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I wish we had the supplies we had for Y2K. LOL Back then, DH was still working and we had stocked up on everything.


Today I had to go to the store - price checked the local stores and went the extra miles to get the 3 items we needed. On the way back, I passed the field of pine trees that have died and there were stacks of arm sized logs, the length of my truck bed, about 8 foot long, next to the road. We went back with my truck and filled the bed, finding 3 trees that fit in without hanging out too much. After emptying the truck and stacking the wood, for breaking up later, DH prepped his chainsaw and I got a refresher course on using it. :happy0203: It has been well over 30 years since the last time I used one.


Poor DH can not use his left arm yet and had trouble moving and holding the logs. I would set the chainsaw down and pull over the next tree, set it up and continue.


It feels good to refresh my knowledge and skills. And, I am thanking God for the bounty. Our wood pile was dwindling. Now, I am looking forward to cooking in the fire pit again with the dutch oven. I still need to go out and harvest more mesquite wood for my BBQ, but we have enough for now.

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I received my other yarn I ordered. I also had ordered some desert goggles, like the military uses in the M.E. They are nice and sturdy and wow are they dark cause they are sunglasses. Still, that is good in bright snow on a sunny day and there is so little foliage, or during a sandstorm. They are foam lined and fit snuggly on the nose area and the strap is really heavy elastic, dark tan in color and seal to forehead and cheeks just fine, vented to reduce fogging, so not exceptionally great against airborne diseases, but for the purpose I got them, they will be fine and very durable. Unlike normal sunglasses that if you drop them , they get all scratched or snap in two. Good pack item and you can order clear lensed ones.

Ventec Goggles at amazon.

I think they were under 12$ . UV protection. Good for icy winds subzero this winter too. Good eye protection for walking in thick woods around here. Good for my light sensitive eyes when its barren and snowy outside and bitter cold wind too.

I would say too dark to ski with, lol. It would be like skiing at night with no torch, just moonlight. Not a good idea. No, I do NOT ski. I may snowshoe however.



Yes, Annarchy any natural firewood that is free to haul away is good to find!

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went fishing in lake michigan again. caught 2 nice big fat female salmons & got 20 2 inch steaks out of them plus eggs (for bait); next day got a brown trout, smaller, so I filleted it, then discovered it was also female and had eggs! Yay! The bait of choice for salmon is brown trout eggs, and they freeze well. So now I have fish (more fish) in the freezer plus bait for next time! Plus the week was beautiful on Lake Michigan.

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Picked up a pair of 18 month old barred rocks in moult. I had only one older hen left, and my "young" hen was three or four years old. The older one is a red, meaning she's not flock-protective like the aged australorp and aged araucana mixes I've had, so her days are numbered. The three-year-old is an araucana mix. I hope these two stopped laying early, because the alternative is that I have an egg-eater. I will not abide an egg-eating hen.

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Menards is having an 11% off sale on everything so we bought new exterior door knobs with dead bolts for the Roost and a new set of door knobs for here. Also bought metal reinforcement jams for the front & back doors at the Roost. We finally got pretty much everything sorted through, boxed up & stored elsewhere...since the break-in 2 years ago. People just don't realize what burglars do when they break in. They literally dump everything in the floor, hoping to "see something" quickly so they can get out :-( Even our files which had warranty deeds etc., were buried under and in everything so we had to sort it all out. Anyway, we'll also be putting metal window bars on once we get a few more dollars set aside. Did look at some yesterday though. Even when we move there, we'll want them on the windows.

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Purchased kerosene and lighters,and matches

to get prepare for power outages with these severe storm outbreaks expected in our area tge next two days.we are rating a 4 on the torcon scale.

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Truckersgal, you just reminded me that I forgot to pick up some powdered milk. DH had to substitute buttermilk powder in his famous cinnamon rolls last week. [it worked well, btw]


We shopped last week :shopping: and I've now got 10# of mac noodles and 25# of good rice into Ocean Spray juice bottles. I spent quality time/energy sanitizing these plastic squared bottles too! :dishes: Even did a diluted bleach rinse. [cuz all this Ebola talk has me creeped out on microbes!!! ] :animal0017:



Anyway.....I got about a fourth of the way through the 25# bag of flour when I ran out of sanitized ...and dry...bottles. I was running out of energy and back muscles too... :0327: So I'm taking a break.


I had braved my tiny loft area to throw down all the juice bottles I toss up there [yes, toss!] to reuse the ones for sugar/rice. THEN I made a great discovery. Long ago I got a HUMUNGOUS steamer from the thrift store. The kind Asian restaurants might use for their steamed, filled buns. About 2 feet high and 1.5 feet across. Has a bottom pan to hold boiling water; two steamer trays; and lid. :thumbs: What better way to deal with wilting the garden greens before dehydrating? :woohoo: Collards will be easy with this Big Mama!



