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Cleaned out the fridge to get ready for grocery shopping. Had broccoli,baby bellas, julienned carrots and tomatoes that would be bad by the end of the week. So I cut the veggies up for stir frys and soup,prepared them for the freezer. Also froze the tomatoes. Had 2 bulbs of garlic also prepared those for the freezer.Gonna be having some mean stir frys and soups soon.

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Getting back to Annarchy, yes, nutrition knowledge really does matter as it keeps us in good shape and mentally able to deal with stuff much better than either chronic malnourishment and especially if we have something like diabetes or celiacs. Plenty of autoimmune diseases are affected by gluten and wheat and its not something we recognize unless its a violent bodily reaction, and it usually is not. Very easy to overlook and so are too many carbs and not eating enough of a good selection of all nutrients we need. So, trying to learn more and found a method , at this point starting to add in a few more carbs every couple days because my blood sugar was going lower and lower and I dont need it to go too low , especially at night. ( yea that can happen too. )


Seriously considering a fall camping trip up the mountain, so to speak........ go check out what I call Jolly Creek in the Lights out thread ( per New Years Eve. ) Someone recently started....


I watched some good youtubes this weekend and yesterday. I watched some scientific ones about how the various comets affect the Earth and the atmosphere. A process is taking place and its fragile now. If they are right, and two other people actually knew exactly what I was talking about, one had listened to the same videos ..... he looks at me, you stocked up good on food? ( I am worried about shelter if chaos results , from these things and the geopolitical/terror fight etc/economics coming to a head) ..... yes there are signs and wonders , and the bible talked about them specifically..... but I just got the science on what it affects when it comes to the various comet activity..... and its really huge, and real. Very real. It explained , when it results, why some of the things said that will happen , in the end times....... I was just being a nerd I guess, but it made sense. ... but I looked at my friend, and I said I need to really work on that the next three months.


And Denver Colorado got five inch deep hail today....... saw that on the weather channel reports and videos ..... yowser. Early and serious.

We expect it will be a very hard winter here.

But it's come down to going out anyway at this time, and finding a place. Because if that stuff does happen like they are predicting with constant models, the whole earth is in deep trouble, and that is biblical stuff also, what it results in. ---- I need a place to go if it isn't damaged and my situation here is. Or finances affected badly for a couple different reasons. Probably a three day Fall camping trip. Be good to test stuff and see how things will work. ( Its been a while, and you should always 'test drive' stuff. )

so I am working at organizing stuff like that and other stuff in the apartment, to go do that before it gets terribly cold.

Two or three big items and yarn for socks and knit goods. Some woolen pants. and food and a a few medical kit things. That is about all I can focus on now for the next few months. A small size utility grade sled for hauling stuff over snow. I would love to get a pair of snowshoes too. Some that are not expensive are more ergonomically made too and that would be a help for me. Oh, and also may be able to carpool to Plattsburgh once a month to shop at walmart and if there is a fabric store I hope to hit it soon, up there, gas money and lunch deal..... with a friend. Should cut food costs for local purchases and a chance to eyeball gear and a few hand tools I should probably try to squeeze out somewhere. ( sometimes its better to just get a good name brand item though, so that will bear thinking about for a while. )





I got a little bulky yarn, just a few skeins and most of it should not be hard to sort out and roll up into balls. I got two tall glass cannisters that would be fine for cereal or pasta storage. Free, so was the yarn and a triple candle stick. Ceramic with a nice glaze and decor so it would be handy. Also free. I can make use of all that , even if the odd yarn is just little ditty and gear bags.

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I went to Amish country today. I stocked up on herbal and flavored tea. There is a place down there that sells Bigelow, Twining, Celestial Seasonings and other brands. I can get those at my grocery store but down there they have all of their varieties to choose from. I couldn’t find elderberry though. I also got eight ½ pints of some ‘butters’ . She told me if I got 4 more to make a case I’d get 10% off. So I did. I got things like pumpkin butter, pecan pumpkin butter, plum butter and some other spreads. I rounded it off with some apple butter and got 1 lemon marmalade. I’ve never tried it but it sounded refreshing. And I picked up some Amish peanut butter spread.

I stopped in B&N bookstore and got a medical book about…medicines. I was looking for ‘The Pill Book’ but they didn’t have it in stock. This book is a 2015 version so it should be good. I figure if I’m going to have antibiotics etc. here I’d better make sure I know what they are all about.

Then I swung by Lehman’s. I got a small cutting board. I ruined my other one. This one is the same kind only smaller. I like the smaller ones but couldn’t find one locally. I also picked up a bar of Tar Soap (not sure why) and a jar of B&W (burn and wound) salve the Amish swear by. Well, they don’t swear but…I wanted a bucket of popcorn but they don’t carry that anymore. Guess I’ll have to fill my own bucket little by little. Boy, is that place ever expensive! I only buy from there if I can’t find stuff locally!

