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What am I doing to prepare? Well , I guess it's more what I'm TRYING to do. I've lost my very favorite recipe book and am going crazy trying to find it. I have put all my best holiday (and everyday) recipes in a little picture album, just the right size to slip in my purse when I'm going shopping. Now I can't find it. It really bums me out to lose something I need. OK get off this computer and go look some more!!!


Best wishes for a happy holiday for all ..

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That flu soup sounds kind of good, do you add any chicken broth to it?


If you add anything that's meat etc., it will have to be pressure canned. So, no, absolutely not from here since I don't pressure can it. I've made this for years and just figure that if it's not broke I'm not going to try and fix it. Someone recently said they thought they would add some Thyme and a couple of other herbs. That's up to them...it may make it better. Who knows? :-)

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Hope you found your cook book by now........ I feel for you..

the things I lose anymore............. including time...........


Today I am bringing in all the wood I have,....It rained

last night so it will have to dry but it is far from enough.

A man was supposed to come cut the dead trees in my yard

Any way I am trying to prepare for the cold weather reported to

be coming

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Put artificial turf on the front porch at the Roost so Abby-girl can "clean her feet" before she comes into the house :-) She's still not doing very well adjusting to the new sounds going on around her there. When she's in her yard I'm still checking on her frequently...just in case she gets any bright ideas about digging :-( Got mother's chores done & then worked at the Roost a bit until the weather started getting nasty & we didn't want to take the change of the mist turning to sleet, too far to drive home in that stuff :-( Don't mind the cold but don't like to drive in treacherous conditions. Better to stay home ... nice to be retired (even if it is on an income that doesn't change).

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I went to see about a washer and dryer but just could not say yes to closing the deal.

Stopped at Aldi's and the wind had shifted and the temperature dropped, misting rain and snow.

Headed north to home and it was warmer, still in the 40's here .

looks like the cold is coming in quicker than they thought and so maybe it will move out as fast!

I worked a bit on the vinyl and hope I found all the "leaks"

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Over 500 minutes of walking, exercise and flexibility / stretches this past ten days since I re-joined Spark People. Nutrition tracking too. I am a medium size now and will probably be able to go to small completely ...... not used to feeling this light on my feet. But trying.

Started new pair of socks, using better size needles for yarn size. ( yes it varies even if its the same number. Found out an old hand at knitting socks was right, Size 2 , lol.) Wrote up my own pattern, color is a 'jacquard' . Pretty. Should be good solid socks to enjoy wearing. Being very careful in their construction .


Only checking news online now, ignoring same old same old politics because it is not able to do any good. More determined to do simply what I need to for myself. Watching uplifting or somewhat funny movies on netflix in the evenings. ( Changing my mood overall technique.)

Networking a bit with friends old enough to understand what is going on in the world and we are working on mental preparation at least. Maybe eventually if things do go chaotic very badly we can help each other. This is a huge change for me, isn't it? ( Immediate local friends) .


Working a bit more each week on my decluttering. This is an ongoing project. I found a clothes box to donate too big clothes too in town that I can walk to . I did NOT want to throw them out, they are in fine shape.


Good diet and increase in movement for exercise. Studying nutrition more too. Made sure I had enough meats in freezer this month. Its small frig freezer only, canned meats and tuna and chili I can eat in single portions per meal.

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finally got someone to take a large trash bag of clothes to Goodwill. So glad to get rid of that. Like Sass , I'm trying to work on my decluttering every day.

I read somewhere about how you should throw away 3 things a day and always get rid of something when you get a new one. So lately I haven't had any thing new (haha) but I have really been trying to get rid of things I usually keep, like butter tubs and other clutter.


I have Christmas clutter everywhere, got to get some of it back into the attic. and then I think I'll inventory the freezer and look for something for supper. I haven't done any baking yet , need to make some candy and cookies,, also think I'll do some breads.


Haven't done much to prepare this week, but I think just getting thru Christmas break from school is a good thing. I didn't know there were so many kids in our neighborhood and our boys want them all over here every day. Glad they are so popular but gosh, so many kids!!!


Waiting for my order from Amazon to come in and that will end my gift list. That will feel good. Now just for the cooking (for about 35 friends and relatives) I'm so glad most everyone brings a dish.


I have been a bit depressed lately and reading the last post by Sass has inspired me to try to figure a way to uplift my mood. Thanks Sass.

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When you exercise your body releases endorphins into the bloodstream. Gyms are great places to meet fun-loving people. :hapydancsmil:


Here's one definition of the chemical your body produces and releases during workouts:


Endorphin: A hormonal compound that is made by the body in response to pain or extreme physical exertion. Endorphins are similar in structure and effect to opiate drugs. They are responsible for the so-called runner's high, and release of these essential compounds permits humans to endure childbirth, accidents, and strenuous everyday activities.

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