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.....I do this all the time but........






BECAUSE: Ventilation is not the main issue with charcoal. EXTREMELY TOXIC FUMES are the main danger. Doesn't take much inside to make you and yours dead!





:) Yeah, you all know that already. But regular members know also that we have a LOT of newbies who come here. I'm in the habit of making that critical announcement every now and then when our talk turns toward charcoal.



MtRider ....now back to our regular programing. :curtsey:

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Mt Rider, keeping you in my prayers!!



I feel so behind and unprepared. We're so run down on everything. We went something like 6 months without buying any TP after the baby was born (I wasn't physically up to shopping) and I haven't been able to catch back up. (I should relinquish my co-queen of TP crown.) I know that's why I stock up, for things like that--me not being able to shop all those months, but it looks like the SHTF while we're low on everything.


DD keeps me so busy--but it's a good busy :D so I haven't done any other prepping.


I'm standing on Psalm 91.

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(((OOTO))))) Yes...that IS one reason why we stock up. Not all the reasons are global pandemic .....er, things like that. BUT you're right, if "Global Pandemic" or some such happens at the same time as we're having a personal challenge (even if the challenge is a darling baby!!!!) ......well, it will still catch us with less preparedness than usual.


Same situation with me and my physical ability being so very low right now. I keep thinking as I read the news.... "Nooooooo! Not right nowwwww!" :(



Thanks MUCH for prayers!! :grouphug:



MtRider ....three of six goats left today......... :sigh: I will MISS them but not their burden upon me.... :sigh::(

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It is so hard to live with a chronic health condition. Like I tell DH..you have good days and bad days and usually little or no warning when a bad one is coming up. We just have to do the best we can and try not to overdo it when we are feeling pretty good!


We are trying to make sure everything around here is prepared for winter and making sure that all of our equipment is in a-one shape. I am also making a master list of the holes in our prep items.


I have built a small stockpile of necessary chronic meds DH and I have to take.


So many little projects to take care of!

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Years ago when my kids were little , someone gave me some walnuts. If you have ever picked out walnuts, you know what a job that is, but they taste so good. Well I ended up with about a cupful, so I decided to make some fudge and just for the heck of it , I threw the whole cupful in there. Boy, I was going to have some GOOD fudge. While it was cooling on the counter, covered nicely with a cloth, the kids and I went my Moms house for a short visit. We could hardly wait to get back home to our fudge. ===Big problem here-- No fudge left, at all. NONE---found out the 2 kids down the street had come in my back door and eaten the whole panful.I didn't want to lose my fudge but I really ,really didn't want to lose my walnuts. All that work for some little kids to take. I know they didn't really appreciate that candy, like I would have. So Truckersgal, be sure to keep your back door locked.

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We have two mature walnut trees at the homestead house. Last year between them and a couple other people who wanted them picked up, we took two huge pickup truck loads to the walnut market and made just a bit over the cost of our gas :-( Guess we basically worked for nothing, so I told MrWE2 "I'm not doing that this year". As for picking them out ... no way! Hopefully some of the "gatherers" in our city will come trespass and pick ours up :-)

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Assessed emergency egress out of living room in case of fire in kitchen blocking door way to hall..........or there is a terrorist type person in the apartment hallway ...... scenario,k?


Had lights go out for long enough to search for flash light. I forgot I had one with fresh batteries, um..................by my tv........... five feet or so from where I am sitting........ could not find cell phone because I moved it about two feet forward of my seated position.......... and blanket is dark and cell is black........ sigh.......... realized I had very insufficient but easily packable water bottles ready. Eh hmmm.......... got shivers and decided creepiness while in the partial dark, only laptop light available so it was not pitch dark..........yet. Because it didn't feel like it was a normal switcheroo the power company usually does in about one minute and it was dead silent for common traffic and so no immediate vicinity traffic accident taking out power........ and terrorist activity within about 150 miles...... yea, that was creepy. Twenty minutes pass before lights come back on. Phew. BOB has nothing to eat in him either. FAIL.


did find candles and lighter and a box of matches and sturdy candle holder.... set that up...........




um, walnuts, do walnuts stay sufficient still in their shells after dried , for at least a few months? Or does it taint the taste of the walnut meats.

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Our electricity went out several weeks ago. Most of our kids and grandkids were here. We finally got through to electric co. Several transformers blown. We tried to turn it into an adventure. Men went outside. Started a fire pit-enjoyed the time visiting. Grandkids (and grandma) did not like the mosquitoes (lots of them-we are sweeter and they loved us more) or the heat. We pulled out the generator, fans, flashlights, blankets for floor, snacks, games, and played. I had two lanterns that have to be wound up. The 6 and 11 year old thought it was great fun. The older teens were content as longer as they had phones and tablets to play with. LOL. That is until the batteries started going down. Then fans and lamps needed to be unplugged so they could be recharged. The older ones did pull books out and started reading. They know where there priorities lie. After 5 hours of being off, there were cheers when air conditioning came on. Being 97 and humid at night was very hot. That was the worst part. Even for me. We tried several things for mosquitoes but nothing seemed to help. But it was a learning experience. BTW, when 6 year old came back, he want to turn lights out and play camping again. But, sassenach, he made sure we had flashlights, etc. before we turned we lights off. He wanted to leave the AC on because getting real hot makes him sick! It really did make him throw up but I told him we may not always have AC, he said we HAVE to have AC because he does not do hot. Being in Texas and playing outside a lot, go figure. I am afraid that there will be a lot of us thinking this way.