I saw a 4 gallon size bucket with stuff to make your own laundry soap for $55.00! It got me thinking though. I have 4 and 2 gallon size buckets so I’m going to go to my store and get the stuff and make up my own bucket and set it aside. Betcha I can do it for less than $55.00. Storing it in a bucket will be nice for me because my basement is still damp and the ingredients would clump and possibly mold.

As soon as I pulled into my driveway, my son pulled in right behind me. He came to cut the grass. So, all in all it was a pretty good day.


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DH had to make an order from his office ....so he also ordered more N95 masks, and gloves. Couple other pandemic sort of things.



Had planning session tonite:


-Money for hay, propane, pellets, ....soon.


-Get my van and spare gas cans filled soon.


-Case of peanut butter and jam soon. [EZ fall back]


-Pray for arrival of LARGE overdue insurance payment to DH's office!! [2 YEARS and counting! Hmph!]


MtRider ...attempt to give away 4 goats failed...so far. :yar::happy0203::yar::happy0203: very mixed feeling on that!

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The last few days have been a refresher course in plumbing. We were given a Moen bathroom sink faucet, which I installed on Monday. Then, yesterday, DH mentioned there was water under the kitchen sink. I had to disassemble and reassemble the drain pipes. Because they are pvc, I also cleaned them up making them look new and shiny, lol. The nut that holds the pipes to the drain directly under the sink shattered into little pieces when I went to unscrew it. :shakinghead: Replaced the pot metal nuts with stainless steel ones. Hopefully it will last, at least, another 5 years. It cost me $6. for the nuts opposed to calling the plumber that charges $80 for the service call plus parts and labor.

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I ordered 4 tyvek suits and they came in the mail today. I was kinda surprised though. Are they supposed to feel paper thin? They were packed very neatly in a little box that they fit perfectly in. Except there was zero packaging. Not even a layer of paper on top or anything. I'm only hoping I didn't cut into the one on the top with the knife I used to slice the box open. To be honest, I have been wanting a couple of them for son and I to use if/when we lay more insulation in the attic so all isn't lost...hope.

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went to store today and got things I use every day and couldnt find regular cleanser. I got a light blue knit hat for every day running around town , since it was 1.99. And those fingerless glove mitts , since they had one pair left , camo and thinsulate. I think they are ok unless around fire, and will still knit up some woolen ones that do the cap over the fingers but open so you can use your fingers. Also got a cheapy knit bacalava which helps keep your face from freezing in sub zero weather. ( It makes me look like a mugger tho..... :( ) that goes with my jackets and rolls up tightly. Same cost as hat. Was supposed to bring home the bendable clip style mini flashlight that could clip on belt or pack or hat brim..... ugh, for some reason the clerk did not ring it up and thus I didn't know til I got home. I had other stuff too , but drat, Nice little unit. Sturdy, and had red flasher and such as well. Red light capable....... rawr. I hope they get more. Got an 8 pk of facial tissue packs, as they go in go bags and such. Small traveling toothbrush and tooth paste for BoB... one of those things to just stick in my daily day pack in fact, so I don't not have it if I needed it! Remembered my phone minutes card..... finally located where they put the unlimiteds though it wont kick in til the other one that was limited minutes is done with , but that may well work out. I don't use my phone much, but still need it. I already have a box of latex gloves but bought a ten pack that can go in my BOB if need or be handy to grab in the home here during a quick emergency ( gee , what that might be I bet you can guess! ) And lysol and bleach cleaning supplies.



Plattsburgh actually now has a self storage unit, its not refrigerated or all that but it looks secure enough and clean, so If I needed to rent a uhaul van and set up storage I might be able to if they have a unit available at the time. Have been hoping someone would open some franchise type and they finally did. I put their phone number and name and addy via the email line, made up an email with all pertinent addy info to save it directly on my cell phone so its handy if I need it. ( no spaces and add @gmail.com, lol) Seemed a good way to reference mailing addy in case I had to mail in money orders via the post office.




And working on straightening up stuff around here. It is a beautiful day outside too. I savored it as I walked along. Pretty fall colors really starting to kick in right now.

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oh and cough and fever natural cough med that was on sale for 2$ instead of 8$ . It says non drowsy, but has belladonna extract for the fever in it.... hmmm. Will it make me stoned? I figured I would only use it if I was bugging out and had to keep cough away if it develops from allergies and resulting phlegm as they happen year round.... probably as hyped aware as I was that may not be a bad idea, at the time, tho, lol. Don't worry I don't have a car so I won't be driving under the influence. I am careful with dosages however. I also got a small bottle of mercurochrome stuff, with iodine in case of radiation fall out from dirty bomb situation or fall out from nuclear power plant attack, as its small and can go in my pack. ( Two inch swath of that stuff wide as the applicator on forearm, each day is reccomended to combat radiation exposure as it inhibits uptake of radiation by thyroid, in case of exposure. ) As per military manuals and other governmental health recommendations in the past. I do have the PI jar .... somewhere..... in my stuff but its sort of in a big pile in the other room and I have to sort it out. This was the tiny little solid brown bottle and would go in my day pack anyway , now. other than that its great for scratches and such and not gooey like ointments. Rapid application possible.