MtRider ...forgot it was up there! :rolleyes:

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YESTERDAY I went to KMart and bought the following:


50 rolls of TP

3 gal of bleach

25 rolls of paper towels

2 large bottles of hand sanitizer

2 large bottles of dish soap

2 large cans of Lysol Spray

cat food for mom's cat

cat food for my cats

kitty litter

12 gal water

duct tape (3)

5 paracord bracelets (.50 ea)

Ramen noodles in 6pks got the last 3

paper dishes/plastic cups

2 large rubbermaid totes to store stuff in


Borax x3boxes

100 vinyl gloves



Then I went to the supermarket and got:

12 more instant dinners for my BOB's

Instant Soup for BOB'S


25 cans of tomatoes and veggies for pantry

Pasta 5#


6 Tuna and 6 Chicken salad "meals" for Bobs






Shower scubbie pouffes



l also got 2 new sleeping bags off of Ebay

I TREATED MYSELF TO A PAIR OF TIMBERLAND BOOTS SINCE MINE WERE LOST/STOLEN DURING MY MOVE (I saw someone wearing them but she said her mom got them for her!)




Last spring my boys took apart all 3 of our BOB's so they could go camping overnight - they LOST EVERYTHING! I am now rebuilding for me, my mom and my one son still living at home, the other one is on his own with his fiance and I'm not doing 2 more for them from scratch!


I don't actually ever plan to use my BOB's since my mom is 85 with Dementia and coming to live with me, but at least I will have preps, and if my son feels as though he wants to leave he will have a bag

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Wow, guess I don't have to worry about my dad being alone any more. I was finally able to get him on the phone for more than five minutes. He has a lady friend and has moved back to our hometown of Santa Barbara. he is a widower since 2007 when mom passed after a horrid year long illness. His lady friend is one of our oldest family friends , also now widowed for some time. Very positive family mostly and I am very happy for them. We spent much time all together when I was a child. Ok, well that means he has all kinds of help if things get dicey. And he is in a much better environment than the desert. So, I guess that concern if things got really rugged nationally, means he definitely has a much better situation. I am happy for him and L. :happy0203:

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That's good news, Sass!



MtRider ....see if this posts. Just tried twice to respond to Fukushima thread and it didn't happen. :scratchhead:


Edit to add....good that worked! :)

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Most recently, new furniture, and I am calling it a prep item because we bought a couch (very inexpensive) and chairs, not so much. We live in a very large home, on a farm, and I didn't want to spend money for stuff only company would use. Dh has his favourite recliner and I bought one for myself. We are trying to think ahead to the day we need to down size and chairs that can be used in other rooms seemed to be the better choice..


As for food preps, our garden stuff is all in and stored. I bought 24 lbs of butter last week, a few cans of soup, bundles of paper towel,(it is the first time in YEARS that I didn't have a restock on hand. Better with the toilet paper, but it makes me fidgety to be so under stocked.


I so wish I could can all the butter but know better than to do such a foolish thing. It used to be my mother's voice I would hear in my head. Now it is Violet! Thank you dear.


We are cleaning out more dead wood from the trees in our yard, dh want to get a chain saw on a pole, we have a rebate coming from some medical expenses so he may get one. We have the propane tank filled. We will have the little ones filled this week.


Now that harvest is over we will have more time to work together, and I'm quite sure that with the Ebola scare dh won't have any problem with me doing another major run for stock up supplies. Well maybe he will.... He found some leaking cans downstairs, we will have to do a thorough inventory first.


We have a vet bill to pay first but we are pleased that one dog is feeling much better and we have one less worry with our dear old cat


We rode the coulees yesterday , me on horseback and dh on the quad.........wonderful stress relief. It felt so good!

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My best prep yet!

My son was helping our next door neighbor put a fuel pump and filter,and new shocks on a truck today. The truck belonged to a professional exterminator. They worked out a deal with the exterminator,instead of paying them for the labor on the work,they talked him into bombing,baiting,total full service extermination on both houses free of charge....otherwise it was going to run $97...

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Sounds like a barter system is already happening in your neighborhood, Truckersgal.




Lovinit + Sass......don't you feel good when a prep hole is filled!



Not a prep....but this past week we've been getting to know a new horse vet allll too well. :( My older horse...the one I ride...has had "choke". Means grass, etc is going down esophagus but not dumping into stomach. It fills up. Baaaad! So first visit and we thot she'd cleared....but it came back. Second visit...nasal-gastric tube [down nose...esophagus...stomach] Worked and worked and finally she cleared. Both of these visits were in freezing conditions. One was as snow began. Taxing on sick horse [covered with horse blanket] but also all of us. :frozen:


Today, vet came back to work on our old girl's teeth ...even them up and grind down spurs that keep her from using teeth properly. So she can chew better. Thanking God that vet was early so DH could help hold drugged horse's head still for all this hoohah. :amen: But before we'd quite finished cleaning up and setting up horse for minimal feed today till throat settled......I collapsed. MS Fatigue Meltdown.


I was trying to get thru fence to check the lump on her neck vertebrae that DH had just adjusted. I remember saying: OH! I feel so awful! Then I HAD to lay down NOW! [ Oh PLEASE...not nowwww!] :( Right on the ground....(not under horse tho). Full-on meltdown....and I haven't done one of these for a very long time. I have learned well how to budget my energy. But...with the horse getting ill on days that DH can't stay home to handle it......I have had to use adrenalin to override. Today, that option ran out. :0327: Dang! I was nearly done setting up for all the care she'd need today when DH had to go to his office.


