream, other junk and major comfort foods........ I can kill myself sitting still. Its not simple metabolism stuff. After a while the insulin usage or secretion can stop entirely , and its likely to stop sooner if I don't pay attention, damage to other stuff that is vital, kidneys, susceptible to skin infections that go gangrenous, liver......... that stuff all kills or needs horrendous care .


I basically went back to the diabetic exchange diet and paleo... hunter gatherer style eating. With dairy thrown in. I always did better on it, its normal for human beings in other words. We became a sandwich based nation I think over the last 30 years. I cant eat sandwiches of the size and quantities lots of folks can...... I cannot eat mashed potatoes or potatoes like a normal person can. It just doesn't work , and when the sugar stays, it turns to fat. So....... when my physical activity goes up or my blood sugar goes too low , then I can add, for now, this works. I can't even enjoy a full bowl of chili, beans are higher carb too. I can have a very small bowl though. In the group I am in, each person has to figure out what works. Precisely, or they cant control it by diet. Ive seen folks with A1c of 13.9.......... I do not know how they are still alive, when they begin to learn and do things differently. They usually have vital organ damage or are amputees by then though. The ones with blood sugars in the 300's to 400s, and it doesnt always take much to get there, even that shocks me. People can be walking around without a clue. So it was good to find this group and I see awesome changes with most of them and if they are scribed insulin or the pump, 99% are not faking it out and using too much insulin as a correction, they are truly changing their overall behavior. Others, if sugar goes up to 165-190 are headed to ER , because they do feel it. One also had to adjust to new lows as they go down, its not exactly gradual and there are other things blood sugar can do even on fasting blood sugar in the mornings. Also there is concern for ketoacidosis , of which I am still trying to understand.


In time, the pancreas may stop secretion of insulin anyway, but I am not at that stage of type 2 fortunately, or the body not use what is secreted and that is when you get insulin scribed, and some have it happen a lot sooner. I consider myself lucky I can control it by diet so far and now that I can see I can do that, I will.


My mom would be happy for me. I am happy for me. I will keep doing this, because it works.

I also may be feeling better because I dropped most gluten from the diet as well in doing this..... and yea, mom died of celiacs that went undiagnosed. But it also assists in loss of weight. Primarily she was a diabetic on insulin from age 19 though. So, I just had to go back to what she taught me, or a bit more stringent most of the time. It is working. I feel lots bettah!

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Hey Jeepers, I love to hear about bargains. What kind of deals did you get? I'm jealous, no K Mart here.

I also got a pool toy called 'eliminator x'. It shoots water but that isn't why I bought it. The outside of it is foam and I'm going to try to take it apart and put the foam part on my bed's headboard. I have a short headboard and when I sit up in bed (lounging) it hits right at the back of my head and hurts. Hopefully it isn't glued on. I wanted a noodle but they didn't have any.


I forgot to mention that I sliced through the foam and it came right off of the toy and I put it over my headboard. It fits perfectly. It's only about 10 inches long but it works out fine. It's not real soft or anything but it sure feels a lot better on my neck than the wooden top of the headboard. A noodle would have done the same thing but I didn't need anything that long. It looks pretty trashy but it works and it was cheap so it's a keeper. Too bad all of the colors are some shade of neon.

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Went to the canning company while on a fishing trip in my old stomping grounds. Bought 10 cases of canned vegetables, a nice assortment (corn, green beans, beets, pickled beets, peas, peas & carrots, spinach and carrots)for under $6 a case (yes, 24 cans per case). Part of my semi-annual stocking up - I like vegetables a-plenty, and canned ones don't need extra water stored for re-hydration. I really like to use the liquids drained from the cans in soups & gravies, they add SO much flavor it is crazy. In a couple weeks when we go back to fish some more, we will pick up some extra cases of things we both particularly like, since retail can't touch the price. I don't mind no labels when I can get veggies for 25 cents a can (the regular almost-a-pound size....eight ouncers are 18 cents)!

I feel sorry that the food pantries will not take cans without labels around here, but a growing number of 'just plain folks' are discovering the company sales room. And some of the nursing homes & charitable organizations that hold fund raising dinners are loyal buyers of their 1 gallon size cans at $1 each. Not all canning companies sell this way, so I feel blessed to have such a good source for vegetables.

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I got one leg of a knee high sock done yesterday and then wrote up my infrastructure grid down episode to bring it up to the week to two weeks part of it last night. Today I studied hobo stove creations on youtube and even found one that was redone to make it a smoker , with a second coffee can ( no 10 can) . I was like that is great! ( how to beat the times with a tiny budget. I watched all sorts of versions. Honeyville cans should work, right? Ok, and then shelters in woodland settings in case I ever need one. I can also see where some were downright dangerous set ups and some that definitely could be done better. But then there are some good designs and I looked at a lot of tarp shelter testing being done and stealth camping.


Then I got into watching apopalyptic movies and then stuff on current geopolitics leading to WW3. hmmm. They may have a point. Its only taking slightly longer than they first assume.... but moving right along.

but then that linked to JW's videos by some dude......... and I was like WHATTTT???? !!!!! on a few points. I didn't think i was the only one, but comments were gentle most of the time in reaction under the videos. About the end times. Different interpretations to be sure. ( which is a guaranteed constant I guess. ) But these were a bit much!



then I check facebook......... and found the cutest video of a koala bear kicking back , lounging on his back , with a plateful of julienned veggies on a plate beside him, reaching over and just munching to his hearts content and just had the best belly laugh and reposted it to my big brother and my son.... it just reminded me of them since they love good food. Hehehe. So, I will think of that little fella just enjoying himself like he was before I go to sleep tonight. LOL.


I think i can make a pretty good hobo stove with a smoker unit for it, but I need some hangar wire!

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I picked up a few things while out & about today- hit Big Lots, Kroger, Crapmart- first aid stuff & canned goods, duct tape, more flour sack towels, etc. But I'm super excited about getting coloured peppers from Kroger on markdown- 22 peppers for less than $7!!!! They are currently soaking in vinegar- some will be made into red pepper spread from the Ball book (one of our FAVES!!!), some will be sliced for the freezer & some will be dehydrated if I have enough.

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