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book on refrigeration without power ordered , tactical goggles in sand color ordered, high impact so good for this rugged country , they were less than 12$, and a few more needles , for sock knitting so one can do two socks at a time, or teach someone else ( might be a barter item later. or extra in case I lose the others. ) Got some big enough for sport yarn weight hat knitting too. Found good deal and on prime list so I got brown and cream to brown mix sock yarns to knit two pair in brown for friend , reasonable prices today. got graph paper tablet to use for plans and graphing out any color work in knitting. Got bright red composition book for just knitting notes. Found some nice 'amazing yarn' for pattern for a lovely kerchief pattern I was able to download for free. One backpacking cook pot and bowl /lid with handles that are adequate, but yea its made in China but looks better than aluminum only. Was reviewed by an outdoors guy that does good videos on out door camping and minimalist stuff on youtube so I ordered one since amazon carries them. It was only 12$ Seems durable enough. I had this in my plans for preps this month. It may take a while to get here, but will easily go in my day pack or back pack. I will make a better bag for it. Enough other sock yarn for three more pair of wool socks. I just get this feeling its a good idea to have durable stuff that is good for winter around here. Times are getting tougher?? If you take proper care of handknit socks well knitted , they can last a decade. I was very careful what yarn I purchased and it all was under prime so shipping is already paid for with membership , so cut that extra possibility. Most of them avg about 10$ a pair , and the yarns are lovely , which you don't normally see in stores where socks are sold. One could go as high as 45 to 100$ a pair depending on yarns. But one can also do well enough being practical thanks to the mastering of dying that adds patterning even with simple stockinette stitch, which is time saving. One might, if not worried much about things on the average go as high as 28$ pair for yarns, depending on how fancy they like to be. But one is also able to do it much lower than that, so that's what I am doing.

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oh and two more boxes of bandaids and one things is self adhesive style thimble finger guards, that are sort of like corn pads for your feet and toes? but dont have salicylic acid in them, they just takea while to be shipped. I keep poking anything smaller than a size 4 dpn right into the side of my index finger when I am moving my needles around as I knit. It slits my finger open and hurts! Also using bandaids if I remember to before that happens. Just not a good thing to have more holes in you than god put there , i would think! There will be 64 of those sticky pads so that should last me a long while. I cant get the ones that drop over the tip of the finger or are the little plastic band types to stay put or fit right. So I figure those sticky pads might just be the right bitty thing to do the trick for my fingers and one part of the right palm I tend to naturally use during some phase of knitting.


that probably sounds weird, but its true, lol. I think that was about it! Been waiting a while to do all that. It can all be used.

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Purchased 1 kerosene lantern

1oil lamp

2 pks wicks for each(4pks total)

12 rolls scott tissue

1 box sanitary pads

1 box tampons

1 pkg gloves

1 pkg paper plates

1 pkg plastic spoons

2pkg ink pens(10 ct each)

2 pkg pencils (24each)

1pencil sharpener

1Box paper clips

2pks writing paper

1(300 ct) index cards

2btls naproxen sodium

1btl ibuprofen

1 box cold capsules

1 jar chest rub

1 Box bandaids

1 btl tylenol cold formula

1 bag cough drops

slowly but surely getting there.

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I went and put in my grocery order for shelf stable stuff and tp and cat food and cat litter. It was cheaper that way by far compared to local stores. Just need perishables at local market now. ( And the UPS guy carries all four boxes upstairs to me, lol.) i made sure of some of it having the ability to put it in a back pack just in case I need to evac town for a few days. I remembered rice! I can't eat much at one sitting but its a good staple and not hard to transport if necessary, and another coffee can full of decent coffee. So, I have two and a half, which at the rate I drink it that should last til almost January . I will get more next month and some other staples. I should get it Tuesday or Wednesday. They are good about that.

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I really did, the bandaids,and meds except the tylenol was all .88© each. The Scott toilet tissue was 20 rolls for $12.97,pens and pencils .50© a pack on clearance rack. I got the last oil lamp walmart had on the shelf. IVE noticed the oil lamps and kerosene lanterns seem to be flying off the shelves lately.....

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I made sure the little box pop up showed up on each grocery item I clicked on this time, unlike the first time and those goods got me through about five weeks primarily. This order should be as helpful and more possibly. Still learning to judge that. Oh, and I remembered to choose diced green chili's not the jalapenos this time, lol. Not a big real hot spicy eater... but I do like the green chili's canned from anaheim chili peppers.



Oh, and at drug store magazine rack found the American Frontiersman magazine. It has lots of great basic survival stuff in it and great stories too. Looking forward to reading it this month.

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I bought shares in a dairy cow this week and received my first gallon of raw milk. It takes me back to my roots in Wisconsin. Anyway, I've been wanting to experiment with organic cheeses. Last night I started with cottage cheese. Hopefully it has set in the pan this morning. I'll work on it today and set-aside the whey to make some ricotta later tonight. I am definitely the last one in the family to work with raw milk. :grinning-smiley-044:

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