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We received a notice today;




Tests Showed Coliform Bacteria in our water.


Sheesh, good thing we have bottled water.


My only concern is my garden! Might explain why it was growing really good, then all of a sudden the plants quit growing and fruiting.

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I really hated to read in Maui's local paper, "water fell below standards twice this past month"... :blink: And never EVER heard a boil-order. Anyone who can afford it has bottled or household-purified water over there.



Hey, we were just getting way off topic with WATER over on the TP thread. So I'm going to pop up some links to sites that have info on safe water practices - purification and filtration being the two methods. I *think* all means of rendering water safe to drink fall into one of those two categories. Sometimes they are combined, just to make sure. Like putting water thru a filter and still dropping purifying tablets in as well.





http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_water_purification [has some explaination on cold water vs lukewarm water when purifying]


http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/aquamira_tablets_24pk.html [an ad for aqumira but read the "technology" section]


http://www.freedrinkingwater.com/water-education2/87-water-disinfection2.htm [looks like a lot of data]









PLEASE NOTE..... I have not yet checked out these sites. They should pretty much agree on the ratios [8 drops to 1 gallon, etc] But everyone should be responsible to do your own research on this VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC!



[used outside sources cuz... :sad-smiley-012: MrsS 'search feature' hates me! ]



MtRider [...know this stuff! Have at least 2 - 3 different ways to get drinking water cuz, as Annarchy's post describes, your usual systems may break down Without Warning.... :o ]

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Here's an exerpt from the last link. It answers somewhat about the VitC/ascorbic acid and iodine or chlorine...


Odour and taste can be overcome or masked in a variety of ways.


■Decrease the halogen dose and increase the exposure time. This allows for a lower concentration of halogen in the treated water. Letting cloudy water settle before treatment and warming cold water in the sun will help reduce the dose required to disinfect.

■Using a granular activated carbon filter after treatment will remove virtually all traces of iodine and chlorine from treated water.

■Resting an open water container in the sun will allow UV radiation to reduce chlorine concentrations in treated water.

■Add a dehalogen to the water after treatment to remove halogens. Dehalogens include hydrogen peroxide, sodium thiosulfate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) often found in drink crystals, which has the added bonus of flavouring the water.

■Hold your breath and swallow.

{bold is mine}


MtRider [...check out the last suggestion. :P Won't work on kiddos tho, huh? :yuk: ]

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We are trying to go to bottled water; the price out here for delivery is ridiculous. And without a trailer, I can't transport enough gallons to refill.


Our water is mineral rich, so it has a distinct flavor. I can tell a huge difference, for instance, in tea made with bottled water versus tap. We can even tell a difference in meat animals watered on "town" water.


I'm shopping right now for some of those pitcher filters, and will be going to a large purifier system like the Berkey when I can afford it.


Lots of people here have had the water independently tested. While it's not bad, it's probably not the best water for you without purification.


However, we also have what may qualify as a cluster of non specific nervous system issues. The CDC is in preliminary stages of starting an investigation. We also have a rather small genetic base here-not quite a Founder's Syndrome issue but close. We are one of the few new families who have moved into the area and stayed. Most people don't-it's a rough life here. Many people are terrified that it's something in the water.

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We have had water issues here for as long as I can remember.


One warning that has never been lifted, 'pregnant women should not drink it'. We also have a lot of children born with downs syndrome and serious mental issues. So very very sad.


One would think, after all the failed testing, they would do something about it. The technology exists to fix it.

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Believe it or not, but DNA that helps make germs resistant to medicines may increasingly be appearing as a pollutant in the water. This DNA was recently found "even in treated drinking water," researcher Amy Pruden, an environmental engineer at Colardo State University in Fort Collins, told the media. The spread of this DNA could exacerbate the already growing problem of drug resistance among potentially infectious microbes. It seems antibacterial soaps may be a culprit. Diseases once considered eradicated, such as tuberculosis, are making alarming comebacks.




Fluoride. Many communities add fluoride to their drinking water to promote dental health. Each community makes its own decision about whether or not to add fluoride. EPA has set an enforceable drinking water standard for fluoride of 4 mg/L (some people who drink water containing fluoride in excess of this level over many years could get bone disease, including pain and tenderness of the bones). EPA has also set a secondary fluoride standard of 2 mg/L to protect against dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis, in its moderate or severe forms, may result in a brown staining and/or pitting of the permanent teeth. This problem occurs only in developing teeth, before they erupt from the gums. Children under nine should not drink water that has more than 2 mg/L of fluoride.


(Bold is mine) This is prominent in our area. Due to the extremely high natural levels of Fluoride in our water, any one who has lived here any length of time has fluorosis.

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So, do folks around either of you live on bottled water like Maui? Cuz, with things like fluoride, that wouldn't be removed with boiling, or halazone tablets....right? :unsure: Annarchy, is this only in urban water supply or is it in rural wells?


