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True, Annarchy. I think it is also one of the reasons I have been saturating myself with knitting socks and knitting patterns and knitting tips and such from fb groups on knitting I belong to. It distracts me but also can produce good useful things, and is a creative, hands on process that shows progress or completion pretty rapidly.


I am overwhelmed and I realize I am on edge these days and get snappish as I am fed up with all the bad , really bad stuff heightening over and over and getting closer and closer, geographically. So, I decided best thing I can do is resolve those challenges in my head, but I am fed up with the continued and disfavorable political climate as well. Since they make no improvements either and that is long term problems with those in charge.


Hence , I can snap now at someone who continues PC drivel, when I usually can shrug it off or at least walk away, and I don't like that about myself just now....... at least knitting is more positive and it makes useful stuff that will be warm in winter. Its a useful post apopalyptic skill, lol, since commerce would halt........ and who the heck knows for sure, it just might , and sooner than later! ( ok, I cannot spell.)

( But there are several wool and alpaca farms in the region, lol, and I have a heck of a stash of worsted, dk and baby yarn and some sock yarns and getting a bit more each month. )


I am fine on mrs s, even on fb, but face to face..... oh gee, not good. If anything< I would rather not feel that much overall tension, so trying to learn this skill and doing chores and working on prepping and making my nest here ready for winter before the snow hits....... real practical stuff. It gives me a mental break from the horror, even though I check the news each day to keep up. Even in the last few days of intense study of patterns, I have figured out more stuff when it comes to knitting stitches and how to do the more complex ones and chart reading skill is getting a little better.


I found an increase and decrease calculator of stitches in making sweaters and shirts for women, and it can also be used for pants creations because of waist and hip stuff being there. ( I am trying to figure out how to design my own basic pattern , now I just have to figure out the most accurate method of doing the crotch area and transfer to the leg work in the knitting of top down pants. I did download two patterns others have created and will check those out in detail some time this week. Once I do , I can probably figure it out. Then I can design my own.


Learning to estimate how much yarn depending on weight or yardage for things like blankets ( twin size, not just afghans) or full if you have a bigger bed than me.... for sweaters, long cardigans and car coats, blouses and such.... all that comes in to play and I need it to sink in so if I need to refer to a project I at least have a good ballpark figure if a little generous , as I go along in my daily routine and want to do some project. So, I studied a lot of different patterns in the past few days.


I am glad to say that if all I did each day mostly was actually knit, I could do a pair of knee high socks in about five or six days. Which is pretty reasonable speed. But I split it up with all the rest of the things I do, so it takes longer and if I am distracted totally but at least remember to get back to it , during good weeks, two pair a month, lol. Also figuring out the construction of a couple different heel methods. Learning cast on's is another thing I need to practice more of because there are a variety and it may depend on the pattern. All these little complexities add up to socks and other projects.



Any particular set of skills , to learn it is the same and I really had not been devoting myself much to that. So, now I have set a course for that. I am at least enjoying that part of things these days and know it is good for me emotionally.


Quite frankly, I would rather immerse myself in it than a lot of other current subjects .

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What have I done to prepare?


How about mental attitude?


We seem to be getting hit from every side. Every inch forward has ended up a mile backwards. We are so very tired of the stress. If we were to let it get us depressed, no telling what we would do. However, we are trying (very trying, lol) to count our blessings instead of the hard stuff. :sigh:


During :smiley_shitfan: I think things would be a lot like they are right now for us. So, focusing on the good instead of the bad, is good practice, I guess.

You're absolutely right. Always count your blessings. So sorry you're having such a bad time but glad you're looking up :hug3:

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Ok, bills being paid for the month. And..... I found 5 packs of meat for 19.99$ so I got a selection. Some of them were as high as 8 $ a pkg originally so that is pretty darn good. I think I am going to make chicken with sweet potato *( yam) stew this afternoon for supper. I have everything I need. I had no idea they would sell meat in such a deal and that's about as good as it gets here. ( no hamburger, but some really meaty chicken quarters with plenty of skin for stew flavoring works for me. )

Salad stuff I will eat this week, bag of onions, 1 good cabbage, and mushrooms and mixed vegies from frozen food and green beans. I am going to dehydrate it, or most of it, but fry up cabbage and onions. I will buy fresh veggies again next week and whatever other meat I can afford. Or work on flour and sugar supply again. ( That seems like an excellent idea! )

Off to put away groceries! :shopping::feedme:


Shelf stable items of food order arrive tomorrow. Prime Panty with Amazon works pretty good and the prices are not bad..... and UPS carries it all up the steps to my door here, lol. Can't beat that. Cat food and litter and tp included. Some other dry goods.

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I just got the Come And Pick It call from my gardening friend this morning. When she has leftovers in the garden, she calls various folks. So many don't like many vegetables but she knows I'll take anything she grows.....and love it! :feedme: We're talking POUNDS of fresh, organic, FREE FOOD! Beets! Turnips + greens! Rutabagas this year! Spinach/greens! Some taters! A gleaning of beans! :yum3: My mouth is watering!