Startled poor vet....tho I'd been saying I was red-lining, cuz I had to have her repeat her instructions....multiple times. :unsure:


Barely able to get into Junquer van....onto the bed...with DH's help. This was the third meltdown recently...showing that I'm super fragile right now. The heat meltdown was DANGEROUS last Friday. Yeah, about 25 degrees and I'm well into a HYPER-THERMIC episode. [dangerously overheated....to the point of being unable to think clearly.]


DH is getting very nervous about going to work and leaving me here! Fortunately, today's meltdown improved after only laying down in the van for a half hour. Yet....I remain on the very edge of melting down again. :(:banghead: VERY frustrating!



So.....if the Hooey would hit the fan right now, I'm toast! I don't know how many of you have ever HIT THE WALL. A situation where you CAN NOT physically go any further. SKEEERRRRRY! Today it was about a horse NEEDING care and me not sure I could get back on my feet again to deliver that care. But what about :smiley_shitfan: Running from 'bad guys'......harvesting before frost damages VITAL garden produce....trying to erect shelter for yourself or livestock in horrific, dangerous weather.......surviving a natural disaster..... Ya cannot do any of this if you aren't physically fit for it.



Many of us have physical challenges. Some of us have aging issues by now. Many of us could be at a better body weight...and more physically in shape - toned/strengthened muscles. :imoksmiley:



Just something to think about. This time of really ravaged physical stamina for me has been annoying but it's also getting me very edgy. I NEED to get back into the best shape MS and aging will allow. [and I want it YESTERDAY! LOL ] I feel so very vulnerable and fragile right now....and it isn't a good feeling. :sigh:



OnTheOtherHand.... God is not caught unaware ...not ever! So I will do what I actually CAN do....and HE will do as HE has planned. And today....when I was really not safe to be by myself - herding in the goats [don't ask me why a succumbed to their screaming pleas to be released to graze outside their pen] and bringing in the horses so OldOne wouldn't eat too much at one time. HOW can I walk up the hill and waaay across the pasture and lead two horses????????


:amen: My neighbor hadn't been out of her house all week so drove up for her mail. Saw me sitting in the shade to keep cool and worrying about how to do these things. She stopped to say hi and she HELPED ME! She's horse experienced and qualified. Told her she was God's provision for me that day!!!!!! :)



MtRider :pray::sSig_help2::amen:

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I sure am glad the neighbor came to help. Yep, I am working on doing better myself. It was terribly fearful having that foggy brain and fatigue, the hit the wall kind and stiffness and excruciating pain levels. Things not working because brain is not able to get the message out. It is terrible when its only you there and you have all this important stuff to do. I am doing better now, have lost weight too, thinking is much better so I am trying to catch up on other things, mostly organization of things here in prep for winter as it badly needs to be done and also washing down walls, they need it by now. A wall at a time, the kitchen, the bath. I might even get kitchen and bathroom painted over the winter. It is very difficult , when there is nobody else to help. Others just don't get it. I still have to very generously pace myself and break down projects into smaller projects. So it takes much longer even when I am doing better. I used to be able to surge through such things easily, not so much anymore. It's not about being lazy, no matter what it looks like.


And sometimes the most challenging task I can do is work on my knitting skills , plus its providing wool clothing. I can at least sit down to do it. It also is soothing if its going well , compared to the rest of the world out there these days.


Did you mention a few days ago that DH will be home on Thursday? Or was that just for last week? I hope he can be tomorrow and can spell you. If you need to, call your neighbor to help you today, I am sure she would now that she knows how difficult it is and came once already.

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My best prep yet!

My son was helping our next door neighbor put a fuel pump and filter,and new shocks on a truck today. The truck belonged to a professional exterminator. They worked out a deal with the exterminator,instead of paying them for the labor on the work,they talked him into bombing,baiting,total full service extermination on both houses free of charge....otherwise it was going to run $97...


"Community Building" is good :-)

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Received my back pack cook pot with the handles that fold around the pot and top that can be good for tea . Its sturdy and fairly nonstick ( but I have never met any that really works that well except teflon. ) It is light weight and fits together well.

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MrWE2 made a real "snag" :-) Found a small "cob" charcoal grill for $10 from a local ad. It will be great for the two of us, especially if we're travelling in Miss B. You put about 3 or 4 charcoal brickettes in the middle which are surrounded by a grill, then covered and will cook for a LONG time :-) It's brand new and still in the carrying case. The seller had never used it, saying every time they went to cook outside on their grill there were too many people :-) We didn't even try to reduce the price! LOL


Thought I'd share some pics of what we got. Ours has the solid, stainless steel bottom ring (not the mesh looking one) and that's about the only difference. We're not taking it camping this w/e because I'm making chili for Friday night and friends are cooking Saturday night and we'll be home Sunday night, but I'm anxious to use it...especially when we're out in Miss B. Between the solar oven, the Coleman 2-burner w/oven and this we're pretty well geared for outside cooking. MrWE2 is going to build a rocket type stove outside when we get moved.



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