Mo7, you're on a rural well and ....are they thinking ....contamination of the {what?} Ground water? Aquifer? Just coming into the well water from surrounding ground?



Serious water issues...especially if we think of long term survival in a possible post-hooey scenario. Does the Berkey Black filters remove this sort of thing????



Folks, we must be very VERY clear on which method addresses WHICH water contamination issues. It's worthy of study ...now, while there is time to chose which methods [filtration, purification, pasteurization, radiation, distillation, boiling, etc.... ] will work for the issues where you live. And what disadvantages they each present.


Esp. if the usual methods of acquiring safe water are no longer available...or are no longer RELIABLE!


MtRider [....print off some safe water data now and keep it in your binders... :pc_coffee: ]

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Our issue has effected all three of the wells our town maintains. However, outside the city limits people maintain their own wells. I do not know what they do. The water vending machines here are constantly in use. Even the little market put in a system in their store. We have ours delivered.


I need to do more research on 'how to purify', for now we live with what we have.


CGA, I did not know "fluoride is absorbed thru the skin" !!!! That may explain my arthritis and osteoporosis, since I have lived here most of my life and only began drinking bottled water 10 years ago.


Which reminds me, do not neglect the dangers of drinking only distilled water. Gonna to see if I can find the info on that.

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Ann, you can take a good bath in less than a gallon of water. I did it for many yrs when we were without running water. Use a cup to pour some water over you then soap up and rinse off with a cup at a time. You can purify enough for that, but trying to purify enough for the whole house is a lot harder.


You can make a solar still that will remove fluoride and many other impurities. Not too hard to add back the minerals that you really need for drinking. You can also catch rain water.

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My husband uses our Brita pitcher water, but I am fine with the tap. I am thinking about calling the local water company and asking them about our water, but what questions should I ask them?

I realize that we still need to know how to purify if there is ever a reason to.

I do notice that sometimes the tap water tastes worse than others. We have a fridge water spout, but that tastes nasty to me, the kids like it though.



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Does the Berkey Black filters remove this sort of thing????


MtRider [....print off some safe water data now and keep it in your binders... :pc_coffee: ]

In the Lehmans catalog it tells what the water purifers they sell removes. This includes, Big Berkey, Berkey Lite, Katadyne and the osmosis one. I probably spelled most of those wrong. I gave my catalog away or else I'd look it up for you.


I bought the Berkey Lite because it got rid of something the Big Berkey didn't (I can't remember what now) and was a little cheaper than the B.B.

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With all the rains we have had there this is a big concern, on top of summertime warmth and pesticides and other things that cause high algae growth in our Lake Champlain.

I got in the habit of at least using my pitcher filter the majority of the time here the last several years and usually boil my water anyway for coffee and decaf tea.

Coliform bacteria is explained well on this site too..... human and animal waste. This can be from excessive storms washing over yards where septic systems that usually don't work well after so many years ( a chronic problem right here where I am) with two creeks and a river encased with old houses and less economic ability, including apartment septics here that the owners would rather wait for a long awaited extension of the city's septic system than to bother to replace ( actually I am sure new regulations would cause them not to be allowed to replace the one here because of the proximity to the creeks here where I live......so people wait, and snowmelt and flooding have definitely been making the lot behind me awash I am sure. As well as agricultural areas with livestock in the fields and wild animals on the ridges and in our valleys.... do you see how it can add up ?


Many of our regions have experienced excessive snow and rains this year, those of us posting above and myself..... you bet I at least boil most of my water or use a filter with just my tap water.


Also saw a survival show that said if the water is especially dirty looking that one should double the bleach drops or purification tablets on most of the typical tablets sold for water purification than the initial amounts usually recommended for water purification.


I also don't walk around barefoot outside here by the creek and dirt parking lot in the warm months, mostly because any knick in my skin could pick up something in the soil from the septic overflowing during excessive snow melt or the flooding rains we have had here this year.


I have drank the water straight from the tap if I am in a hurry and occasionally in a hurry don't filter the water but I believe it helps to filter it minimally. Certainly improves the taste but it is not removing the flouride, but I have so many other factors affecting my bones and such that I figure better nutrition is the only combative I have left to extend my years further and controlling what devious medications I allow in my body anyhow, but if I had young children, I would get properly assessed bottled water delivered. It would be for them.

Most of us don't have many choices about our water but we at least need it pure enough so it does not make us sick from bacteria.

I do think we need to be more vigilant and maybe just practice water purification as a matter of course, figure out easy systems or get the berkeys if we can because they are one of the best systems for families.


knowing how to make pure charcoal, having useful containers, clean sand and porous cloth such as muslin and poles to make a tripod filter outside and knowing how to do it if we have to be encamped some place for a period of time , just in case you forgot the berkey as you had to run for cover might just be a great little skill and things you can have in your emergency supplies. Water pasteurization works but it also requires time and maybe going to get the water some place else and a safe place to place the clear plastic water bottles.