Today is a gorgeous fall day in the Rockies. Sunny but not hot. DH is home. What's the problem? Me. Had a bad night and this is The Second Day After. Meaning that I get a huge drop in functioning the second day after I have a "big" activity. Sunday, we went shopping, etc. So Tueday..... :0327: It's an MS thing...tho I have NO idea why it hits harder on day 2. :shrug:


Next day DH will be here is Thurs....and the forecast for the Rockies isn't good for that day. Winter cometh.... :frozen:



MtRider ....pray I can at least recover...or push thru....enough to receive this gift of food. :amen:

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I just got the Come And Pick It call from my gardening friend this morning. When she has leftovers in the garden, she calls various folks. So many don't like many vegetables but she knows I'll take anything she grows.....and love it! :feedme: We're talking POUNDS of fresh, organic, FREE FOOD! Beets! Turnips + greens! Rutabagas this year! Spinach/greens! Some taters! A gleaning of beans! :yum3: My mouth is watering!



MtRider ....pray I can at least recover...or push thru....enough to receive this gift of food. :amen:

:woohoo: YUMMY!!!!

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By the end of this week, we should be officially living outside of town instead of in an RV on the property...

Woohoo! :woohoo:

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I'd given up hope after a complete MS-inspired meltdown while TRYING to get some protein into me. Everything went wrong and I don't have the nervous system stability restored yet to handle much. :gaah::runcirclsmiley2::motz_6::twister3:


Yeah, pretty much looks like that. But I got something to eat finally and laid down in the quiet. When I got up, we went. Still highly reactive to sensory stimulation [auditory...visual (the flies zipping around are torture right now)...tactile (includes pain levels) ...and even smell (DH's pipe isn't usually THAT aversive to me.]


But when we got out in the garden with sunshine and breeze, as I hoped, it calmed everything down. :happy0203: We dug 70+ pounds of potatoes. Bushel of beets (we eat young leaves too). Some mustard greens, lotsa collards, Swiss chard, spinach. Will return for turnips which looked very good. Rutabagas are not thriving....we'll see if more time will enlarge them. Can get as much greens as we can process. :amen: What a blessing this is!



So for supper, a BoyScout foil dinner of hamberger, fresh taters, onions, carrots. DH has mustard greens in his. Have beets cooking in a pot of water. :yum3:


Oooooooo.....got up to check on boiling beets. OW! Everything HURTS. And I was moving slow and sitting much of the time. Sheeesh. DH is making funny "OLD" noises too. Hmph, gardening was a lot more fun when it didn't hurt!



MtRider ....grateful for this shared bounty....good day in sunshine and dirt - extra! :) [pain.....tolerated]

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Forgot to add that my shoes arrived in time to test them in the garden today. I LOVE THEM! Y'see, footwear is a big deal to me. I will invest in good, long-lasting footwear. But it's hard to find what suits me. I've needed new outside-at-home-not-winter shoes for over 2 years. I've been looking at a thousand catalogs. But often the close-out specials were not in my size. I like the width of mens but have a small foot. Men's 7 seems to be great. They are soooooo lightweight which is highly important with the fatigue of MS. I didn't notice I had these on today. :hapydancsmil:


I discovered a new category of shoes...."trail running shoes". Light weight...aggressive tread and grippy material for outsole......and well made. Need grippy and aggressive tread to stay upright on these crumbling, granite, mountain sides!!! I'm following my goats, y'know. :blink: These are made with mesh sides for cooling. And my odd, often-broken toe likes them. :D I am SO EXCITED to mark this off my TO DO list!



MtRider ....a day of challenges but also blessings!!!!!! :amen::cele:

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The CG.....seems like a VERY good time to be in less populated areas. Best of luck with the transition and the proximity to family...which is always good and challenging at the same time.


MtRider :thumbs:

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Mt Rider what a great day and hey, love the shoes. I need similar type shoes myself. I do wear hiking and snow boots in winter but one does need a good sturdy light shoe also. They sound really nice. ( I was just looking at some that sound similar. ).

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Mine are similar to this. But I did not pay anywhere close to that price....watching my overstock sales!


Look at the tread! And not a spec of BLAZE ORANGE on the shoes. I do not like orange [except in emergency gear] :lol:


So hard to shop when you can't be there in person to try things on or inspect them.



And beyond alllll expectation...they have the elastic zip laces. I don't have to BEND OVER to untie/tie when I put them on. A true luxury when saving my back from bending over. I use a long shoe horn to get my foot in without breaking down the back..


...old shoes retired! I was sliding nearly an inch sideways WITHIN THE SHOE while hill climbing in those old things! Tried hard not to break my neck!