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Sassenach, I think the walnuts would be ok for at least a couple months. I always do mine as soon as possible so I'm not sure. I'm a little obsessed about little things like that but could let the big things like housecleaning go. HAHA



AMarthaByHeart, you've reminded me to get my flashlights and lamps ready. No problems yet but need to be ready. Your little grandson sounds so cute. I've got a 6 year old too, and he is a doll, (most of the time) --(sometimes)---(once in awhile)

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I camped in the mojave desert as a kid. no AC though in our camper or tents we used. I lived there in the navy and afterward too. I understand. I adored my dear swamp cooler. It gets hot here too and averaged about 90 inside during the day, I only had a fan or two since AC died. Hmmm. I adjusted. Very bad this year for mosquitoes. It's not exactly pleasant but I figured out how to deal with it. I am getting too old for that. It definitely slowed down things. Black flies and gnats were also bad. Some years it is like that. I do use insect repellant even though I don't like the chemicals , its the only thing that works. I need to get stuff for natural bug repellant lotion and salve stuff. Make it and keep it in preps. Commercial stuff just buy as per usual and use that . Rotate prep stuff as necessary of course.

Will hunt for other flashlight as well today and figure out something to pack up in BOB , and change it out , rotate , just in case I have to grab and go for whatever reason.


( Summer temps)


Now I am going into winter. Be glad you live in TX, lol.

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Since I have lost a lot of weight, I do get cold faster. If you have to bug out and camp, let us know. I will pray for you. For you to even consider it, is amazing. You have really put so much thought into this. I need to learn from your posts on what to consider. Oh, my, I know we have to do what we have to do.

Yes, you are right. Our winters are not anything like yours. You have made me think about how I would handle things if things went south fast. We do not have an alternate source of heat. We live in a double wide and have been told it would not be safe to put in a wood burning stove. I really need to research this though.

When I was young, we had swamp coolers. I can still remember wetting down the pads, and running inside to stand in front of the blowers. It was wonderful and smelled so good. Don't ever remember being extremely hot back then. My job growing up was the ironing. I would put the ironing board up in front of the cooler, and iron and iron and iron watching American Bandstand. You have made me realize there is still so much to do---and I do not mean Ironing. I still hate to iron. We moved 2 1/2 years ago and it took me two years to find my iron. I did not miss it one bit.

Now, I need to make some more apple butter.

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Lehman's has a special walnut nut cracker, I believe.....


Poor Kully!!!



MtRider ....I'd sure like to tresspass, WE2! :lol: but it would be quite a hike :0327:


Come anytime ya want! :24: Just let us know so we can fix you something to eat!

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RE: blackouts and flashlighs.....



Two is one; One is none; and Three is a "guaranteeeeeee"........ {not that I believe in any "guarantees"..ahem}


Four is one more; Five...and you'll survive....




Let me suggest that small flashlights with 7-9 LEDs and run on 3 AAA batteries.....ARE CHEAP! Buy at least FIVE of them and place them around your homes [in purse/knapsack]. Do NOT move them. Then you will know where they are. :busted: OR you should be able to find one of them if you DID move one of them. IF the blackout lasts a while....or if you have multiple folks at your house, you'll need more of them too.


If you have small kids around, get some of the smaller light sticks....chemicals inside strong, flexible [tupperware-like] case. Bend to snap inner tube and mix chemicals. VERY safe in case of gas leaks. VERY safe for children. Good night light when IT'S SKERRRRRY! .....skeery for the kiddos, I mean.....right? :behindsofa:



Another thought is getting a solar battery charger or a windup one. So the AA or AAA batteries you use in flashlights/headlamps can be recharged if the blackout is extended. OR......get cheap solar driveway lights. But check to see which battery type they use. Get the type with a battery match for your flashlights/headlamps. So you can recharge batteries in the driveway lights. Can also bring driveway lights inside for lighting and outside for charging during the day.



MtRider :campfire:

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We have several of the driveway lights put away in the pantry at the Roost. We also have 4 of them in the carry-all on back of our travel trailer as well as a solar rope light that we lay on the ground (instead of stringing along the awning) to light the night when we're camping. We also have a neat little flashlight that you just keep squeezing to generate light. Haven't seen any more like it :-( We have a couple "head lamps" too that MrWE2 uses in his work, but...they are available to us. I don't see very well walking at night and I told him I wanted one of my own when I'm tramping around our campsite


Love it! ... Two is one; One is none; and Three is a "guaranteeeeeee"........ {not that I believe in any "guarantees"..ahem}


Four is one more; Five...and you'll survive....

We learned this the hard way just a few weeks ago when we hosted an outdoor picnic at a State Park and nobody had a can opener to open the fruit. We were in Miss B and didn't have one in there either! Luckily, when we pulled out the fruit, it had a pop top on it...saved by technology!

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Yes you can leave walnuts in the shell.. they store very well that way. It's certainly the way they used to be stored.. just keep 'em in a cool but not damp location like you would for other dry goods storage.


We were aghast when we took walnuts to the sheller, at the horrendous amounts of white worms that were crawling among the loads of other walnut gatherers :-( Even though ours were stored in our cool, dark garage (concrete floor) in containers with holes for ventilation, we still had some. I don't think they store as well as some might think.

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Maybe the walnuts just depend on where you are and how prevalent the bugs are. I grew up in California with a black walnut tree in our front yard and we generally stored them in the shell and while there was the occasional "bad" nut, it wasn't a major problem.

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