I would love to be able to make distilled water but I think there is a warning for those of us with lupus to NOT drink distilled water unless its all we have to drink? It is good to know how to make it however and have the equipment. I watched a survival show on how to distill fresh water out of salt water as well, recently and its not that hard but you want to make sure the things you use are not filled with toxic residues as well, so making your own kit up for that as part of preps might be a great idea too. I definitely will be considering that myself.

I honestly am thinking about ordering 20 lbs of aquarium sand because unless I go get it and prep it myself, way up some tiny creek maybe , and honestly I am not up to that at the moment because only something far upstream might really be clear enough of constant affects of humans to make it still in a decent enough condition to clean and boil up and dry for future use, and thats alot for me to do right at the moment, above all the septic run off at least and it gets rugged really fast once you step outside of town here, so I accomodate myself in this way. Besides the weather makes for slick trail conditions and such just now too.... more rain.......




All these things are methods we can readily do I believe.

One of the modern problems we have is if we have water problems due to chemical damage beyond repair.... like terror applied to water sources.


I am in an area not likely to be affected as long as I avoid tap water in case the big lake is ruined by such an event, I have local water , from at least 3 to 5 different sources right here that culminate and blend in this small valley, so if there is not aerial exposure to my area, after my stored water runs out I might get lucky, it would just be more labor intensive but gee the doc says exercise is part of the plan!


I think our attitude really makes a difference in how capable and strong we really are as things get more difficult in our individual situations.


So, depending on where you are, assess all possible water sources and what processes you might need to fix that water for potable water and non toxic washing. Its a good mental exercise and we can implement new practices to ensure better quality water for ourselves with many different methods that are available.


I am only thinking about buying sand but it is an idea and I would like to make sure its not toxic either before doing so, or I just wasted money I don't have to just waste on something. But I can guarantee that sandy soil outside and whats in these creeks right now is not safe enough to use due to the flooding and amount of soil and dirt that has been inundated by septic and animal waste in my area this year.


The other problem with domestic water supplies in many metropolis' now is the drug residue in the water. Or the human actions that are planned assaults of various drugs used for certain purposes supposedly... something we just should not be doing to humans at all but is being done outrageously.


But we also need to be practical too. We need to be able to afford what we use too. Someone may be able to buy a berkey while I build more rustic methodology to work the same magic , or I may just boil the heck out of some water each day for my usage and run it through a filter after it cools. I can also pasteurize it in saved plastic bottles in the summer time anyway, laid on my roof outside. I doubt that would work in winter however, it is freezing outside.


I know that long term as long as people who survive anything major were really careful and there is no long term chemical abuses /attacks that ruin an area, that water would probably become pure again after so many years once all the residues are gone or purified by sun and time. I live in an area where water is just about every where but many of you live in much drier places and will have to implement other ways of securing safe water than I do. Or go to a place where there is ample water to be had long term if it comes down to it.


This could be a wonderful scenario for Mt Rider to develop btw! I don't think we have considered it that way?

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MtRider comes stomping and coughing down the stairs from the MrsS attic. Dust flies everywhere as she bats at her clothes and hair. Whooooeeee....it is dusty up there among the archives!


See...I didn't mean to go THAT far back in 'history'. I was just gonna try to bring up [thinking of Arby's suggestion] the Without Warning Scenario that dealt with losing one's water. :rolleyes: Cat, I do NOT know how you get Search to respond. It gives me gibberish! :tapfoot:


So I decided I'd just go back some pages of index and try to run across it. THEN I got the bright idea of going to the earliest RURR threads we still have recorded and begin from there....how long could it take? <_<


Do you know that we go way back to 2002? At least in this forum...it's not the beginning of MrsS, for sure.


ANYway...the point of this [besides to mention that of course I have not found the Without Warning thread I went looking for... ] is that there are some really interesting threads and links way back there.




Here's one that kinda fits what we're talking about in this thread: Well Disinfecting



[disclaimer: I don't know if this information is correct but...it might be a starting point for your own research. As with anything relating to safe water - make sure the information is correct cuz .... :0327: ...you know! ]






The link is still good and info is presented by "Hillbluffer" over on the Rubicon site



MtRider [....for what it's worth. AH-choooooo! Dusty archives! ;) ]

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If you are using 'well water' you can have it tested by the local USDA labs in your area.

We do this all the time for the Amish as they need to have the water tested if they are baking at home to sell.


You get a small bottle with a little pill in it (if needed) then take the sample to them and they give you the results in a few day. Here it cost $20.00 to have all the tests done.

And they also tell you what to add to fix the water if there is a problem.


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Which reminds me, do not neglect the dangers of drinking only distilled water. Gonna to see if I can find the info on that.



While looking up the dangers of distilled water, I found two articles"






Interesting to say the least. Still looking for scientific results....

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