MtRider :hapydancsmil: ......hey, some things are just more exciting ...and an important prep for me. Might get another pair!

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Right. I hear you. I am glad you found what you were looking for. It has a good sole for western granite. It's actually more slick back here, whatever they call it, since its been pressed smooth by glaciers a lot of the time here. Ages ago. Other stone too, a lot of limestone , that while it can be flat it seems it may get slick too if wet. Lots of river cobble when around streams.


Mud........ during mud season in the spring or when it rains like crazy for hours in the summer. A lot of ground is uneven , and there are tree roots and brush and stuff, but in summer time, you might want to walk barefoot but I prefer to protect my feet.


What lake beaches there are get too hot on the sand to walk barefoot , as well , so a real light trail shoe, i found is what I want. And finally did acquire a pair of water shoes that actually fit but have a slightly larger pair as back up, always good for fishing shallow but rocky creeks here.

I don't like the reflective stuff on running shoes and such much either , if I have to go off in the forest. So going trail shoes or trail running shoes is a great idea if you really don't want to have heavy boots on.


Whether it is MS , NF, fibro, or diabetic neuropathy or pain on soles from long walking, I know its important to protect my feet ,so some useful shoes are very important preps for those of us with this stuff. Good quality so they last. Payless shoes just don't cut it. But it is hard to get a good pair, with rugged finances. So I am glad you finally got what you need.


Also, good quality shoes don't tend to stink much.


oh one other little prep I got this month and need to apply it , is water seal spray for my hiking boots since they are not the water proof kind. I was going to order those , when I ordered my boots but they were out of my size at the time.


But in general , I did make a good choice on some fair priced hiking boots. They are comfortable and never had a blister. I do wear boot socks with them. If I have the time over some months ahead, I plan on getting 100% wool for socks , its sz 4 yarn usually , but there are lots of sock patterns for boot socks and the Finnish color work socks are very cool and traditional. One lady showed us her teen daughters socks she just completed. It was like a landscape going up the toes to the cuff at the top of knee socks.. It was incredible. Along with some traditional Scandanavian color work as well. It all went together though.



So, I have had shoes and socks on the brain this week. It has been more pleasant to think of than all the news, although there is certainly enough of that and both items , if quality, will help us get through further hard times if this stuff in the news keeps advancing in a bad way.

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I received my skeins of yarn I ordered. They are so nice and pretty colors or sedate blends that will knit up very nicely. My cat, Miss Macy loves to rub up against the sock yarn. I think she is declaring she wants a bed made of it and fortunately one can do a ten stitch pattern with scrap yarn so I am saving all my bits of sock yarn left over for a round or rectangular one. ( I want one too, though! )

I think she would adore it. It is actually pretty soft for just wool and nylon blend.


I also got the 1 skein of amazing yarn from lionbrand.com Aurora color. I should have ordered a second but misread the materials list that day I looked at the kerchief. I will get more next month. It is luscious for not expensive yarn. It is a wool and acrylic blend and feels quite soft and I love the way the young lady's pattern knitted up to the item, the scarf. It is casual , dressy type of yarn knit up. Tie around neck with corners or under the chin or nicely around the head and knot type of scarf. One can expand length and create a lovely shawl with more yarn this way too.

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I scored today!


We have a new Publix grocery store coming in about 6 weeks. The two other groceries are running big sales right now. One of them had a truckload sale with REAL bargains. I got bacon for 1.69 a pound and ground round for 2.59 and Rudy's Farm sausage for under 2 a pound. They had canned veggies for 39 cents each. I spent $100 which is all I had, but I got alot of food. My basement pantry is loaded with cans again. It's funny since we had just run out of our last case of veggies which I got about 2 years ago for 29 cents each.

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Whoohoo, Momo. I love hitting sales and stocking up. Just too expensive otherwise. Sometimes I have to wait so long and I'm out of things way before another sale these days.


MtRider :shopping:

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MrWE2 made a real "snag" :-) Found a small "cob" charcoal grill for $10 from a local ad. It will be great for the two of us, especially if we're travelling in Miss B. You put about 3 or 4 charcoal brickettes in the middle which are surrounded by a grill, then covered and will cook for a LONG time :-) It's brand new and still in the carrying case. The seller had never used it, saying every time they went to cook outside on their grill there were too many people :-) We didn't even try to reduce the price! LOL

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I love my basement but there are still quite a few holes in my preps. I am not as prepped as we were for Y2K.


I am waiting on a large rebate and a "missing money" check from Missouri. I hope one of them comes in before the truckload sale is over on Sunday! I will get some more veggies. I wish you could freeze ground chuck for a long time so I could get more of it too but I don't like to keep it more than 5 or 6 months in the freezer.


Right now I am on the lookout for bargain tuna and salmon. My last cache of salmon was 3 years ago for 99 cents a can. I'm sure I won't find that deal again.


When we prepped for Y2K I had a toilet supply that lasted for years!

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